Monday, 30 October 2017


Zephyr Medium Scout

Last week I posted a scout ship useable by a small group for starting players. This week I post about the Zephyr Scout which is newer and larger but less adaptable to the needs of players.

The Zephyr Scout is primarily found in the service of Silverlight Express, a mail and information service based out of Sangus on Kaitos. Silverlight is post Scream information and mail company founded on Kaitos that delivered packages on Kaitos before reaching into the interstellar market. They are a trusted name in delivery. At start up Silverlight Express used discarded Fighter hulls purchased as surplus. The Zephyr is a more recent development and was designed by Imani Partnership with direct input from Silverlight Express. As such its design is highly specialized for package and information delivery and is not perfectly suited to independent use. Some hulls have found their way into private service nonetheless.

A class B Zephyr docking at TenGo Station

The Zephyr scout has large fuel bins to allow for 2 jumps before the fuel for spike jumps runs out. There is a hardpoint but in its use for Silverlight Express the hardpoint is not utilized. There are no lifeboats as because the ships travel regular, carefully mapped spike routes between major settled planets.

A Cutaway view of the Zephyr Hull

Speed 4
Armour 5
Hit Points 16
Crew 2/4
Armour Class 5
Power 4
Free Mass 4
Hardpoints 1

A early Zephyr Class A hull

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