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Retro Session 2 Waking the Sleeper

Once More into the Void

Another retro session from last year. When last we left the heroes in episode one, had taken on a mission to rescue a missing young man from the Village of Hruelin’s Post. The young man, Cynric, had entered the nearby Tomb of the Sleepers. They found the young man just inside the entrance but then continued on into the tomb with the sleeping boy slung over the shoulder of Mukah the half-orc.

Retro Session 2 Waking the Sleeper

The heroes decide not to continue south through the rough-hewn tunnel. Instead, they return to the Preparation chamber. As they walk down the hallway Talrek spots a secret door in the south wall. Peering into a chamber at the end of the hall they see several corpses lying on stone biers. The heroes assume these are undead. Since they are low on health they decide to ignore the chamber and the secret door and instead decide to head back to the broken tomb and follow the rough-hewn tunnel.

However, as soon as they enter the broken tomb three troglodytes attack with surprise from the shadows. There is a long struggle (4 rounds) and the heroes prevail. Alcor is badly wounded by one troglodyte after being hit twice (down to 2 hit points). They pause to rest.

The heroes continue south entering the rough-hewn tunnel. Talrek notes that the tunnel is a rougher construction than the rest of the tomb but not natural. In the distance, Thyrell hears the sound of running water. Entering a cave they see that a swift-moving underground river is passing through its center. The river is 20 feet wide and too wide to cross. They discuss the possible method of crossing the river. Alcor notes fist bones lying on the cave floor. The bones are gnawed on but the fish heads have large jaws and sharp teeth. Suspicious of what is in the river, Talrek, and Mukah pick up a troglodyte corpse and toss it part way into the river. The carcass is hungrily attacked by a pool of quippers.

They decide to not cross the river and head back up the tunnel to explore the rest of the tomb. Talrek operates the secret door and a 5-foot wide section of the wall slides back into the wall revealing a tomb. Inside is a stone sarcophagus and very little else. Thyrell and Talrek work together to lever the stone lid off of the sarcophagus. As they slide it back it reveals a withered corpse of a man in a long robe.

While Thyrell and Talrek still have their hands on the stone lid the corpse's eyes open and it springs up attack Mukah. The heroes fight a quick battle with a wight. The wight strikes Thyrell but the dark elf manages to save against the attack. The wight is eventually destroyed by Talrek using multiple castings of Sacred Flame. The rest of the heroes were unable to hurt the wight.

The Sleeper is revealed

With only one chamber remaining the heroes decide to draw out the corpses in the chamber they passed over. Thyrell fires several arrows at the corpses but they just do not move. As soon as Thyrell enters the chamber, two corpses rise up and attack. The fight is fairly short with Mukah easily overwhelming one zombie and aiding in the destruction of a second zombie.

The heroes head back to the Preparation Chamber (the first chamber entered with the 4 stone pillars and the statue of Selune) and examine the statue closely. They realize that it can be shoved backward on tracks. Working together they shove back the statue and reveal an opening below holding a leather sack. But when the statue moves back all of the stones in the entrance hall slide into a position blocking the way out.

The sack is opened and it contains 200 ancient silver coins, 1 potion of healing and 1 unknown potion. Unable to figure out how to move the stone blocking the hall they try to move the statue back into position. Once the statue is moved back into position the stones move to allow the heroes to leave the tomb and head outside.

The heroes head back to Hruelin’s Post, Mukah carrying the still sleeping boy Cynric. Reaching the Inn, which is still open, they enter and are greeted as heroes by the villagers. Still, no one is able to wake Cynric. Eventually, the village herbalist is summoned and she realizes that the unknown potion the heroes found is a sleep antidote. Once Cynric is given a draught of the potion he wakes up.

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