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Once More Into the Void Session 18

“This tunnel is full of spider webs too!”

Mukah yells from the passage ahead. I repeat my feelings, “We have to get out of here before those creatures return.”

Everyone nods in agreement and Mukah starts hacking his way up the passage. I let Talrek and Alcor get ahead of me. It is safer to be at the back. I turn and make sure Thyrell and his wolf are close behind.


“Aahhhh!” Mukah yells from ahead.

“What is it,” Talrek asks. Mukah swears something in orcish. “Trap!”

I am thinking last time we ran into traps the spiders attacked. Just as I am about to impart my wisdom, I see Alcor turn suddenly, look back past me. He grimaces lowers his spear and runs past me.

Turning I see several giant spiders approaching rapidly from behind us. Right toward me.

Once more into the Void - Session 18

Spiders, spiders, spiders.

During our last session we walked for a mile through a long, straight tunnel under the mountains. Eventually we encountered giant spiders and some humanoid spider creatures. We have just driven them off.

We decide to head north rapidly to get away from the spider creatures lair. Otrivush is badly injured so Talrek casts Cure Light Wounds on him. A side passage is examined but it is a dead end. Again the passages are narrow and full of sticky spider webs. Continuing north the heroes enter a fairly large cave. As Mukah moves north from the cave he triggers another poison dart trap. Just then several giant spiders drop out of the webs and move to attack the group from the rear. Leaving the best fighters on the wrong side of the fight.

Thyrell manages to quickly kill one spider with his swords but one sword arm gets tangled in sticky webbing. Otrivush gets a clear path to one spider and burns it with Burning Hands. Talrek crushes a spider near him. The burned spider tries to attack Alcor but he shoves it away with his spear and Tinda grabs it in her jaws and crushes it. The last attacking spider is hit by Alcor but continues to attack. Thyrell manages to free himself from the webs. The spider moves to attack Talrek but he manages to get his shield up in front of it.

Giant Spiders attack the heroes

Suddenly, one of the spider creatures drops from the ceiling near Mukah and attacks. It is damaged and appears to be the one Alcor injured earlier. Tinda rips open the abdomen of the last giant spider killing it. Alcor turns and hurls a dart hitting the spider creature in one of its many eyes. Thyrell hits it with an arrow.

Moving to block the tunnel to the cave, Otrivush peers out from behind Mukah and hits the spider creature with Magic Missile. It hisses in anger at Otrivush so he sticks his tongue out at it. Another spider creature drops from the ceiling right behind Talrek. Tinda growls alerting Talrek but the dwarf is still bitten in the shoulder and poisoned. Tinda moves in and grabs the creature by the thigh attempting to trough it prone but fails. Mukah attacks again (raging of course) and slashes and kills the creature attacking he and Otrivush. Alcor bravely moves from his now protected position and attacks the creature now menacing Talrek and Otrivush. Thyrell attempts to attack but gets tangled in the webs again. Otrivush hits the creature with Magic missile it bites Alcor in anger greatly injuring the monk. Mukah attacks but he also gets tangled in webs. Alcor stabs the creature with his spear then quickly moves to be behind Otrivush, limping badly.

Faced with staring down one of the creatures, Otrivush pulls out a flask of spirits and downs it with one gulp (casting False Life), emboldened he faces off with the creature. But before it can attack Talrek casts Guiding Bolt and utterly destroys it in a splatter of ichor. The last creature turns and flees, getting away.

The heroes take stock and look for a secluded spot to rest. Eventually moving back to the cave discovered earlier that was free of webs. As they sit and munch on dried rations, Thyrell mentions that he recalls from his time in the UnderDark that these creatures they have been fighting are called Ettercaps.

Mukah of Ice Wind Dale wearing his Winter Wolf Cape

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