Monday, 30 January 2017

City Map of Barnacus

City Maps

Dragon Magazine 80 Barnacus City in Peril
I liked the Dragon Magazine #80 (December 1983) adventure "Barnacus City in Peril" (AD&D 1-5) and always planned to work it into a campaign.  When I finally started working with that idea I wanted to change the map to something more like the city maps in the Harn products.

So I created the below map in Paint if I recall back in the mid-90’s. It never did get worked into the campaign.  But, when my players in an AD&D 2nd Edition campaign made a sudden left turn to go to Gradsul (it was a Greyhawk campaign) I needed a quick map.

Barnacus Map by author 1994

So the Barnacus I had drawn earlier was rotated on its side and re-drawn to fit the new campaign and Greyhawk.

I kept the island and the river but I added in a lot of building outside the walls of the town as befits a city in a reasonably safe part of Greyhawk (Kingdom of Keoland).  I have no idea if there is a canon Gradsul map published somewhere but this version worked for me.

I needed the cemetery near the walls, the wizard’s tower (Istan the fabulous) and the Blackmire swamp to fit into an adventure that I planned to spring on the players since they had sidetracked the campaign to the city.  It never did get used because they met with Istan and then took off in another new direction.

Gradsul Map by author 1999


  1. Do you perhaps have a higher resolution version of these maps?

  2. The Barnacus map you can probably find online somewhere. The other two city maps I created I do not have higher resolution. They were made a long time ago when this scale seemed like high resolution.

    1. Thank you, I have used a raster tile print program to make it larger but it looses clarity at that scale. Good stuff though, well done on improving the city of Barnacus.

  3. Glad to here you found a use for the map.

  4. Funny: I wrote this module a lifetime ago as Gradsul. They changed the name to Barnacus (probably because of copywrite).