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The Crew of the Raven

A quick write-up on a crew of a standard armored merchant ship for Stars without Number. I do not have time for a proper write up on the crew so I just copied some statistics from the rulebook but it is a good starting point.

The Achura class traders built by PCL (Palimose Constructors Larisno) on Kaitos were until recently the best and most expensive trade ships in Wolf Sector. Few but the main shipping lines could afford them.  That was 30 years ago. Now the need for an armored and armed trading ship has diminished. Unity of Suns corvettes have virtually eliminated pirates and freebooters from the main shipping lines. These ships are expensive to operate so some of them have been sold off by the major shipping companies to he smaller concerns who still need protection while travelling to the fringes of the system like Attis or Midwrath. The standard spike-1 drive fitted to the Achura is limiting to traders wanting to strike out on their own. Some enterprising individuals have gone and spent the credits for the full upgrade to a spike-2 drive ship. This opens up new markets like those on Comarid and Volant.

The Raven prepares for Customs Inspection on Kaitos

One such ship is the Achura Hull CX792452533 or Raven as the crew calls it. The Raven is a later model Achura CX with upgraded ablative hull protection and a spike-2 drive. It comes with the standard fore and aft mounted Dual-Multifocal lasers. Two life pods are included. There is not a lot of room left over for the current crew of five.

The enormous cargo hold can fit 22 M-Class standard containers. Though there are weight restrictions. The ship is also atmospheric landing capable.

Raven Blueprint

Crew of the Raven

Captain Chris Arnel
Level 3 Expert, HP 12, AC 5, AB +1, PE 16, ME 15, EV 12, Tech 11, Luck 14.
Laser Pistol (1d6), wears woven armor. Focused-1, Support-1, Combat/Projectile-0.
Chris is a tall man who appears to be in his late 20’s but he is actually closer to 40. He is the diplomat and the talker in the crew. Preferring to find an amenable solution to most problems.

First Officer Sofia Pousa
Level 2 Warrior, HP 10, AC 4, AB +3, PE 12, ME 15, EV 14, Tech 16, Luck 13.
Semi-auto pistol (1d8), wears woven armor. Combat/Projectile-0.
Sofia is dwarfed by the Captain but packs a mean punch. She is the combat specialist of the group.

Engineer Marek Szwed
Level 2 Expert, HP 8, AC 7, AB+0, PE 16, ME 15, EV 12, Tech 11, Luck 14.
Semi-auto pistol (1d8), wears undersuit. Support+0.
Marek is a short, portly middle-aged man. He is from Tyr and is a typical boisterous example of the inhabitants of that planet.

Cargo Master Anya Chaken
Level 1 Expert, HP 4, AC 7, AB +0, PE 16, ME 15, EV 12, Tech 11, Luck 14.
Semi-auto pistol (1d8), wears undersuit. Support-1, Combat Projectile 0.
Anya is in her early 20’s. She is the jack-of-all-trades on the Raven. She handles cargo, supplies, computer systems and life support.

E8X75 (Eddie)
Eddie is a self-aware robot. He is braked and has successfully paid off his creator debt. Eddie has been aware for more than 200 years. He has chosen to take a paying job on the Raven because it interests him.

(From LtoR) Anya, Marek, Chris, Sofia, Eddie.

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