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Town of Pirn

For adventurers’ in a Stillwater Valley campaign, most of the places they can go for goods and services are limited. Padotan is the largest settlement in the valley and it only has a population of 200. Even with Padotan’s reputation as a place to buy and sell goods with no questions asked, the three or four merchant shops located in the village can only provide the bare necessities.

However, the town of Pirn, located just off my Further Afield Map to the east is an ideal location for adventurers to spend their hard-won gold on goods and services including a fair amount of simple magic.

Pirn Map


Pirn is a small town with a population frequently in flux but rarely dipping below 1,200 or more than 1,600. There are about 200 buildings on a hill surrounded by a 25 foot stone wall. The town is at the westernmost terminus of the King’s Road and is the furthest extent of the reach of the Kingdoms known as the Realms. The Lord Mayor of Pirn is appointed by the King but the King makes his choice from a list of candidates sent to the King by the guilds of Pirn. Usually, the list has only one name on it. The Lord Mayor of Pirn is in complete control of the town in all but name.


I envisioned a town laid out similar to late medieval towns in Tuscany. Situated on a hill for protection with a number of merchants maintaining lofty towers. The towers were originally built for defense before the stone walls were constructed. Now the towers are built for prestige. Each merchant wants to have the tallest tower. The towers on the town map are represented by the dark blue squares.

The area where the town is located is on the edge of the wilderness. Stillwater valley is relatively safe but goblin warbands have still be known to attack Pirn. The most recent unsuccessful attack occurred just 8 years previous. For this reason, there are few farmhouses located outside the walls of the town. Most farmers live in the town and maintain a small shack on their plot of land. There are also some farms located inside the walls of the town.


I started off with a render of a market square. I was not following any plan at all. So I created the town map to use as a guide. I have completed most of the buildings around the Quarter Market a few of the side streets and a section of the wall including the Quarter Market Gate. It is doubtful I would ever model the entire town because it would be a lengthy undertaking.

The Quarter Market and the Black Witch Inn

One of Pirn's Towers, Blackwind's Home

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