Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Travel between the stars

If players are going to move around the central planets of Wolf Sector when they are just starting their careers they are not going to have their own ship. So they will need to book passage on one of the big Liners that continually move from planet to planet on the Circle Route.

The CG-Superrunner entering the orbit of Tyr

Panstellar Lines ship Arterise Galdis is one such ship. A large spike-2 passenger liner. The PL-AG circles continually from its home port on Kaitos to Einherjar, Delta Outeria, Tyr, Mizar, Bomar and Nintoku. The entire circle voyage takes on average 42 days.

The rules are not 100% clear to me but I have chosen to interpret that you need 48 hours (2 days) to reach interstellar space where a jump to drillspace can be attempted and then spend 6 days in drillspace per hex. There would be another 48 hours to drop out of drillspace and reach the destination planet. So 2 locations 1 hex apart would take 10 days to traverse with a spike-1 engine ship.

A spike-2 ship could cut this time in half. So there would be a tremendous advantage in booking passage on a spike-2 liner. The Arterise Galdis is a spike-2 liner. Booking a cabin on the PL-AG that has 2 bunks costs 1,500 credits per person per planet. Booking passage in steerage, which includes a sleeping tube in a dormitory costs 800 credits per person per planet. There is a 5% discount for each subsequent planet on the route.

Travelling on an older spike-1 liner like the Caberto Group SuperRunner (CG-Superrunner) is cheaper but the transit time is doubled. Travelling 1 system in a cabin is 900 credits per person and travelling in steerage (a dormitory of bunkbeds) costs 500 credits per person.

The cheapest way to get from one system to another is on the edge of legality. It is possible to travel frozen in suspended animation on a cargo hauler for as low as 90 credits per system. But there is a chance of permanent damage to the nervous system of the frozen passenger.

Wolf Sector

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