Sunday, 24 September 2017

How tall is my Halfling?

I have come up with two new companions for the adventurers. The little party of characters I created using B/X Moldvay rules that I use in images detailing posted adventures. I went with an elf and a dwarf.  According to B/X rules the elf must be a fighter/magic-user and the dwarf a fighter. And of course my halfling is a fighter and cannot be a thief as much as I want him to be one. But I tend to ignore that. If I was running an adventure and needed to choose rules I would probably use Labyrinth Lord’s Advanced Edition Companion. It is the closest to the house rules I used back in the 1980’s.

Creating the meshes in Blender for the Elf and the Dwarf had me thinking of scale. As in how tall is the dwarf. I opened the Basic Rules and according to them “Dwarves are short, stocky demi-humans about four feet tall.” I already had made my halfling 4 feet tall so I had to look up halfling as well and it turns out in the Basic rules they average 3 feet tall. Elves are 5 to 5 ½ feet tall.

I modified the character meshes to match. Now Ted Quickfoot is 3’ 1” tall. My new dwarf, Toskar Redhelm, is 4’ tall and the new elf Juenael is 5’ 3” tall. Standing them all in a scene with Ted in front of Johann the human fighter makes me realize the tiny size of halflings. Granted Johann is a very large human fighter at 6’ tall. Xobin the mage is probably a more average human height at 5’ 7” tall. This is a fantasy setting so it can be expected that humans are a little shorter more in line with the Medieval averages.

It is hard to imagine that Ted the halfling can be any use in a fight. I am using Basic rules and gave him a strength of 16. He could be kicking in stuck doors. It seems a little out of scale.

Toskar, Johann, Xobin, Juenael and Ted (opening the chest)

Newcomers to Xobin’s crew of adventurers.

Toskar Redhelm: Str 18, Int 13, Wis 11, Dex 7, Con 14, Cha 11, Hp 6, AC 4, HD 1, #AT 1 battleaxe+3, Dmg 1-8+3, SA D1, AL Lawful. Toskar is a 45 year old dwarf from Grimwell. He joined up with the adventurers after hearing of their exploits in the Barrow of the Forgotten Legion.

Juenael: Str 15, Int 17, Wis 11, Dex 18, Con 7, Cha 13, Hp 8, AC 1, HD 2, #AT 1 longbow+3, Dmg 1-6+3, SA E2, AL Lawful. Juenael is an elf from one of the destroyed elven communities in the wildlands. As such she is a wanderer. At various points in the past she has crossed paths with Xobin. Recently she did so again and decided to travel with him. She does not discuss her age but she appears unchanged from when Xobin first met her when he was a young apprentice.


I really should write up an adventure to explain the scene in the image and the mysterious blue phantom. I have been making incremental improvements on these character meshes. Mainly with a better understanding of how textures work. But other small things as well (added pockets to Xobin's robe). Johann is still the only one wearing a backpack.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Barrow of the Forgotten Legion Finale

The Big Finale

So I decided to wrap up the rest of the Barrow of the Forgotten Legion in one long post.  Here it is below.  The link to the previously published Map is here.

(16). Passage to the Great Cavern
This is a simple passage that eventually enters the Great Cavern (33).  It is notable for the fact that flickering lights from the Great Cavern can be seen and chanting can be heard. The players should have plenty of warning that they are approaching an occupied area.

(17). Ogre Skeletons
A narrow passage with a low roof leads to this cave. The cave floor is piled with large, humanoid bones. These are bones of ogres killed in the battle mentioned in the background.

(18). Spider Lair
This small cave has a low ceiling (5 foot high).  The cave entrance is wrapped in sticky webbing. Inside the cave are more webs and a large egg sack tied into the webbing. The dozens of spiders in the egg sack are the young of the Giant Black Widow spiders. At this point in their development they are harmless.

(19). Spider Attack
Remnants of giant spider webs coat the walls in this cave and the ceiling. Hiding amongst the webbing in the ceiling are 2 giant black widow spiders. Directly beneath them is a pouch lying on the cave floor. In the pouch are 2 potions of healing and a small purse containing 36 silver coins.

Giant Black Widow Spiders (2): AC 6, HD 3, MV 20’ in web 40’, #AT 1 bite, Dmg 2-12 + poison, SA F2, ML 8, AL Neutral. The black widow spiders are 6 feet long. The bite of the black widow spider is poisonous (save vs poison or die in 1 turn). If the spiders fail their morale check they will retreat to area 18.

(20). The Natural Tomb
The map needs to be examined carefully to understand the layout of this cavern. A natural “bridge” arch crosses the cavern from north to south allowing passage to areas 22 and 23. The bridge is 10 feet high and not reached easily from within this cavern. There is also a raised plateau to the west.

The lower floor of this cavern is piled with humanoid skeletons. The humanoids are a lot larger than average humans (they were ogres). Someone has gone to the enormous effort of stacking foot bones at the bottom, femurs in piles, ribs in other piles and skulls on top of the piles. The effect is quite creepy. The skeletons bones have been completely removed from their bodies and cleaned so there are no rags, remnants of skin or hair.

(21). Tomb of Tempest
A low entry-way (3 feet tall and wide) leads into a small cave with a more normal cave roof height of 9 feet. In this small chamber is a single stone tomb. The tomb is a stone box with a removeable lid. Inside the tomb is a human-sized skeleton dressed in a robe that now appears to be brown. In one hand of the skeleton is a silver necklace with a pendant worth 400 gold. Written on the back of the necklace is the word “Tempest”.

(22). Drowned Tomb
The passage to this cave narrows down to 2 feet in width in two places. After the second tight squeeze, rough hewn steps lead down to a clear pool of very cold water. The water is 5 feet deep. At the bottom is a stone tomb that has collapsed on one side. The lid of the tomb is lying a few feet to one side. In the open tomb is a human-sized skeleton wearing rags. The skeleton clutches a 3 foot long metal rod. The rod is non-magical, but it may fool players as it has not rusted as much as would have been expected.

(23). On the west side of this small cave there is a crumbling wooden coffin resting on a low, stone platform. The coffin can be opened easily, in fact the wood is so dry it crumbles apart. Inside the coffin is a zombie wearing tattered chainmail and holding a rusty sword.

Zombie (1): AC 7, HD 2, MV 40’, #AT 1 sword, Dmg 1-8, SA F1, ML 12, AL Chaotic. This zombies has improved AC due to the tattered chainmail but it is still normally slow and easy to hit. Zombies are not affected by sleep or charm spells. Zombies always lose initiative.

(24). Trapped Floor
This cave appears empty and is different in that the floor is covered in light, brown sand. Players entering the chamber immediately notice that the sand feels deep. In the center of the cave there is a 5 foot in diameter pit filled with sand. Players walking over the pit will immediately begin to sink into the pit. They will find that it is impossible to move their legs once they are trapped. Outside aid is necessary to get out of the pit. It takes 5 rounds for a player to be sucked under and begin suffocating.  The pit is 8 feet deep.

(25). Trapped Cavern
This large cavern is at the top of three rising tunnels. In the area shown on the map the floor of the cavern is fake. It is dirt and debris over a wooden trapdoor. Players walking onto the area have a 2 on 1d6 chance of triggering the trap. The floor will swing open dropping players ten feet onto large wooden spikes. Have players who fall into the trap make a Dexterity save at -2. Those passing the save manage to grab hold of the pit edge. The other players fall onto the spikes taking 2d4 damage.

(26). Necropolis
This large cavern has two passageways cutting through it. Above the passages are raised ledges 8 feet above the cavern floor. Piled on these ledges are dozens of humanoid skeletons. The skeletons are considerably larger than human-sized (they were ogres). The skeletons have been arranged neatly and cleaned of rags, skin and hair.

(27). Many legged bugs
There is a pile of stone debris against the west wall of this cave. In amongst the debris are six, one foot long Giant centipedes. Should any player disturb the debris the centipedes will attack. The centipedes will continue to attack as long as their morale holds and there are players in the cave.

Giant Centipedes (6): AC 9, HD ½, HP 2 each, MV 20’, #AT 1 bite, Dmg Poison, SA (NM), ML 7, AL Neutral. The bite of a centipede does no damage but the victim must save vs poison or become violently ill for 10 days. Players who do not save move at ½ speed and cannot perform any other action.

(28). Human Guards
A group of four human cultists are stationed in this cave on watch. They are protecting the cultists tasked with performing a ritual in area 33. The four guards are reasonably alert. They have a lantern to provide light.

Human Guards (4): AC 6, HD 2, HP 6, 8, 7, 10, MV 40’, #AT 1 spear, Dmg 1-6, SA F2, ML 10, AL Chaotic. The cultists are wearing chainmal and are armed with spears. They do not have any valuables. One of the guards has a pendant of Horkus.

(29). Weakened Floor
At this point in the passage leading to area 30 the floor of the cavern has been weakened by the tunnel that passes underneath it to area 33. For every player standing on the marked square at the same time increases the chance that the floor will collapse. There is a 1 on 1d6 chance with one player, 1-2 on 1d6 chance with two players, up to six players making the collapse automatic. The fall causes 1-3 damage. It also makes a lot of noise and will bring guards from area 28 and area 11. It will also put the cultists in area 33 on alert.

(30). Campsite
This large cave has been turned into a sleeping chamber for a large group of humans. There are two dozen piles of blankets on the cave floor arranged for sleeping. Dozens of bags and sacks lie about on the blankets. Seven open wooden crates are piles along the east wall. The crates are full of food and waterskins. In the center of the cavern are the remnants of a fire. Off in one corner there is a small chamber with a more elaborate sleeping area. A straw mattress covered in sheets and a wooden footlocker lie on the floor.

Amongst the blankets and sacks are clothes and dried rations. The footlocker is locked with an iron padlock. The padlock has a poison needle trap (save vs poison or die). In the footlocker are two bags of gold coins for a total of 500. Also, there is a golden ring worth 400 gold.

(31). Hidden Shrine of Law
This long passage drops down under the passage to area 30 and then rises back up to a dead end. The dead end of the passage is an area that is strangely still and quiet. A small 3 foot tall stone statue of a birdman (a representation of the god Nis) stands on a small pedestal. The statue weighs 2000 coins so it is not easy to move. Players attempting to move the statue will gain a feeling of uneasiness like someone is watching them.

Players resting within 10 feet of the statue regain hit points at the rate of 1 hp per 4 hours.  There is no limit to the amount of healing, players could come back repeatedly. The statue also removes curses on any character resting for 4 hours within the area of influence. Evil creatures will feel uncomfortable near the statue.

(32). Chamber of the Mascot
As players come down this passage they will see an enormous bestial humanoid creature resting on a pile of furs. The creature will stir if any players come within thirty feet. It comes alert even if the players are using stealth or are invisible. It can smell them. The creature is an ogre. The cultists used the ogre for information on the barrow which is folklore to the ogrekin. The ogre is chained by its ankle by an iron chain attached to the wall. Unknown to the cultists the orgre has been working on pulling the chain anchor out of the wall. It is now quite lose. Should the players attack the ogre it will pull the chain from the wall before attacking.

Ogre (1): AC 5, HD 4+1, HP 23, MV 30’, #AT 1 fist, Dmg 1-6, SA F4, ML 11, AL Chaotic. The ogre is unarmed but will fight desperately to survive.

The Cultists prepare to begin their ritual just as our heroes arrive

(33). Great Cavern
This is a huge cavern about 100 feet in diameter. The ceiling is high, fully 50 feet overhead. In the center of the cavern is an enormous 3-tiered step pyramid on a stone platform. The pyramid is 45 feet square and 15 feet high with steps leading up on each side. Dozens of lit candles cover the pyramid. Atop the pyramid is an open area and a 12 foot tall statue of an ogre holding a stone offering plate out in front of it. Around the pyramid is a shallow pool of water. The only dry way to approach the pyramid is from the west or a wooden plank over the water to the south. A pile of unused stone blocks lies to the east of the pyramid.

In the chamber is the main group of cleric of the cult of Horkus. They are attempting to use the evil of the pyramid to aid in bringing one of their ancient leader back from the dead. They have located the remains of this man in this barrow, placed them in a wooden crate and carried them to the top of the pyramid. The leader of the cultist has just arrived to begin the ceremony. The other cultists have prepared the pyramid for the ceremony and captured local villagers to be sacrifices.

Cultists Acolytes (8): AC 5, HD 1, HP 3, 2, 4, 2, 3, 5, 6, 6, MV 20’, #AT 1 mace, Dmg 1-6, SA C1, ML 7/11, AL Chaotic. The acolytes are wearing brown, worn fabric robes over chainmail armour.  They are each armed with a mace. They cannot cast spells.

Cultist Adepts (4): AC 5, HD 2, HP 11, 8, 9, MV 20’, #AT 1 mace or spell, Dmg 1-6, SA C2, ML 8/11, AL Chaotic. The adepts are dressed the same as the acolytes and are indistinguishable from them. But they have more hit points, attack as a 2 HD creature and can cast spells. The spells known are Light, Cause Fear and Cause Light Wounds (one spell to each cleric).

Cultist Priest (1): AC 3, HD 3, HP 20, MV 20’, #AT 1 mace+2 or spell, Dmg 1-6+2, SA C3, ML 10, AL Chaotic. His spells are Cause Fear and Cause Light Wounds.

The Priest leading the cultists is very fat but still moves fairly well. He is armed with a magical mace+1 and wears a suit of chainmail +1. As long as the Priest is alive and within sight of the rest of the cultists they gain the improved morale. If he flees or is killed the morale of the remaining cultist will drop. He gains an extra +1 to AC due to Dexterity and an additional +1 to hit and damage due to strength.

Around the priest’s neck is a silver chain holding a pendant dedicated to Horkus depicting a clawed hand crushing a human skull. The Pendant is magical for chaotic creatures, granting a +1 to AC. The priest is wearing a large suit of plate mail under his robes.

The huge statue atop the pyramid is that of a ogre. It looks very much like the statue in area 4 and is also a statue of the ogre god Tiruk. The eyes of the statue are rubies worth 100 gold. In the wooden crate atop the pyramid is a skeleton that has been recently wrapped in fine cloth. In one hand a metal rod has been placed. The rod is made of silver and is worth 400 gold. Players should get an XP reward (200 each) for destroying the remains of this evil cultist from the past.

Thus ends the adventure to the the Barrow of the Forgotten Legion.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Once more into the Void Session 13

Yesterday our Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition group played again. I had not played in more than a month due to vacation but I only missed one session.  This week the big event was a fight with a pair of Owlbears. But my character, Otrivush, missed the fight so I decided to create a picture of Otrivush’s big moment this week, plus creating an Owlbear would take a few days.

When last I posted we had cleared most of the goblin caves beneath the old stone tower and negotiated with the goblin captain. The goblin gave us information in return for allowing him to get away. He indicated we could help ourselves to the treasure in the next chamber.

I missed the next session but I have been told that the treasure was in the lair of a water weird and that there was an epic fight to destroy the elemental. Mukah and Thyrell almost drowned in the fight. But in the end a magic sword was claimed. The adventurers went back to Winterton to confer with the mayor. The mayor asked that we find out who this leader of the forces attacking the town was. We had a name, “Calreal” which the mayor recognized as a man who visited the town 10 years earlier and asked a lot of questions about the history of the town and the ruins predating the town like the old stone tower and the graveyard.

Once more into the Void, Session 13

The adventure this week begins with Otrivush and Talrek resting at the Inn to regain spells while the rest of the party are guarding Kendra at the Mayor’s mansion. Once Otrivush and Talrek are up and about they get Kendra’s ring identified at the Trader’s Emporium. It is a Minor Ring of Invisibility. Talrek and Otrivush join the rest of the group at the Mayor’s mansion. Talrek decides to try Calm Emotion on Kendra but there is little discernible effect. Kendra is still catatonic and frightened by Talrek. Meanwhile, in the area of effect of the spell, Mukah and Otrivush feel strangely calm and relaxed. As everyone leaves the room, Alcor Fenn gives talking to Kendra a try and gets through to her for a moment. Asked about the location of Calreal, she points out the window toward the mountains rising to the west of town.

Looking out the window the group is reminded that it is winter, the snow is deep and travelling in the mountains is almost impossible. The group starts to prepare for a trip in the snow, buying cold weather gear and snowshoes.

Recalling a text on winter survival he once read, Otrivush holds up the group for two days while he has local artisans create a pair of crude skis and ski poles. Considering that Otrivush is the only member of the group not able to see well in low light, Talrek offers to cast Continual Flame on Otrivush’s lantern. Unfortunately, the spell requires ruby powder. Ruby powder is found at the apothecary but it costs the group most of the remaining gold they have. Talrek casts the spell and Otrivush gains a magical lantern.

Otrivush Oto, wizard, sage and skier

After three days of planning the group finally sets out to the west following the river upstream. The first day of travel goes quickly and without incident, Otrivush begins to get the hang of skiing and the rest of the group slogs along in snowshoes. Thyrell’s extensive knowledge of the woodlands proves invaluable in picking the best route.  The first night in the woods in uneventful except for the bloodcurdling cry of some strange creature in the distance heard by Thyrell on his watch.

Early in the next day the river they are following forks into two streams. The group decides to follow the more westerly fork. The forest thickens and the going gets easier. But Otrivush has to trade his skis for snowshoes.

That night, while Mukah is on watch a Baby Owlbear sneaks up on him. Mukah hears it at the last moment, turns and screams a challenge. The owlbear attacks him but misses. Just then  another owlbear screeches at him from behind and attacks. This one is a full-sized owlbear. Both have snuck up on Mukah while he was on watch. The rest of the group are awakened by the screeching except Otrivush who continues to sleep peacefully.

A wild battle ensues with the two Owlbears. Thyrell hits the mamma owlbear with an arrow and Alcor spears it. Mukah is bitten by the baby owlbear. He turns and stabs the mamma owlbear with his magic longsword. Talrek gets up from his bedding and hits the owlbear with a divine blast of energy. The owlbear screeches and both owlbears turn to flee. Mukah and Alcor attack and hit the owlbear as it flees leaving a trail of blood.

At about this moment Otrivush wakes up and asks about the commotion. “Mukah you realize you are bleeding?”

Everyone but Thyrell go back to sleep. When Alcor gets up to releave Thyrell of his watch he finds the elf sound asleep. The remaining watches are uneventful. An owlbear cry from far away is heard. Talrek heals most of Mukah’s wounds.

On the next day's travel the group encounter a small lake. They also notice tracks from a fair amount of traffic through the area. There is too much traffic to discern what kind of tracks they are. Strangely, amongst the tracks are little broken statues. The statues are of small woodland creatures, rabbits and squirrels and the like. The statues are all broken up. Following the tracks for a short distance brings the group to a cave opening in the side of a hill.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Rescue of the villagers of Stillwater

Save the Prisoners

The Map is here.

(12). Catacombs
This cave is piled with stacks of skeletons and debris. The skeletons are humanoid but larger than human-sized. They are in fact ogre skeletons. Som rags and broken weapons are littered amongst the dozens of skeletons.

(13). Mud filled Cave
This cave has a floor level below the surrounding tunnels. Water has collected here to a depth of 4 inches. The floor of the cave is 4 inches of mud below the water. Players walking through the cave have a 2 on 1d6 chance of getting stuck. Stuck victims need to Roll a STR check to be freed or be pulled out by another player.

In the northern end of the cave buried under a layer of mud is a metal tube with three scrolls rolled up inside it, Infravision, Fly, and Polymorph Self. If a player searches the area they will notice the scroll tube when they step on it.

(14). Secret Guardroom
The Horkus cultist built a small guardroom here hidden behind a secret door. The door is well concealed but can be found on a normal secret doors check. A narrow crack is visible. A section of the all swings out.  In the small guardroom are stationed four human guards. One guard stands watch at the crack and will spot any players entering the corridor beyond.

In the room are 4 crates of food, and 6 empty crates. Some of the crates have been arranged as chairs around a crate that the guards use to play dice. There is a barrel of water in the corner.

Human Guards (4): AC 5, HD 2, HP 13, 13, 10, 8, #AT 1 spear+1, Dmg 1d6+1, MV 30’, SA F2, AL Chaotic. They are wearing chainmail and are armed with spears. The +1 is due to strength. Each guard has a few silver coins (total of 34). One guard has a key to the locked door.

Our Heroes try to rescue the villagers but they suddenly have company.

(15). Prisoners from Stillwater
At the end of this tunnel there is a stone block wall with an iron door in it. The door is locked. It opens out into the tunnel. There is a barred window in the door revealing the room. Outside the door there is a crate of food with a metal plate and water pitcher atop it. In the room are eight captives from Stillwater. The cultists plan to sacrifice them in a few days to power their magic. If Players take too long to free the captives the cultist will go ahead with their plan.

Holes - a dirty hermit in ragged clothing. He looks to be about 50 years old. Holes has been leading the captives including the decision to tie up Burgos.

Burgos - a 44 year farmer. Burgos is tied up with rags torn from Holes tunic. He tried keeping the meager food the captives receive to himself.

Menga - a 22 year old apprentice carpenter.

Talon - an 18 year old fishermen. He put up a fight when captured and is badly injured. Broken arm and internal injuries.

Sheeve - an 18 year old son of the miller.

Elwyn Dage - is the 14 year old son of a farmer.

Carlow - the 13 year old son of the barmaid at the Toppled Tankard. He yearns to be an adventurer and may cause problems for the real adventurers if rescued.

Guthrie - the 10 years old younger brother of Menga.

Getting the captives to safety is not easy. Some of the captives are quite young. Lawful players will want to lead them to safety personally to ensure they are safe.

{Probably at least 2 more posts}

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Tomb of the Giant

Part two of my slowly developing write up of the Barrow of the Forgotten Legion.

The map is here.

(6). Urns of the dead
This small cave off of the main passage is filled with 12 clay urns. The urns look crudely made from local materials. They are 3 feet tall. Inside each urn are a collection of humanoid bones. The bones appear to be goblinoid in nature.

(7). Tomb of the Giant
This cave has a large stone bier in the center of the chamber. The stone bier is fairly plain with a single band around the middle with some detail. On top of the bier is a large skeleton of a humanoid creature over nine feet tall. Along the north and west walls stand three eight foot tall statues of a humanoid creature. The statues appear to be copies of one another crudely carved from the local stone. They depict a humanoid shape with its arms folded at the chest. The giant skeleton is pinned to the bier by a rusted sword plunged through its ribs into the stone. The sword is very rusty and can be broken off quite easily.

If the giant statue is disturbed in any way (touching, moving the sword) the three Living Stone Statues will attack. They were set here as guardians of the skeleton of an evil giant that the forces of good feared would be reanimated somehow.

Living Stone Statue (3): AC 4, HD 2, HP 12, 14, 9, MV 30’, Dmg 1-6, SA F2, ML 11, AL Neutral. These are not the more powerful Living Rock Statues. These are a more primitive magic. The statues can swing to hit with one stone fist at a time. They are immune to sleep spells. Should players activate the statues but then leave the cave the statues will not follow.

The Giant's Tomb

(8). Mysterious Corpse
This is a small cave looking down into area 3. The cave has some large spider webs hanging from the ceiling. The webs appear to be old and are in tatters. Lying on the floor in the center of the cave is a corpse of a human male wearing a brown robe belted at the waist. If players examine the corpse they can determine that the man died recently (days). He has begun decomposition but is still intact. No cause of death is apparent. He does not have any possessions or was looted.

(9). Spiders
Two giant black widow spiders are waiting in this cave clinging to webs along the ceiling. The cave is one of the larger ones in the caverns. It is 50 feet by 40 feet and the ceiling is 15 feet high. The ceiling and higher walls are covered with hanging spiderwebs. The spiders will drop down on any players that come into their area. Commotion in the webs will also bring the 2 spiders in area 19 in four rounds.

Giant Spiders (2): AC 6, HD 3, MV 20’ in web 40’, #AT 1 bite, Dmg 2-12 + poison, SA F2, ML 8, AL Neutral. The black widow spiders are 6 feet long. The bite of a black widow spider is poisonous (save vs poison or die in 1 turn). If the spiders fail their morale check they will retreat to their lair at area 18.

(10). Sunken Tomb
The cave here has flooded with brackish water. The water rose to a low point in the cave ceiling. It is possible to swim under the area where the water reaches the ceiling. Drowning rules apply should players attempt this in armour. At the deepest point of the cave (center of the area where the ceiling meets the water) the water is 8 feet deep. In this area there are two stone coffins side by side. With a successful strength roll the lid of a coffin can be shoved to one side. Each coffin contains humanoid bones. In one coffin there is also a useable War Hammer +1. In the other coffin there is a necklace of small, red gems (800 gold).

11. The Trap
This cave is partially below area 25. The portion of the cave below area 25 is the bottom of a pit trap. Approaching from this level players can see that the tunnel ends in a area where the floor is covered with two foot tall, sharpened wooden spikes. There is no debris or corpses here to suggest that the trap has ever been sprung.

Four human guards are stationed in the center of this area. They have arranged four small crates in a circle so they can sit and throw dice on the sandy, cave floor. If players have not made a lot of noise it will be possible to sneak up on the guards.

Human Guards (4): AC 7, HD 2, HP 9, 8, 14, 12, MV 40’, #AT 1 spear+1, Dmg 1d6+1, SA F2, ML 9, AL Chaotic. They are wearing leather armour and have spears within easy reach. They gain a +1 to hit and damage due to their strength. Each guard has a pouch with some copper and silver pieces. The total is 56 gold and 120 silver. There are also some crude wooden dice lying on the floor. The guards are part of the cult of the evil god Horkus. Each has a pendant that depicts a clawed fist crushing a skull.

{Part 3 to follow shortly}

Monday, 11 September 2017

The Barrow of the Forgotten Legion Part 1


The Barrow of the Forgotten Legion is a single level classic dungeon crawl for B/X Characters of levels 1-3. A party of 4-6 players should be sufficient.

The adventure takes place in the Village of Stillwater on the frontiers of the human realms. It is up to the Game Master to decide why they have come to Stillwater. The inhabitants of Stillwater have asked passing merchants, tinkers and travellers know that they are looking for adventurers and are willing to pay for the help. Players have likely heard talk that Stillwater needs help in the talk of taverns in villages in the region.

For the past six months villagers from Stillwater have been going missing. Always villagers that were alone, at first only at night but recently two villagers disappeared during the day. To date a total of 8 villagers have gone missing. A reward of 120 gold pieces has been offered by Waldemar the Innkeeper (and default leader of the village). Waldemar offered the award last month when the son of one of his workers went missing.

Players arriving in Stillwater, who clearly look like adventurers, will be directed to the Toppled Tankard Inn by hopeful villagers. The village and the Inn were previously detailed.


Several hundred years ago, before human settlement on the frontier, the valley around Stillwater lake was the site of a battle between elven and human warriors and an army of ogres lead by evil clerics. The forces of good won the day and the remaining forces of evil fled to the west. The number of dead from the evil army was enormous so they were piled high in a natural cave network near Stillwater Lake. Forming a natural barrow.

When the first Inn was built along the road passing near Stillwater Lake the local inhabitants knew about the barrow. There were rumours of riches buried with the dead but any who entered the barrow did not return. The barrow developed an evil reputation. It has been years since anyone entered the barrow. Local farmers always hurry past the ominous looking rise of earth.

Recently, a small group of evil clerics entered the barrow with the thought of raising the old cult leaders from the dead. TO accomplish this task they need sacrifices. Local villagers were chosen to fill this role.

The Dungeon Key (10 feet per square)

(1). Entrance to the Barrow
The barrow has two entrances in the east side of the mound. The entrances are at the end of two cuts into the side of the barrow. Each entrance is a large iron door. The doors are strangely free of rust. The doors have no discernible hinges, or handles. Dirt and grass have covered the lower 4-5 inches of each door. The doors are not locked, but the years of neglect make them hard to open. They swing inward and to the north. A combined Strength of 30 is required to open door 1B and 20 to open door 1A.

The evil cultists have added traps to both doors. One foot inside each door there is a trip wire at a height of 4 inches spanning the tunnel. If the trip wire is struck a crossbow bolt will fire from a crossbow mounted on a crate 30 feet to the west. The crossbow attacks as a 4HD monster. Damage is normal (1d6). Each crossbow fires only once. Players examining the trap will realize it was set up recently.

(2). The Secret Entrance
This natural cave has a dark pit occupying its west side. The pit is ten feet deep. The edges are quite steep except for a natural slide leading down at the south end. There is a narrow tunnel leading ten feet up to the entrance to area 4 to the west. It is not easily visible from the ledge above the pit. The tunnel ends in a stone block wall preventing further passage. In this stone wall there is a secret door to room 4.

To the north is a small cave partially filled with water (area 10).

(3). Garbage Pit
The tunnel here opens into a very large cave. The ceiling of this cave is 30 feet overhead at its highest point. Water drips from the ceiling into a large pit that covers most of the cave floor. The pit floor is five feet below the ledges. There is no easy way down. In the pit there are piles of garbage, rotten food, broken crates and gnawed bones. Several tunnels lead from this trash dump. Hiding in amongst the debris are five giant rats. The rat lair is at area 5.

Giant Rats (5): AC 7, HD 1-4 hp, MV 40’, #AT 1 bite, Dmg 1-3 + disease, SA F1, ML 8, AL Neutral. Giant rats are 3 feet long. These rats are well fed on the debris the cultists throw into this cave. They will not chase adventurers beyond the pit but they assume anything in the pit is food. Anyone bitten by a rat has a 1 in 20 chance of being infected (save vs poison to avoid). If the saving throw is failed the victim with either die in 1d6 days of be sick in bed for 1 month. On a result of 1 on a 1d4 the disease is deadly.

(4). The Ogre God
Beyond the secret door from area 2 there is a spherical chamber with worked, stone block walls. The ceiling curves upward to a peak 15 feet above the floor. The chamber has a large circular pedestal in the center of the room. Standing on the pedestal is an 8 foot tall statue of an Ogre. This is a representation of the Ogre god Tiruk. The statue is kneeling on one knee with its right hand extended palm up and its left hand pointing. Twin red gems glitter in the stone statues eyes (250 gp each). A human skeleton lies on the floor behind the pedestal. The skeleton has been picked clean offering now clues to its cause of death.

If the gems in the eyes of the statue are touched, the statue will pivot and randomly toss lightning bolts from its pointing finger. All players have a 1 in 1d6 chance of being struck. Allow the players to roll. Any player climbing on the statue will not be targeted but has a 1 in 1d6 chance of being flung from the statue as it pivots for 1d3 damage. The statue tosses one lightning bolt each time the eyes are touched. The Lightning does 2d6 points of damage. If the eyes are removed the statue is deactivated. The lightning bolt is very loud and has a 1-3 on 1d6 chance of bringing nearby creatures to investigate.

There are two passages to the southwest but they are only 2 feet wide as they enter the chamber. Human sized players will not be able to squeeze through while wearing armour.

"Ted are you sure the statue is not trapped?"  "Pretty sure..."

(5). The Rat Lair
The giant rats from area 4 make their den in this small, low ceiled cave (4 feet high). The cave is full of garbage arranged in a sort of den. The rats have also collected a number of shiny objects. These shiny objects include 45 gold coins, 120 silver coins and a dagger +1.

{Part two will be detailed soon}