Sunday, 25 August 2019

Blender Line Art

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This weekend I have been experimenting with some methods using the Blender Render (rather than cycles) to take simple renders and make them look like Line Drawings.

My original reason for using Blender was as a method to get passable images. My results have been interesting.  I am not certain I will continue experimenting because Blender render is in less use with version 2.80.  All of these images were done in version 2.79.

I stumbled on this when I saw a short tutorial posted on MeWe. Using a basic texture which emphasized black and white lines it was possible to get an approximation of line art. But it is very difficult to get the lighting correct to bring out the lines.

A Fantasy Hero meets a beholder.

I looked around on the internet and found something even simpler. Using the Freestyle toggle on Blender Render as long as you keep your images simple it works okay. Once you start to introduce complicated smoothed objects it is less successful. But it is dead simple.

A Roman merchant ship

I also tried combining the two methods with limited success.

A Fantasy Hero in a dungeon

It is a struggle to get the textures correct once you get a complicated shape.

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