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Brognor's Hall Introduction

Brognor’s Hall

This is a low to mid-level OSR adventure using the Labyrinth Lord Rules. Designed for adventurers between levels 4-6. I have placed the location of the dungeon in hex 0917 of my Stillwater Further Afield hex map. It can fit into any wilderness area on the edge of civilized lands.


In the past, over five hundred years ago, the Wilderlands were overrun with the hordes of the Ogre Lords. Unlike the bestial and primitive ogres encountered in Stillwater valley at the present day, the Ogre Lords were intelligent and could use magic. They enslaved all of the goblinoid races and controlled the Wilderlands. Eventually, they were overthrown by an army of humans and elves working together.

As the Ogre Lords were in retreat the first trails through Stillwater valley opened up. It was a time of grave danger for travellers. Along this road, a legendary hero known only as Brognor built a Hall in an outcrop of rock. This hall had but one entrance and was magically sealed from any attack. In times of trouble, the local villagers would flee to Brognor’s Hall and safety. It was besieged and held out on two occasions. When the Legions of the Ogre Lords were finally defeated the Hall was abandoned. As the last Guardian of the Hall left it was sealed shut in case it would be needed again.

It was said that Brognor’s ghost continued to protect the Hall from all evils.

The Sealed Door


A scribe from Pirn named Nerewin has come to the village of Padoton. He has put up notices in Padoton and villages as far away as Stillwater requesting the aid of adventurers. Nerewin wishes bodyguards to take him to Brognor’s Hall.

Nerewin has found a scroll in Pirn detailing how to open the doors to the Hall. Nerewin also found a scroll detailing several magic items that are stored in the Hall and should still be there since the Hall has been sealed. Primarily he is looking for a Tome of Reason. An artifact that is said to increase the intelligence of the user. Nerewin has reached an impasse in his studies as a mage and feels this will bring him to his full potential.


The Adventure Begins

Nerewin can be found at the Brass Hilt Inn in Padoton. He is dressed in the simple robes of a scribe or mage. Usually, he is in the main room of the Inn surrounded by opened scrolls busily taking notes. His head is shaved except for a single top-knot drawn into a long mane.

Nerewin is looking for able adventurers to take him to the rock of Brognor’s Hall. He has copied a map of the location from a scroll at the library of Pirn. He asks for accompaniment only to the Hall. The pay is 600 gold total for the group. Once he reaches the Hall he plans to enter alone. The money is being held by the Innkeeper in Padoton. Nerewin will sign a letter releasing the gold once he reaches the Hall. If the adventurers wish to wait for Nerewin to exit the Hall he will pay another 400 gold to return with him to Padoton.

Nerewin (Mage 5) Str 12, Dex 8, Con 13, Int 13, Wis 14, Cha 16, AC 9, HD 5, HP 13, MV 30', #AT 1 stave, DMG 2d6, SAVE M5, AL Neutral.
Equipment: Dagger+1, Staff of Striking (8 charges)
Spells: Floating Disc, Magic Missile, Continual Light, Invisibility, Dispel Magic.

Brognor's Hall

Arrival at Brognor’s Hall

The Hall is a short journey from Padoton, a mere four miles. The terrain is rough and hilly climbing toward low, worn down mountains. In the foothills before the mountains is a tall outcrop of rock and the entrance to the Hall.

The entrance is an open stone arch ten foot wide and twenty foot tall at the base of the hill. Stone pillars stand to either side of the entrance. Several steps lead up to it.

Nerewin will suggest the adventurers make camp here. It will take him several hours to open the doors to the Hall. Nerewin takes his bag of scrolls and a lantern and will enter the Hall. There will be yelp of fear from Nerewin followed in a minute by a shout telling the adventurers that he is okay and there is nothing to worry about. If a player insists on accompanying Nerewin he will see a 15-foot hall ending in a pair of shiny, gold doors. In the hall are four, simple white marble lions weathered with age. Lying on the floor before the door is a charred skeleton that is only bone with no flesh still attached.

The door looks to be covered with gold leaf but to the touch, it appears to be a solid object and probably not gold. As soon as the door is touched magical runes appear across its surface glowing with a blue light.

There are no handles, keyholes or latches on the doors. The hinges are not visible but the doors fit so smoothly there are no cracks. No amount of damage whether physical or magical seems to alter the doors. They can only be opened by chanting a short magic ritual.

Nerewin has a copy of the ritual but it will take him hours to get it correct and the doors to swing inward.

What Happens Next

Nerewin has not asked the adventurers to join him because he foolishly believes the Halls are empty and safe. More importantly, he is afraid the adventurers will steal valuable relics from him.

If the adventurers insist that they join him, Nerewin will reluctantly agree and then slip away at the nearest opportunity to search for the Tome on his own.

If the adventurers agree to wait for Nerewin to return, he will tell them it should not take more than a few hours. Then the adventurers will wait in vain as Nerewin never returns. The doors are still open so they can go in search of Nerewin.

The adventurers could also return to Padoton and collect the reward, assuming they remembered to tell the absent-minded Nerewin to sign the contract. Nerewin will never be seen again.

Up Next
Next I will detail Level One of the Hall. The Halls of Refuge.

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