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Dungeon of Malice

I planned to do a quick Blue Map Friday two week ago - but then I decided it needed some art created in Blender that took a few days, then I wanted a unique map. In the end it took a while to put this post together. Probably one of the reasons why I do not post as often every week.

The placeholder name was "Dungeon of Malice" from a random dungeon name generator. I grew to like the name and decided to stick with it.

I used Labyrinth Lord rules for the statistics but it could easily convert to almost any fantasy rule system. The setting is my own Stillwater setting, Hex 0106.

Dungeon of Malice

D&D Adventure for levels 3 - 5

Strange occurrences have been happening on the Tlast road to the south of Gimwell.  Travellers disappearing, caravans ambushed, and odd lights in the sky in the direction of Mrorg Hall. Will you investigate the abandoned ruin?

The players may hear rumours while in Stillwater related to the trouble on the road. The Tlast road or North road connects Stillwater to towns to the north. The connection is vital to the survival of the village.

Rumours 1d10
Heard at the Toppled Tankard, or from travellers on the road.

  1. Goblins are behind the attacks on the road, they live in caves on the slopes of Gloomy Top (partially True).
  2. An Evil sorceress has taken up residence in the Hall and is capturing travellers to use in experiments (False).
  3. The Hall is long abandoned and devoid of the living (False).
  4. There was a dungeon beneath the old Hall. It is still there and full of monsters (True).
  5. The Hall was destroyed fifty years ago when angry local peasants burned it to the ground to put an end to the evil lord (False).
  6. Bandits are holed up in the Hall yet again (False).
  7. A group of monks tried to set up a seminary in the ruins of the Hall but were chased away by phantoms (False).
  8. A nice young mage has taken up residence in the old Gatehouse, he has been seen buying supplies in Grimwell (partially True).
  9. The Ogre overlords have returned and are using the Hall as a staging area for attacks (False).
  10. A goblin leader was forced to leave Gloomy Top after losing control and has moved to the Hall (True).

Mrorg Hall was built by the Mrorg family 90 years ago to defend the newly opened road connection to the northlands. The hall was surrounded with a defensive wall with four towers and a gatehouse. Forty-five years ago a fire that began in the Great Hall burned out of control destroying most of the buildings. Only the shell of the gatehouse remained. The ruins were abandoned and reclaimed by the forests. Ten years ago a local bandit group set up camp in the ruins and repaired the gatehouse.  The bandits were captured while spending their loot in Grimwell. The hall was abandoned again.

Two years ago a mage arrived at the abandoned gatehouse and claimed it as his own. The mage Caudimirus chose the site so he could go about his research in secret. The gatehouse was easily repaired and perfect for the mage if a little far from civilization.  He goes to Grimwell monthly for supplies. Six months ago a small group of hobgoblin appeared on Caudimirus’ door. Rather than start a fight, Caudimirus struck a deal with the goblins and suggested they could occupy the dungeons.

Six months ago the hobgoblin Gnash Longreach was deposed as leader of his tribe by his nephew Grimpath. He wandered until arriving at the ruins and striking a deal with the wizard. Now he has used the gold acquired in his raids to hire mercenary ogres and bugbears.  Once he has built a large enough band he is headed home to fight for leadership of his tribe.

Dungeon key

The Gatehouse
The only remaining structure of Mrorg Hall is the Gatehouse. It has been recently repaired by Caudimirus. There is a pile of lumber near the open gate and another pile in the overgrown courtyard.  The forest has completely reclaimed the remaining ruins.

The wizard resides on the second floor of the gatehouse in what is one, large room (25 by 15 feet) holding worktables, sleeping area and kitchen. A wood stove provides heat and a surface to cook food upon.

Caudimirus: Warlock 6, Str 16, Dex 16, Con 10, Int 15, Wis 12, Cha 13, AC 6, HD 6, HP 17, MV 30’, #AT 1 Dagger+3 or spell, DMG 1-4+2, SAVE M6, AL Neutral.
Spells: Shield, Charm Person, ESP,  Mirror Image, Lightning Bolt (2).

Caudimirus is a slim, brown skinned bald man with a short dark black beard. He is 49 but looks younger. He wears robes, has a dagger +1, and a Ring of Protection+1.

He is likely to hear and then see approaching players. The goblins have been useful to Caudimirus, but he is not a staunch ally. If the players are an intimidating group he will not get involved. He will defend his workshop unless clearly overwhelmed. His spellbook and research notes are his most important treasures, but he also has a pouch holding 12 rubies worth a total of 2,500 gold coins. A wizard reviewing the notes will find that Caudimirus has been doing questionable research into demon summoning.

Meeting the Warlock.

The Dungeon
The entrance to the dungeon is a recently constructed stone structure with a flat wood roof. It is located in a depression in the forest that marks the location of the old Hall’s cellar. The entrance to the dungeons was just a collapsed shaft for decades but the goblins cleared the debris and roofed the entrance to help keep the dungeons from flooding.

The stone structure covers a square five foot shaft that enters Room 1 below. A wooden ladder descends 20 feet to the floor of the dungeon.

Entrance to the Dungeon

Dungeon key

Wandering Monsters

(01) Entry (30 by 30’)
The floor of this chamber slopes slightly toward a covered drain in the southeast corner. There is forest debris covering the stone floor.

(02) Goblin guards (30 by 30’)
There are six hobgoblins in this chamber seated on wooden crates about a crude table. They are enjoying a meal of poorly cooked rabbit, but their spears are close at hand. The door to the room from room 1 has an open eyelid and is barred from the inside.

Hobgoblins (6): AC 6, HD 1+1, HP 8, 7, 6x3, 5, MV 30’, #AT 1 spear, DMG 1-6, SAVE F1, ML 8, AL Chaotic. They each have a small pouch with 1-6 silver coins. Total for the group is 24 silver coins.

(03) Storage (30 by 30’)
Wooden crates are stacked up along the West wall of this room concealing the barred door to room 4. The bar is on this side. It is possible to scramble over the crates and reach a 2 foot open area in front of the barred door. The crates contain stolen merchandise the goblins could not use or sell (wooden toys, human clothing, hammer, tiles, etc.). There are unlocked doors to the north and east.

(04) Crypt (50 by 30’)
This stone chamber feels unnaturally cold. There are dozens of lone stone biers in rows along the floor about one foot tall. Cobwebbed skeletons lie on many of the biers and some skeletons are sprawled on the floor. The skeletons will attack as soon as they are disturbed or players reach the midpoint of the room.

Skeletons (24): AC 7, HD 1, HP 5 each, MV 20’, #AT 1 sword, DMG 1d8, SAVE F1, ML 12, AL Chaotic. They have no possessions.

(05) Well (30’ diameter)
This circular room has a domed ceiling 15 feet above. Tree roots have pushed through the ceiling and dangle down into a ten foot in diameter well hole in the center of the floor. The roots completely block the well. The walls of the well glisten with moisture. This is actually a gray ooze. The well hole drops 10 feet to cold, clear water.

Gray Ooze (1): AC 8, HD 3, HP 22, MV 3’, #AT 1, DMG 2d8, SAVE F2, ML 12, AL Neutral. It is about 6 feet in diameter. It attacks with a snake-like projection. The skin of the ooze is acidic destroying armour in 1 turn. After that it does the damage listed each round.

(06) Tomb of the Wight (50 by 20’)
This is a large chamber with four elaborate carved stone tombs. The tombs are inscribed with the names of four ancestors of the Mrorg family.  Hiding from view in the alcove to the east is an undead Wight.

Wight (1): AC 5, HD 3, HP 12, MV 30’, #AT 1 touch, DMG Energy Drain, SAVE F3, ML 12, AL Chaotic. A wight drains one level of experience per successful attack. It can only be hit by magical or silver weapons.

One tomb lid is slightly ajar and is empty. The other three tombs contain skeletal remains. One skeleton has a necklace made of gold disks worth 1,600 gold and holds a Cursed Sword -1.

(07) Hobgoblin area (30 by 30’)
This chamber is the beginning of the area Gnash‘s hobgoblins have claimed as a living area. Several wooden crates are scattered about all empty. A group of eight hobgoblins are gathered in the southwest corner throwing colored pebbles against the wall in some sort of game. They should not be surprised by players coming from the West corridor. Above the hobgoblins is a 20 foot in diameter net made of heavy rope. If attacked the hobgobins will retreat south triggering the trap. Once players are caught in the net (treat as a web spell) they will come back to attack.

Hobgoblins (8): AC 6, HD 1+1, HP 7x3, 6x3, 5x2, MV 30’, #AT 1 spear, DMG 1-6, SAVE F1, ML 8, AL Chaotic. They each have a small pouch with 1-8 silver coins. Total for the group is 50 silver coins.

(08) Hobgoblin quarters (60 by 20’)
This area is the general sleeping area for the hobgoblins. Ten male hobgoblins and 4 females are currently resting here (treat as the same statistics). The room is warmed by two braziers holding hot coals. There are piles of old clothes and blankets that have been tossed on the floor to create sleeping pallets.

Hobgoblins (14): AC 6, HD 1+1, HP 7x3, 6x6, 5x2, 4x3, MV 30’, #AT 1 spear, DMG 1-6, SAVE F1, ML 8, AL Chaotic. They each have a small pouch with 1-6 silver coins. Total for the group is 60 silver coins.

(09) Crossroads (10 by 10’)
There is an archway in the west entrance to this crossroad of passages. A tripwire extends across the opening at the height of 1 foot. If the tripwire is triggered a deadfall of rocks will tumble down from above doing 1-6 damage to all characters in the intersection.

(10) Goblin Chief (30 by 30’)
This chamber is lit by a pair of burning torches and warmed by two braziers holding hot coals. A thin, older-looking hobgoblin with no hair sits on a large chair that is draped with furs. A metal bowl full of gems sits on a stand at his right hand. Six bugbears stand at attention in the shadows of the chamber.

Gnash: AC 5, HD 3, HP 16, MV 30’, #AT 1 sword (as 4HD), DMG 1-8, SAVE F4, ML 9, AL Chaotic. He has a sword and wears Chainmail. He has a pouch containing 12 gold coins and 24 silver coins. Gnash is willing to talk first to intruders. If attacked he will yell loudly bringing the hobgoblins from area 7 in 2 rounds and the hobgoblins in area 8 in 4 rounds.

Bugbear guard (6): AC 5, HD 3+1, HP 18 each, MV 30’, #AT 1 morningstar, DMG 1-6+1, SAVE F3, ML 9, AL Chaotic. Each has a pouch containing 2-8 gold coins. They have a 50% chance of surprising players entering the chamber who will likely be focused on Gnash.

The bowl of gems holds 26 small glass gems in a multitude of colours. They are worth about 5 silver coins.

(11) Goblin Treasure (30 by 20’)
This room is the private chamber of Gnash. There is a large pile of furs and blankets on the floor for his bed. Two tapestries hang crookedly on the walls (worth 300 and 150 gold coins). There are two locked chests in the room. One contains Chainmail Armour+2, Scroll of Protection from Magic, and 1 potion of Giant Strength. The second contains 800 silver coins, 200 gold coins, and 4 jewelry - 1,500 gold each.

(12) Spider Web (40 by 30’)
The doors to this area are unlocked but huge spider webs cover the entrances and hang thickly from the ceiling. Some large objects can be seen in the webs but they are difficult to discern. Once a web is disturbed motion will be seen in the webs as six giant Black Widow Spiders move to attack. Their tactic is to drop from the ceiling and bite intruders.

Giant Black Widow spiders (6): AC 6, HD 3, HP 12 each, MV 20’, Web 40’, #AT 1 bite, DMG 2d6 + poison (save vs poison or die in 1 turn), SAVE F2, ML 8, AL Neutral.

There is a mummified corpse in the webs of an elf. The elf is wearing chainmail+1 and has a necklace about his neck worth 1,500 gold.

(13) Storage (30 by 30’)
This chamber is full of wooden crates that have all been broken open. Most of the crates are empty but there are some blankets and clothes in some of the crates. A careful search can turn up 6 iron spikes, 1 storm lantern and 50 feet of rope.

(14) Kennel (30 by 30’)
The doors to this chamber are barred from the outside. Inside the room is a mess of gnawed corpses, offal, leaves and dirty clothes and blankets. The ogres in league with the hobgoblins keep their two trained owlbears here. The owlbears will furiously attack any intruders. If given a clear passage they will loup off to the south heading for the exit.

Owlbears (2): AC 5, HD 5, HP 22, 28, MV 40’, #AT claw/claw/bite, DMG 1-8/1-8/1-8, SAVE F3, ML 9, AL Neutral. An owlbear can grasp a player in a bear hug if both paws hit the same target in the same round doing 2-8 additional damage.

(15) Guardroom (30 by 20’)
Three ogres sit in this room playing a game with finger bones on an overturned wooden crate. The ogres are supposed to be on guard but they have become bored (unless the players have made a lot of noise in area 12).

Ogres (3): AC 5, HD 4+1, HP 25 each, MV 30’, #AT 1 club, DMG 1-10, SAVE F4, ML 10, AL Chaotic. Each has a pouch with 12 gold coins.

(16) Refuse (30 by 20’)
This chamber is full of piles of garbage. Food, soiled blankets and clothing are heaped on the floor. A large number of giant rats are hiding amongst the garbage. Due to the number of rats they will be spotted moving about from the archway entering the room.

Giant rats (20): AC 7, HD 1-1, HP 10x2, 10x3, #AT 1 bite, DMG 1-3 + disease, SAVE F1, ML 8, AL Neutral. Players bitten by a rat have a 5% chance of contracting a disease. The disease if fatal unless they make a successful save vs poison.

(17) Ogre Quarters (30 by 20’)
Gnash is busy paying for mercenaries to re-establish himself as leader of the tribe. Among those mercenaries is this group of Ogres. The Ogres were given chambers far away from the hobgoblins in the area of the dungeon once used as a trash heap. The ogres have searched through the trash to furnish this chamber. Mismatched and broken chairs, tables and pallets of clothes for beds.

Ogres (9): AC 5, HD 4+1, HP 25x3, 24x3, 22x3, MV 30’, #AT 1 club, DMG 1-10, SAVE F4, ML 10, AL Chaotic. Each has a pouch with 9 gold coins.

Leaving the Dungeon

Should the players leave the dungeons and are clearly significantly weakened, and should Caudimirus still be alive he will ambush the characters looking to steal their treasure.

Dungeon Map

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