Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Once more into the void - The Lair of the Basilisk

Last session we headed into the nearby mountains searching for the Lair of the Necromancer menacing the town of Winterton. With only vague directions we decided to follow the river. Eventually, we came to a cave near a small, mountain lake. Outside the cave are numerous stone statues of woodland creatures, all broken into little bits.

Once More into the Void Session 14 - Lair of the Basilisk

We decide that this might be the place we are looking for and enter the cave with Mukah the Half-orc barbarian in the lead. Inside a tunnel leads to a small cave full of rubble. Just beyond is another tunnel partially blocked by a stalagmite. Mukah moves forward rounding the stalagmite and he comes face-to-face with an enormous Basilisk. Mukah feel his muscles stiffen but he manages to fight it off.

Alcor Fenn tries to move up around Talrek and Thyrell but he is unable to squeeze past the stalagmite. Talrek finds he is blocked by a momentarily stopped Mukah so he casts Spiritual Hammer and attacks the basilisk.

Mukah and Alcor attack the Basilisk while Talrek casts Spiritual Weapon.

Thyrell moves to stand behind the stalagmite and this gives Otrivush Oto a clear look at the basilisk. The wizard casts Magic missile striking the monster. It squeals in pain and echoing squeals are heard from the north. Another, much smaller, basilisk appears behind Mukah. The adult basilisk manages to bite and poison Talrek. Alcor strikes the adult basilisk with his spear and the creature begins to slow. Thyrell changes weapons, peers around the stalagmite - right into the eyes of the adult basilisk. Thyrell is restrained.

Talrek tries attacking with his Spiritual Hammer while looking away from the basilisk to avoid its gaze. He misses but strikes it with a Guiding Bolt. The adult basilisk is struck but the bolt of energy right in the head and its skull explodes as it falls down dead.

Mukah, now free to move, turns and attacks the smaller basilisk. Oto moves to cast Magic Missle but he meets the gaze of the basilisk and is restrained as well. Alcor bravely runs up meets the basilisk’s gaze with impunity and stabs it with his spear.

Thyrell successfully throws off the restraining effect of the basilisk before becoming petrified but as he turns to see what is happening he meets the gaze of the second basilisk and is again restrained.

Talrek tries directing his Spiritual Hammer with little success as he is not looking at the basilisk. Mukah tries attacking with his sword while averting his gaze and almost hits Alcor Fenn. The later moves quickly to avoid the swing. Mukah flies into a rage with frustration. Oto comes out of his immobility and casts another Magic Missile. Just then an even smaller, third basilisk enters the cave from the north. Oto hits the second basilisk with another Magic Missile finally killing it.

Alcor is bitten from behind by the third basilisk. In his anger he unleashes his Tiefling demonic ability and brings down Hellish Rebuke on the basilisk. The creature is roasted in hellfire but does not stop attacking. Mukah roars in rage, looks right at the basilisk and chops it in half killing it.

After the battle the discussion turns to possibly leaving the caves to rest in a safer location. Oto sends his familiar Artimouse the rat to scout ahead and learns that there is only one cave left in the lair. In the lair the adventurers discover an unhatched basilisk egg.

Thyrell drags the adult basilisk carcass into the tunnel entrance to scare away intruders and the group makes camp for the night.

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