Sunday, 16 June 2019

Miniature Painting

I used to paint a lot of miniatures back in high school and even through university. This would be back in the mid-'80s and mid-'90s.  I gradually slowed down and rarely painted anymore as an adult. Even though my tools, paints, and miniatures became much better.

The last miniature I painted was in 2013 for a Harnmaster game I was taking part. I decided to paint recently when I designed a Heroforge miniature on their site for my D&D 5th edition online game "Once more into the Void". My character, the overweight mage Otrivush Oto. There was no miniature on the market that looked like him so I went to Heroforge.

Otrivush Oto

I still could not get a body type big enough to be representative of Oto but I went as large as it would let me.  Given the cost, after shipping, I definitely wanted to paint it.

Unfortunately, I now need reading glasses and I found it very hard to paint wearing glasses with such a narrow field of focus. You cannot move closer to the miniature to get more detail. I ended up painting much of the miniature while looking through a magnifying glass on a stand. The nice thing is that the glass had LED lights the illuminated the miniature.

The results are okay. I was a much better painter in the past but maybe that will come with a few more tries. I also had to struggle with paints that had not been used in six years. I lacked the proper glue to attach the mini to a wood stand so I used carpenters glue. The glue I used was too strong and the mini broke off at the ankles and the base broke in half when I removed it from the wood stand. I managed to fix this with my pin vise drill, wire, and some contact cement.

Accident Repair

Otrivush Oto Heroforge Miniature

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  1. Looking good, especially since it's your first after such a long break.