Monday, 16 October 2017

Scout Ships

The smallest useable class of ship players are likely to encounter in my Wolf Sector Stars without Number setting is the Scout Ship. Scout ships were built by many different sizes and configurations by the emerging worlds in Wolf Sector to discover Spike drive routes to nearby systems. After the expansion in Wolf Sector was complete most of these Scout ships found their way into civilian service. The Confederations of the Comarid, Unity of Suns and Compact all still maintain a number of scouts in service. But far more scouts are found as independent owner-operated starships.

Rapier Class C Spike-2 Scout

An example detailed here is the Rapier Class Scout hull developed on Kaitos by Scheuerman-Thiesen Limited. The class A Rapier was a Spike-1 drive scout first launched in 3170. The class C Rapier with a Spike-2 drive detailed here is a more recent starship first trialed in 3190.

There is no scout class in the Stars without Number rules so I have developed one of my own slotting in between the Fighter and Trader. The armour and speed of the scout reflect its origin as a Military scout. The scout has a single hardpoint that usually had a multifocal laser in military use but now is usually left empty. In the case of the ship shown here it has been upgraded with a simple railgun the cheapest available starship weapon.

The scout class is still fairly expensive at a starting cost of 450 to 500 thousand credits fully upgraded. This is about on par with a base model Free Merchant with no upgrades. The reason for going with a scout for independents is the ease of operation, lower cost and operating expenses. But it cannot haul cargo. Some small operators remove all of the living area outside of the cockpit and install a small cargo hold capable of holding six XM class cargo containers.

Centerfold of the Promotional Pamphlet put out by STL.

Shown below is the “Talent for Trouble” spike-2 drive Rapier Class C scout owned and operated by Captain Irina Donskoi. Donskoi is a former UOS Naval officer originally from Tyr. She pays for the operation of the TFT2 by delivering private, high priority shipments. She has a reputation for being willing to deliver just about anything with no questions asked. So far she has managed to stay one step ahead of her payments with Frontier Alliance.

The "Talent for Trouble" and Captain Donskoi delivering mail to Tyr

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