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A Night at the Cemetery

A Night at the Cemetery

Once more into the Void Session 5 - A Night in the Cemetery

This is the last of the retroactive write-ups of my D&D 5th edition campaign. Session 6 was the first session I posted on my site just more than a year ago.

Intruder in the Night

“I was robbed!”, Oto yelled as he came down the stairs to the common room of the Inn. The Innkeeper looked up with concern.

“I.. I am sorry?” Artain Whitlow the Innkeeper said.

“I said I was robbed, in the middle of the night some foul miscreant snook into my room and stole my oar,” Oto said.  “And the replaced it with this… this thing.” Oto flourished the brand new quarterstaff in the face of the innkeeper.

“Your oar was stolen?” Artain asked with a puzzled look on his face.

“Yes, and I know which group of unreliable miscreants is responsible!” Oto spun about taking in his fellow travellers heads bent over bowls of porridge at a nearby table. After a pause, everyone at the table burst into laughter.

Oto gets robbed.
Session 5

The heroes are walking toward the village of Winterton in the company of the cleric Hans who they have just rescued from skeletons.

Hans explains to the adventurers that Winterton has been having problems with undead activity and could use some help. Hans asks that the adventurers meet with the leader of Winterton. The heroes agree and Hans leads them to Omir Estates to meet the leader. Lord Kilian is the head of the Omir family and the Lord of the village. Hans gets the heroes in to meet with Lord Kilian.

Lord Kilian explains that the undead problem has been going on for several days. Thinking back the heroes recall they encountered the undead pirates at sea one week ago. The Lord explains that they do not know where this land is in relation to Neverwinter. The village is founded by people who were lost at sea. They also all passed through a mysterious fogbank. Apparently, there are other settlements in this land including a larger town to the north. Now that it is winter the passage to nearby settlements is nearly impossible. Lord Kilian commissions the group to patrol the area around the village and destroy undead. In return, the group gets free room and board and a guide to take them to a larger village to the north.
The heroes are put up at the Blue Goose Inn and Tavern. Artain Whitlow is the innkeeper. The group enjoys eating and drinking their fill. The innkeeper is full of information telling the heroes that the dead have been rising every night. Sometimes undead animals and goblins are also seen.

The group goes to the nearby Trader’s Emporium to buy equipment. Oto attempts to negotiate a free quarter staff since he is working for Lord Kilian but the owner of the Emporium refuses. Oto declares that he prefers his trusty oar instead.

The heroes return to the Inn and each settles into a peaceful night of sleep. At some point in the middle of the night, Oto’s oar is stolen and replaced with a quarterstaff (snuck into the room by Talrek). They sleep during the day and head to the cemetery at dusk.

The Companions come up with a plan.

Once at the cemetery the heroes meet in front of the tiny chapel and set up a plan. Thyrell will stand watch from atop a mausoleum and the rest will patrol. Mukah and Oto in one group and Alcor and Talrek in the other pair. Oto tries to strike up a conversation with Mukah but the half-orc is not in a talkative mood. Oto suggests they not look very hard for the undead.

Suddenly, skeletons begin to erupt from the graves. Thyrell spots them and calls out a warning to the rest of the group so no one is surprised. Thyrell shoot and hits one skeleton with an arrow. Everyone else begins to move to one area to form a defensive position. One skeleton armed with a bow hits Thyrell with an arrow. Mukah holds his ground while Oto vaporizes a skeleton with magic missile. Mukah misses a skeleton with his longsword but Oto backs him up and turns the skeleton to ash with Burning Hands.

Thyrell gets surrounded and is hit twice more by arrows. Talrek destroys a skeleton with Guiding Bolt. Thyrell goes prone on top of the mausoleum and tries to cure himself but is unable. Talrek is also hit by an arrow. Oto blasts another skeleton with Magic missile destroying it. Mukah ducks behind a gravestone and taunts the skeletons surrounding Thyrell. Thyrell stands and hits a skeleton in the skull with an arrow destroying it. Alcor Fenn destroys a skeleton with unarmed strike and the last skeleton runs off into the woods.

Thyrell takes off after the skeleton and tracks it through the woods to the beach where he loses the track. Talrek catches up to Thyrell and picks up the tracks. Thyrell and Talrek catch up to the skeleton and destroy it. On the way back to the cemetery Talrek spots another set of tracks. This time the tracks are clearly made by boots and the lead up close to the cemetery and then back into the woods. The heroes search amongst the skeletons and find a handful of silver and copper coins.

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