Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Into the Void Session 8

We are on a roll playing our D&D 5th edition adventure, Once More into the Void. Playing again this week.  This time we open with the gang at the Grey Goose Inn. We had just spent most of the night fighting skeletons and a necromancer in the cemetery. We captured the necromancer and returned to town.

Session 8: Try Again.

The adventurers spend an uneventful evening jammed into a single room with 4 beds. They have the necromancer also in the room but tied up. Oto is less than thrilled with the accommodation, his friends are less than thrilled with Oto’s snoring.

Talrek has last watch and he takes the opportunity to wake up the necromancer who responds in fear, cowering in a corner. She starts mumbling incoherently. He is unable to convince her to speak. Everyone else gets up and has similar trouble. There is a knock at the door and Brother Hans comes by the Inn room to ask how the adventurers are coming along with the investigation (Brother Hans is a cleric we rescued from an undead attack shortly after arriving in Winterton).

The adventurers let Hans into the Inn Room and he immediately recognizes that the necromancer is actually Kendra, the last cleric of the town. She went missing a year ago in the company of a ranger named Staren. An examination of Kendra reveals that she is branded with a symbol the adventurers had encountered once before. The same symbol was on the packaging that we asked to safeguard and lost. None of the adventurers or Hans recognize the symbol.

Their is a brief argument over what to do with Kendra. Eventually, the decision is made to turn her over to the Mayor. Dragging her off to the Mayor’s manor is deemed to suspicious if she is struggling so Oto casts sleep on her but it does not work.  In fact only Hans falls asleep (everyone else had quickly vacated the room).  SInce no one is around, Oto tries clubbing Kendra on the head to knock her out but she keeps dodging and he keeps missing. Finally as the other adventurers enter to see what all the noise is about it is decided Mukah will carry her after she is tied up in a blanket.

The adventurers head downstairs and leave the Inn by the side door (to the outhouse). The second Talrek (who is leading) steps outside he is struck by two arrows. A goblin leaps out from behind a bush and stabs Mukah with a rusty sword. Alcor Fenn tries to attack but misses. Oto back into the Inn so the door is not blocked and he has time to cast mage armor. Talrek moves up and smashes the goblin with his warhammer, while yelling threats in goblin. He hears one of the goblins yell out, “if we don’t attack we all die”. Thyrell runs across the inn floor and out the front door.

As Oto prepares to move to the front windows to get a look, the windows at the back of the inn are smashed in and two goblins break in and run toward him. One of these goblins stabs a barmaid. More goblins appear and two of them attack the prone necromancer that Mukah has tossed on the ground while defending himself. Two more goblins break the glass in the front window right near Oto and fire arrows at him. As things start to look desperate Alcor Fenn spears the first goblin encountered and kills it. Oto casts sleep and puts the two goblins in the middle of the bar to sleep. Then he hides behind a table.

Goblin Ambush outside the Inn

Talrek kills one of the goblins with his hammer, pivots and attacks another striking it as well. Now Thyrell exits the front door of the Inn and with a clear shot at the backs of the goblins he fires arrows at the goblin looking in the front window. The terrified barmaid smacks the sleeping goblin waking it up but Oto moves near the bar to get some cover and blasts the goblin Magic Missile killing it. Talrek continues to cut a swath through the goblins who think better of the situation and turn and run for it into the early morning darkness.

One final goblin remains at the window unaware his friends have taken off. Alcor Fenn stabs at the last goblin and misses with his spear but he kicks him in the head and right into the broken window killing it.

With the combat over the adventurers tie up the remaining goblin who was put to sleep by Oto. The adventurers set out for the Manor with two prisoners.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Mines of Turismond

The next part of Turismond to be detailed is the level where the mining occurred. Since the trope here is the classic, dwarves dug too deep, I need to include a mine level. But it is also not central to the plot so I have not included a lot of encounters.  It is an obvious place to include wandering monsters. Any sort of underground dwelling creature is obvious as the mines are interconnected with the greater underground tunnel system.

Exploring the Mines


The dwarves of Turismond dug down looking for silver and found a lot at this level which is 3,000 feet below ground. In their tunneling the dwarves carved into natural caves and tunnel systems. They sent explorers off into these tunnels and came across the “lost world” detailed in Part 4.

Before leaving Turismond the dwarves attempted to block access to the great cavern but eventually curious underground dwelling creatures dug around the blocks. The dwarves lit the mines with Continual Light lanterns. Most of the lanterns were broken or taken but a few remain. The area that they illuminate is noted on the map by a dotted circle.

Wandering Monsters
This level is open to the greater underground tunnel system connecting to an entire ecosystem so any type of underground creature is likely to be encountered. Here are some suggestions.

Roll of 1 on 1d6 every 2 turns

Driver Ants (4): AC 3, HD 4, MV 60’, #AT 1, DMG 2-12, Save F2, ML 7, AL Neutral. They are on a foraging mission far from the nest.

Gelatinous Cube (1): AC 8, HD 4, MV 20’, #AT 1, DMG 2-8 +special, Save F2, ML 12, AL Neutral. It may surprise (1-4 on 1d6) characters especially in the dark of the mines. A successful hit from a gelatinous cube can paralyze unless Save vs Paralysis is successful. They can be harmed by fire and weapons.

Gray Ooze (1): AC 8, HD 3, MV 3’, #AT 1, DMG 2-16, Save F2, ML 12, AL Neutral. It looks like wet stone and can easily be stepped upon. It does acid damage to bare skin. After the first hit, the ooze automatically destroys clothes and armour. They can be harmed by weapons and lightning.

Troglodytes (6): AC 5, HD 2, MV 40’, #AT 2 claws/1 bite, DMG 1-4 each, Save F2, ML 9, AL Chaotic. They surprise on a roll of 1-4 on 1d6 due to their skin tone. They secrete an oil that can nauseate adventurers unless a save vs poison is made. Nauseated victims are at -2 to hit while in combat with the troglodytes. These troglodytes are returning from an expedition to the great cavern.

Level 3 The Mines of Turismond Map

(1). Lift
The lift descends from the dwarf city level for about 3 rounds before groaning to a halt. A wide archway shows that the lift has come to rest in a rock cavern. A train track is visible in the light of a continual light lantern located in the tunnel ahead. There is a control panel on the outside wall of the lift with a bar that can be moved up or down. The room has a number of wooden crates full of rocks piled against the north wall. Examination of the rocks will reveal them to be unrefined silver ore.

(2). Mining Cart
The mine rails lead to this cavern. Sitting on the tracks in the middle of the cavern is an iron cart full of unrefined silver ore. The cavern has been clearly worked with pickaxes to widen it out. Three broken crates (empty) lie against the east wall. A stack of wooden planks are against the west wall. Another continual light lantern lights the tunnel to the north. The dwarves built the ore cart track to haul silver ore from the mining area (#6) to the lift. The cart is badly rusted but it could be pushed along the track. It will make an enormous racket attracting wandering monsters on a 1-5 on 1d6 every turn.

(3). Troll Cave
A troll has wandered into the dwarven mines and is hiding in the dark of a side tunnel off of this cavern. The troll gives off the smell of rotting garbage that can be detected up to 40 feet away.

Troll (1): AC 4, HD 6+3, HP 28, MV 40’, #AT 2 claws/1 bite, DMG 1-6/1-6/1-10, Save F6, ML 10, AL Chaotic. A troll has the power of regeneration and will begin to heal 3 rounds after it has taken damage at the rate of 3 hit points per round. It cannot regenerate damage taken from fire or acid.

The troll was carrying a backpack with 600 gp in it. It will drop the backpack when it attacks. If injured by fire or acid it will flee deep into the tunnels.

(4). Rappers
There is a continual light lantern lighting this cave and a harmless, green glowing moss on the ceiling. Three rappers are lurking just outside the lighted area. One will start a quiet tapping noise to attempt to lure adventurers into an ambush.

Rappers (3): AC 2, HD 4, HP 20,22,24, MV 30’, #AT 1 hammer+1, DMG 1-10+1, Save F8, ML 11, AL Chaotic.  They look like animated dwarven corpses with pale, glowing orbs where their eyes should be located.

(5). Ogre Cave
A small cave with a lower ceiling (10’) with several stone blocks that have been positioned in a circle. Sitting on these stone blocks are seven ogres (bestial 8’ tall humanoids) dressed in animal skins. They are sitting around a small fire. Two human-like corpses are lying on the ground just outside the circle of light caused by the fire.

Ogres (7): AC 5, HD 4+1, HP 22, 21, 19,17, 16, 21, 15, MV 30’, #AT 1 club, DMG 1-6, Save F4, ML 10, AL Chaotic. One ogre has a potion of diminution in a pocket in its animal skin pants.

The two corpses are the remains of a pair of ghouls that the ogres killed.

(6). The Silver workings
This large cavern has a fairly low ceiling (20’) because it is not natural. The dwarves mined this area out as the found a lot of silver here. The rails end is this cavern and there are three mine carts sitting on the tracks.  The carts are empty and rusty but they could be rolled along the tracks with some effort. Pickaxes and shovels are neatly stacked in wooden crates near the cart. The continual light lantern that lights this area is hanging from a metal bar sunk into the cavern floor. The dwarves had stopped mining silver the last 5 years they inhabited Turismond but there is nothing to suggest that.

(7). Entrance to another world
This tunnel leads to the Lost World. The original tunnel is completely blocked at two points by worked stone. The dwarves blocked it off when they fled Turismond. However, someone, or something, tunnelled around the blocks in the distance past. The tunnels around the blocks are only 3 feet wide and 4 feet tall so it is uncomfortable for human sized creatures to pass. Just past the first block there are six ghouls waiting to ambush any living creatures that attempt to pass.

Ghouls (6): AC 6, HD 2, HP 16, 12, 9, 8, 8, 7, MV 30’, #AT 2 claws/1 bite, DMG 1-3 all + paralysis, Save F2, ML 9, AL Chaotic. The ghouls are undead. If their attack hits the victim must save vs paralysis or be unable to move.

(8). Waterfalls
As adventurers approach area 8 they will here the rush of water, and notice the musty smell of the jungles. The tunnel opens into a large cave in which water is crashing down into a deep pool across the entire side of the cave. Light is streaming in through the water. The suggestion is that the adventurers are somehow on the surface again.

A tunnel has been carefully dug around the waterfalls to area 9.

(9). The Lost World
The tunnel exits into a sharp walled ravine that is seemingly back on the surface as light is streaming down from above. The source of the light is not clear as the location is in a steep walled ravine. The sounds of wildlife and tropical bird calls can be heard. Along the sides of the ravine there is lush tropical underbrush. Hidden amongst the underbrush are the rotted remains of wooden crates that can be found if the characters search. There was a path at one time but it is no longer visible having been long since overgrown.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Lost Turismond Part 2B

This is the second part of the Turismond Dwarven City portion of the adventure. The level write up just got too big for one post so I split it into two posts. This post details the higher levels of the dwarven city. Accessible by stairs or by flying.

Rooftop encounter in the Dwarven City


(21). Inn Roof
The stair from the Inn leads to a walkway that heads up at an angle until it is blocked by two large stone blocks. In an effort to protect their city, should they ever return, the dwarves dropped defensive blocks into the deeper parts of the city residential areas. So far all of the blocks have resisted attempts to move them.

Also on the roof of the inn near the ledge is a ochre jelly.

Ochre Jelly (1): AC 8, HD 5, HP 24, MV 10’, #AT 1, DMG 2-12, Save F3, ML 12, AL Neutral.
The ochre jelly is a giant amoeba that can only be harmed by fire or cold. Attacks with weapons or lightning split it into smaller (2HD) ochre jellies. It does damage only to exposed flesh. It destroys wood, leather and cloth in 1 round but cannot eat through metal or stone.

(22). Balcony
This balcony is on the roof of the Food Hall. A set of steps lead up to the roof of the barracks (area #23).

(23). Cool Water
The roof of the barracks has a wide, flat terrace that looks out over the darkness of the cavern. There is a viewing area balcony on the side of the terrace. In the middle of the terrace there is a stone reservoir full of water. The pool magically refills with safe, refreshing water.

Level Two and Three Map
(24). Tavern Roof
The ladder from the tavern leads up to what was probably a rooftop patio. Broken remnants of wooden table and chairs are piled up in the center of the roof. Nesting in the debris is a harpy.

Harpy (1): AC 7, HD 3, HP 18, MV 20’, FLY 50’, #AT 2 claws + song, DMG 1-4 / 1-4, Save F3, ML 7, AL Chaotic. The harpy has the body of an eagle and the head of a hideous woman. The harpy can sing once per round even while attacking. Those that hear the song of a harpy must save vs. spells or be charmed.A character who is charmed will move toward the harpy resisting attempts to stop them and will not defend themselves from the harpies attack. Harpies are resistant to magic and gain a +2 on all saves vs. magic.
In the harpies nest there is a battleaxe, a shortsword +1 and 350 sp.

(25). Statue of the Hero
There is an 8 foot tall statue of a dwarf holding a lantern and swinging a pickaxe here standing on a 4 foot tall pedestal. On the south side of the pedestal is a corroded bronze plaque. Dwarven runes on the plaque dedicate the statue to dwarven miners killed in an accident.

(26). Hall to the city
This was the main walkway into the residential area of the city of Turismond. It is blocked by two immense stones that were carefully lowered into place.

(27). Guardroom
The stone door leads into a small stone room without windows. There is a stone table, a few broken wooden chairs and two empty racks that might have held weapons.

(28). Grinding Trap
In this hall, at the point marked by the arrow, there is a pressure plate in the floor triggered by any weight over 100 pounds. A stone wall will drop down at both ends of the hallway and the north wall will slowly start moving southward. It will take the wall 20 rounds to move the entire width of the hall. Any character caught in the hallway will be crushed to death. The wall can be stopped by jamming something under the leading edge (iron spikes). Once the wall is stopped, trapped characters have 3 rounds before they suffocate. Either stone wall at the ends of the hall can be smashed apart but it will take 45 points of damage with a blunt weapon.

(29). Trap Set
This chamber houses the mechanism for the hall trap in area #28. There's an enormous pair of gears attached to an iron shaft. Brackets hold them up from the floor. Two metal bars rest against the south wall. Examination of the device can lead to players figuring out how to reset the trap and how to disarm it. There is a metal bar that resets the trap and a latch that disarms it.

(30). Giant Weasel
The stone door to this chamber is jammed open with a broken wooden crate. Inside are piles of more broken wooden crates, old clothes and other debris. Lurking in the wreckage are two hungry giant weasels.

Giant Weasel (2): AC 7, HD 3+3, HP 18, 21, MV 50’, #1 bite + special, DMG 2-8, Save F3, ML 11, AL Neutral. If a giant weasel hits, it will hold on and suck blood causing 2-8 points of damage per round. The weasels are 8 feet long. They have infravision to 30 feet and are faultless trackers. In the debris of their nest is the corpse of a giant rat and five gems worth 600 gp each.

(31). Stairwell
The stairs lead up to the upper level where the Royal apartments resided. Another stair in this room leads up to a Third level royal bedchamber. In this area there is a door to a balcony and a few broken urns that might have held potted plants at one time.

(32). Balcony
This was the Royal balcony. Used for observing the town and giving speeches. The werewolves often have two of their number posted here to watch for newcomers arriving in Turismond.

(33). Royal Apartment
The room was a royal apartment but it has been completely ransacked. There remains only broken tables and chairs. If the players have been stealthy they will meet two of the werewolves here who are on guard duty.

Werewolves (2): AC 7, HD 3, HP 19, 22, MV 40’, #AT 1 bite, DMG 1-4, Save F3, ML 9, AL Chaotic. They will remain in wolf form until killed.

(34). Trapped Hall
The werewolves have set up some traps to alert them if someone intrudes into their sleeping area. There four pedestals in pairs lining the north and south walls of this hallway. Between the stone pedestals the werewolves have strung fine wire they found in one of the room. Players not noticing the wire must Save vs. Dexterity or stumble, knocking over the pedestal and making a lot of noise.

(35). Werewolf Den
This area has been clearly inhabited recently. A broken bed rests in the center of the room. Bedsheets, clothing and rugs have been piled on the bed to make a sleeping area. Examination of the area will reveal the stink of a werewolf and a lot of werewolf fur. There are also four open crates in this room. Inside three of the crates are various mementos and keepsakes made from metal that the werewolves picked up in their search. They are worth 500 gp in total but are difficult to carry. The last crate is half full of dried rations and two waterskin (full).

Werewolf Chief (1): AC 7, HD 3, HP 30, MV 40’, #AT 1 bite+2, DMG 1-4+2, Save F3, ML 9, AL Chaotic. This is the den claimed by the leader of the werewolves. But he is not likely to be encountered here unless the players have been very stealthy. If alerted to an attack he will gather the werewolves from areas #33 and #37 to protect him.

(36). Werewolf Den
This area has been inhabited recently. A pile of torn up clothing and sheets is piled in the center of the room. Two large tapestries have been draped over several intact chairs to form a sort of tent. Under the tent are gnawed bones and bits of meat.

(37). Werewolf Den
Another werewolf den. This one has four pallets of discarded clothing and bedsheets in separate piles. Sleeping on one pallet is a large wolf.

Werewolf (1): AC 7, HD 3, HP 18, MV 40’, #AT 1 bite, DMG 1-4, Save F3, ML 9, AL Chaotic. This werewolf is a coward and willing to parly. Otherwise he will attempt to hide under the sheets and avoid the characters. If forces to accompany adventurers he will betray them and flee and the first opportunity.

(38). Royal Chamber
This was the Royal bedchamber. Little remains to suggest that. Wooden bars attached to the walls suggest that they once held tapestries. The remains of a bed lie on the floor. One immense stone cabinet is pushed against the west wall. All of its drawers have been pulled open. There are two large window openings in the west wall and an open doorway to a balcony.

The cabinet is full of rotted cloth that might once have been ornate clothing. In a lower drawer are two intact pairs of boots. The boots are too thin for adventuring, they will wear out in days. But forgotten in the two of one boot is an iron key to the Lift controls in area #1.

(39). The bridge
There is a long, arched bridge stretching across the courtyard of the city. It is inaccessilbe unless the players go the the trouble of climbing up with a grappling hook or using magic. There area is abandoned and empty. The Harpy occasionally roosts on the bridge.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Into the Void Session 7

Another session from a Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition campaign I am playing in over skype. This session was mainly combat. We picked up mid-combat from where we left off last time.

Session 7: Duel with the Necromancer

To recap we were confronted by skeletons again in the cemetery on the hill outside Winterton. As we beat back the skeletons a necromancer attacked.

As the session opens the necromancer cast a curse on Mukah (half-orc barbarian). Mukah began to feel his muscles tightening into paralysis. With several skeletons approaching and the necromancer seemingly unhittable (except by Oto’s magic) Thyrell took careful aim and missed the necromancer putting an arrow directly into the centre of a tree. Otrivush Oto (human wizard) was completely out of spells but he still had his cantrips so he cast Acid Splash striking the Necromancer in the shoulder for a surprising amount of damage. The necromancer laughed insanely at the damage but did pause to heal herself.

Otrivush Oto casts Acid Splash while Talrek holds off skeletons

As more skeletons pushed themselves out of graves and moved to attack the heroes Mukah suddenly was freed from his paralysis and crushed one of the skeletons with his sword. Oto hurled another Acid Splash and hit the necromancer woman again in the same shoulder she had just headed. Celebrating, Oto yelled “Ah Hah!” The necromancer turned to face the new threat and Oto suddenly ducked back into the shadow on the church out of sight.

Talrek (dwarven cleric) burst through the ring of skeletons and closed on the necromancer striking her twice with his warhammer. Clearly staggered from the hits the necromancer none the less hits Talrek with her mace and another blast of necromatic energy causing the brave dwarf to stagger back in his steps. The necromancer reaches into her pocket pulls out something and disappears. Talrek angerly scans the area and sees footprints in the snow slowly edging away from the cemetery.

Meanwhile, three skeletons remain, one engaged with Thyrell, one with Mukah and one with Alcor Fenn (Tiefling monk). Alcor crushes the skeleton facing him, Oto throws Acid Splash at the skeleton attacking Thyrell and moves up to fight to allow Thyrell to join Talrek.

Before Thyrell can disengage from the fight, Talrek swings widely in the empty air and strikes something hard, hearing bones breaking. The necromancer appears suddenly from thin air, lying crumpled in the snow. As she gasps her last breath the remaining skeletons dissolve into black powder and blow away. Talrek prays over the necromancer’s body (spare the dying) and brings her back from death. A search of the necromancer reveals a silver ring that Talrek pockets. Taking her armour and mace they tie up the necromancer and gag her.

Returning to the village in the early morning hours the adventurers head to their rooms and put a watch on the unconscious necromancer.

Dawn breaks.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Lost Turismond Part Two

So part 2 of Lost Turismond is an abandoned Dwarven City. The city has a vertical element to it that is difficult to map. I created two maps, one of the courtyard level, and one of the higher levels. The highest levels are not accessible. The first level is detailed here.

Foolish adventurers disturb the inhabitants of the abandoned city


The Dwarves of Turismond dug down following veins of silver and came across a large cavern 1,200 feet below the mountain. They dug airways to the surface and lit the cavern and carved a city out of the walls of the cavern. There was room to expand. When the dwarves left 500 years ago they had time to pack up most of their possessions. Air still flows into the cavern but it is in absolute darkness. Even characters with infravision will be unable to see as the stone is all the same cold temperature.

The city is not completely abandoned. A group of werewolves are exploring the ruins and there are other dangers.  The dwarves left a lot of traps as well, and their guardian.

Level One of the Dwarven City of Turismond

(1). The Lift
The lift descents the 1,200 feet from the surface in 3 turns. It starts to creak and groan and stutter and then enters a pitch black room and stops. The same lift can be used to continue to the next level but players will need to figure out how to operate it. The room it has arrived in is a building about 20 feet square and 20 feet tall made of seamless stone as if it was carved from an enormous block. Wooden crates and mining equipment is scattered about the room and piled against walls. Looking through the crates will reveal household items, forks, spoons, knives, rotted cloth, clothing, and the like. This was the final staging area for the dwarves when they left the city.

On the west wall near the front of the building is a cast iron metal box with two panels. One panel is open and inside is a metal bar in a slot that can be pushed up and down. Currently it is down. Pushing it up will cause the lift to rise to the surface after a few rounds. Pulling it down will stop the lift and bring it back. The other panel has an elaborate key lock. It is locked. Inside the panel if it is opened is another bar in a slot. This one is stiff and hard to move. It is currently up. Pulling it down will send the lift down to the mines. This second control overrides the first control. Picking the lock is done at -10% due to the complexity. There is a forgotten key to the lock in area #38. The closed panel has a lot of scratches and pry marks on it like someone tried to open it without a key.

(2). Lift Guardroom
This was a guardroom for the lift. The room is cluttered with racks of weapons. The racks are about ⅓ full. The weapons include 34 polearms, 22 spears, 8 short swords, 4 normal swords, and 15 shields. All of the weapons are still useable. One of the shields is a magic shield+1.

(3). The Courtyard
This is a vast courtyard 160+ feet long and 50-60 feet wide. The first thing of note is that it is absolutely dark. Characters with infravision will only be able to see other characters. Even lit torches fail to illuminate the ceiling and the open cavern beyond (area #20). Stone walls and buildings rise to the west and east all carved from the same rock without any seams showing. Door, windows and balconies are visible if characters have a light source. There are 3 huge empty stone planters down the center of the courtyard.

While in the courtyard, players will be under the eyes of the werewolves at area #33 and the harpy at area #24.

The doorways into the buildings are made of expertly balanced stone. They swing into the buildings with little effort unless otherwise noted.

There is a light, moist breeze in the cavern blowing from the north. It is not completely quiet. There is the occasional dripping sound and the skittering of something over rocks.

(4). Customs Office
This was a customs office for visitors to Turismond. There is little left to reveal its purpose. Wooden chairs and stone tables remain. All of the paper is gone. In area #4a there is a large stone table with several chairs around it.

(5). The Inn
This was an Inn. There is no sign or note above the door to denote that this was an Inn but characters may be able to figure it out by the lounge in area #5 with comfortable chairs, tables, and a counter with a stone mailbox rack behind it (36 cubbyholes). In area #5a there are 36 stone beds with rotted wool mattresses and sheets. Small wooden footlockers at the foot of each bed.

(6). Priests Cloister
This area is a row of stone platforms with the remnants of bedding on them. In area #6a there is a small sleeping area for the head priest (bed, cabinet full of dusty clothes, and small writing desk. Papers on the desk detail financial accounts of a Temple of Maraker the Maker.

Area #6b is a stone staircase leading up 20 feet to the next level. The dwarves enabled a trap on the stairs when they left. At the halfway point up the stair the step will descend when wait is placed on it. The steps will all slide back creating a steep slide. A 10 square trapdoor and the foot of the stair will slide back revealing a 20 foot deep, smooth walled pit. Normal falling damage applies. A save vs. dexterity allows a player on the slide to slow himself to a stop before falling into the pit. There does not seem to be any visible trigger to reset the trap.

(7). The Hall of Kings
This tall building reaches up out of sight into the darkness, at least one balcony is visible above. The doorway is enormous carved stone and in the center of the door is the emblem of a crown with 6 points. This was the hall of the kings of Turismond.

The entry hall has a dusty, red-brown rug leading to another large door. This door is made of bronze, turned green with age. The door is carved with scenes of dwarves happily mining under the mountain.

Area #7a is a waiting room outside of the throne room. There are chairs that are haphazardly scattered about (because the werewolves moved them), two stone pillars holding up the 30’ high ceiling and a narrow stair on the north wall leading up to the next level.  Four werewolves are waiting here to ambush the characters. Surprising them is unlikely as they have scouts in area #33 that will have warned them.

Werewolves (4): AC 7, HD 3, HP 16, 18, 17, 21, MV 40’, #AT 1 bite, DMG 1-4, Save F3, ML 9, AL Chaotic. They will remain in wolf form until killed.

A note about the werewolf tactics.
There are 10 werewolves in the pack inhabiting the Dwarven City level (there were 12). They have been here for a week trying to understand how to operate the lift to go lower. Their leader is convinced there is a clue to the lift mystery in the city. If the characters come to area 7 directly (within 4 turns) from the lift they will encounter the werewolves spread out as detailed in the text. If the characters explore the city, the werewolves will wait until they are resting then they will attack with surprise with 6 wolves at once. The chief will keep the other wolves back as bodyguards. If the 6 wolves are killed the rest will flee to the surface. If some wolves get away then they will regroup and attack again replenishing their forces with some of the bodyguards.

Area #7b is a throne room. There are four dusty tapestries on the walls depicting the history of the city. Two steps lead up onto a dais where there are two stone seats. One of the seats is piled with ransacked clothes and sheets to make a crude cushion.

The tapestry just in the door on the right depicts what is clearly Mount Turismond and a group of eight dwarves pointing toward it. The tapestry just in the door on the left depicts the building of this Dwarven city. At the bottom of the tapestry there are dwarves working in mines. The tapestry near the dais on the right shows dwarves emerging from a tunnel into an enormous cavern lit with a fiery light. The dwarves gape in awe. Nearby in a stream they discover gold. The final tapestry near the throne on the left depicts a grey-bearded dwarven king and his retainers killing a demon three times their size. In the background is a strange town with stone building which appears to be inhabited by bestial humans.

(8). Temple of Maraker the Maker
The doorway to this tall building is made of bronze and is inscribed with the exploits of a male, dwarven god. High up on the face of the building there is a 8 foot tall stone bust of a bearded dwarven male. The bust is made of a reddish-brown marble stone that is different from all of the other stone work in the city. Those knowledgeable of dwarven society and religion can identify Maraker the Maker. A creation myth god of the dwarves.

Inside the temple there are eight stone pews, and a dais with a stone altar atop it. In front of the altar is a heap of bodies. The bodies appear to be those of six dwarves who have been dead for centuries. Hacked to pieces with edges weapons.

The High priest of Maraker refused to leave the temple until all dwarves had left the city and his acolytes remained by his side. They were killed before the evacuation could be completed. More will be explained later as the players descend deeper into Turismond.

(9). The Treasury
The entrance to this building is recessed and their are two sliding stone doors that could be pulled across the opening to further reinforce the entrance. The door to the treasury are unlocked because little was left behind. In the building there is a main room that is in complete disarray. Tables, chairs overturned, drawers lying on the floor and yellowed parchment littering the floor. Three locked iron doors are set into the east wall. There are two werewolves here trying to get into the vaults. They are in human form dressed in cast-off dwarven clothing that hangs comically loose on them. They will attack with rusty swords.

Werewolves (2): AC 9 (7), HD 3, HP 19, 17 MV 40’, #AT 1 sword, DMG 1-8, Save F3, ML 9, AL Chaotic. They will not attempt to turn into wolves unless they get an opportunity to flee.

The parchment is all written in dwarven runes. They are mining accounts and personal accounts. The three doors lead to three identical rooms. In each room there is a table, a chest on the table and a chair. Two of the chests are open and empty. The third chest (in area #9b) is locked. The lock is trapped with a poison needle. The poison has dried to dust so in only causes nausea on a failed save vs. poison for 6 turns (-2 to hit). Inside this chest there are 1,200 gold coins.

(10). Food Hall
The entrance to this building is under a covered doorway. To the right of the doorway is an empty stone bin of unknown use (garbage). Inside the building is a large room. About a dozen wooden tables with bench seats are scattered about the room. To the west their is a serving line and a table to lay out food. Behind the tables are food pantries and cooking area under chimneys. There are four human corpses lying on the ground in the room. The cause of death is uncertain. The humans were adventurers who starved to death after getting trapped in this building with the guardian outside the door. They have become zombies and will rise to attack once anyone comes within a few feet of them.

Zombies (4): AC 8, HD 2, HP 14, 12, 12, 8, MV 40’, #AT 1 short sword, DMG 1-6, Save F1, ML 12, AL Chaotic. They always attack last.

There is no food or treasure in the hall. This was an area for miners to get their meals. The dwarves cleaned it up before leaving.

(11). Barracks
A small flight of steps leads up 6 feet to the door to this building. The building was a barracks. There are bunk beds in a double row in this building with footlockers are the foot of the beds. Many of the footlockers have been opened but they are all empty. A stair leads up to the roof of the building.

(12). Mining Offices
A short stair leads up 6 feet to the doorway to the building. Inside is an entry hall with two tables and a few chairs. Open cabinets on the north wall display old pick-axes and chunks of iron ore and silver ore. If a dwarf is in the group he will recognize the unrefined silver.  It is worth only about 20 sp and is quite heavy.

(13). Offices
The area is full of desks, tables and chairs. There are a few scraps of parchment on the floor and some tables. All of the parchment is covered in dwarven runes detailing silver mine yields and gold panning yields.

(14). Offices
More offices with desks and tables. There are also three dried out dwarven corpses almost skeleton like in nature. They have been here for hundreds of years. Murder victims of the dwarf in area #16. They were employees of the mining company.

(15). Corridor
This hallway is slightly damp and stuffy. There are no windows to allow in air. Along the west wall is a huge patch of mold growing over a water leak in the ceiling. It is actually yellow mold.

Yellow Mold (1): AC (always hit), HD 2, HP 15, MV 0’, #AT Spores, DMG 1-6 + special, Save F2, ML n/a, AL Neutral. The mold covers a ten foot square area, it can only be damaged by fire (torches will do 1-4 points of damage per round). It can eat through leather and wood. If it is touched their is a 50% chance it will spray out a 10’x10’x10’ cloud of spores. Anyone caught in the cloud must save vs Death Ray or choke to death in 6 rounds.

(16) Undead Dwarf
Dwarves rarely become undead, they usually die when drained by undead. One exception holds for truly evil dwarven miners. They can become a Rapper. A mindless undead creature who leads miners to their death with tapping noises. This rapper murdered three of his employees in the final days of Turismond trying to convince them to help him move his treasure. He starved to death and rose as a rapper.

In this room there's an entrance to a stone spiral staircase leading up to area 25. Their also is a heap of wooden crates against the east wall. Standing by the crates is a dead dwarf with translucent skin and glowing yellow eyes. He carries a mining pickaxe.

Rapper (1): AC 2, HD 4, HP 22, MV 30’, #AT 1 pickaxe+1, DMG 1-10+1, Save D4, ML 11, AL Chaotic. The pickaxe is not magical. It gains +1 due to the strength of the rapper. It is actually too heavy to be effectively used in combat by anyone but the rapper.

The crates contain piles or silver ore. If refined the entire haul would be worth 7,500 sp.

(17). Tavern
This building was a tavern. Their are 5 round wooden tables placed about the room. About 30 chairs are stacked against the south wall. Two open windows look out onto area #20.  Against the east wall there is a barkeeps bench and a wall of wooden casks. The casks held ale which has long since dried up. Their is a wooden ladder leading to the roof.

The area in front of the bar (14’ by 5’ wide) is a trap. Normally operated by the barkeep it has been set to go off if any weight steps upon it. The floor will open up and drop characters 10 feet down into an empty pit taking normal falling damage.

(18). Residence
This small stone building was the residence of an important dwarf. Everything including much of the furniture was carted off. All that remains are tables, chairs and three empty crates. Clinging to the wall above the door is a hungry, green slime that will drop down on unsuspecting characters who enter the building. It will go for the first person who enters.

Green Slime (1): AC can always be hit, HD 2, HP 12, MV 1’, #AT1, DMG special, Save F1, ML 12, AL Neutral. The slime drops blobs onto victims, the slime is corrosive and dissolves wood and metal in 6 rounds. If it comes into contact with flesh it turns that person into a slime in 1-4 rounds. It cannot be scraped off. It can only be burned off with fire or treated with cure disease.

(19). The Guardian
The dwarves of Turismond left a guardian to protect their city. It is a special Living rock statue carved in the shape of a 20 foot tall dwarf holding a 30 foot long stone spear and a 5 foot tall stone shield. The dwarf has a long beard to his waist and wears a horned helm. In fact he looks exactly like the non-magical statue of a dwarf at area #25.

Guardian of Turismond (1): AC 4, HD 5, HP 35, MV 20’, #AT 2 eyes, DMG 2-12 / 2-12, Save F5, ML 11, AL Neutral.

The guardian is of nominal intelligence, it slumbers until disturbed or perceives a threat to the city. Usually damage has to be done to buildings or clearly chaotic creatures need to get within 60 feet of it for it to awaken.  But the arrival of the werewolves has awoken it from its slumber. Two fried werewolf corpses lie before the door to area #18. Because of its alert status it will attack any group that does not include a dwarf. Its eyes light up with fire and it can project two streams of magma out of its eyes to a distance of 30 feet. If a dwarf approaches within 30 feet of the statue its eyes will light up with fire and it will groan out, “Is it time?” If the dwarf answers in the affirmative it will smile and groan “my lonely wait is over” and then go stand in silence. If a dwarf answers in the negative. It will groan and continue to guard the hall. It does not answer questions.

(20). The Great Cavern.
The dwarven city of Turismond is built on the side of an enormous cavern 1,200 feet below the mountains. It descends 90 feet to the cavern floor from the city. The cavern stretches 1,000 feet to the north. There are numerous tunnels that come into the cavern. Some might lead deeper into the underground.