Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Once More Into the Void Session 26

Mukah pressed against the wall up ahead and peered around the corner.  Oto waited back behind Talrek and Alcor who were each a good fifteen feet behind Mukah. Behind Oto stood Thyrell and Tinda.

“What do you see?” Talrek said.
Mukah motioned his companions back with one hand then slowly edged back from the corridor. Talrek and Alcor readied their weapons in anticipation. Mukah quickly walked back to the group.

“I see dead men in there,” he said. “But they standing around in room,”

“Sounds like zombies,” Talrek said.

“Let’s sneak up and get the jump on them!” Alcor said, and he hefted his spear.

Talrek motioned Mukah forward and signaled for everyone to advance quietly. Otrivush Oto quickly ran through the spells available to him. He had once read a treatise by a man who claimed to be an adventurer which told how to combat zombies. But he could not remember the details now when he most needed them. Probably fire would be best he mused.

Alcor was the quickest and the quietest usually so he advanced to the corridor first and stepped inside. After two steps the normally surefooted monk stepped on a bone which let out a loud crunch. Oto froze in position and looked around at everyone else. Talrek had a pained look on his face and seemed to be readying a prayer. The group waited for a few heartbeats and then a few heartbeats more but nothing happened.

Alcor followed by Talrek and Mukah entered the room. Oto turned down the corridor and followed the rest of the group into the room. Behind him, Thyrell and Tinda flanked off to protect the rear of the group. Oto looked around the room. It was easily thirty feet per side. In the center of the room were a group of seven walking corpses meandering slowly about the room seemingly oblivious to the heroes and issuing low moaning noises.

Talrek turned to the group with a puzzled look on his face.
“They don’t seem to notice us,” he said. “Should we just try to sneak past them?”

Oto could see another entrance on the opposite side of the room. He did not relish the idea of getting caught in the center of the zombies and then have them attack.

“No, we deal with them now,” Thyrell exclaimed forcefully. Alcor nodded and looked at Talrek.

“You can deal with them somehow Talrek, right?” Alcor asked.

Talrek took a breath, stepped forward and clutched his holy symbol, a low glow emanated from his fist and out toward the zombies.

“Begone!” he yelled.

Two of the zombies immediately moved away from Talrek and shambled off through the other entrance. Oto readied himself for the rest to attack but again nothing happened.

“Ehyahh” Alcor growled and threw a metal dart at one zombie striking it dead center in the chest. The low moaning noises suddenly stopped. All of the zombies slowly looked up at the heroes standing before them and then they moved to attack.

"Ohhh, boy its on," yelled Talrek.

Oto started the motions to cast Burning Hands as a line of zombies moved toward the heroes.

Zombie Attack

Session 26: Zombies

We were down to three players this week so two of us picked up the missing players characters. The heroes continued to wander the dungeon beneath the old keep while ominous rumbles shook the stone and increased in frequency.

The heroes almost immediately got into combat as the came down the stairs. They saw a room full of seven shambling corpses seemingly oblivious to the heroes. Alcor decided to throw a dart at one from a distance to see what would happen. Once it hit all of the zombies moved immediately to attack. For once the heroes were grouped well and were not split up. Talrek used Turn Undead to start the combat and 2 zombies turned and fled.
The combat lasted three turns, Mukah was hit repeatedly by zombies and dealt some damage, Oto used Magic Missile, Burning Hands, and Firebolt. Tinda again was effective dispatching a zombie with a killing blow. Talrek had a critical on a zombie destroying it.

After the combat, the heroes headed south entering a wide hall with peculiar stone statues of knights along the walls. Suspicious of the statues, first Mukah and then Oto examine them closely but find nothing. Talrek offers to cast a detect magic ritual spell. He casts the spell but he does not detect any magic. But Talrek does notice two brief flashes of light from the far end of the hall and popping noises. Heading to the far end of the hall they see a pile of goblin corpses and two charred zombies in front of a pair of double doors. Oto spots a glyph on the door after Talrek detects that they radiate magic. Unable to figure out how to open the doors safely the heroes decide to treat this as a dead end and they head back the way they came.

Heading north through a maze of corridors Mukah steps on a glyph trap that electrocutes him. Mukah drinks a potion of healing. Oto and Alcor head down a separate corridor to avoid the trap while the rest continue on. As they are almost out of earshot they hear Mukah yell that he sees zombies. Seven more zombies attack, Alcor and Oto attempt to retreat toward the rest of the group but are attacked by three zombies. Meanwhile, Mukah and Talrek are attacked by four zombies. Thyrell and Tinda are not immediately engaged in combat.

In the first round of combat, a disturbing trend emerges as Alcor and Talrek both roll 1s. Talrek fails spectacularly as he swings and misses, hits his own knee with his war hammer and knocks his helmet over his eyes momentarily blinding himself. Oto casts burning hands lighting all three zombies facing him on fire.

Alcor makes up for his first round by hitting a zombie twice in the second round and destroys it. Mukah is struck once. Alcor uses Hellish Rebuke on a zombie after taking a tough hit. Oto casts burning hands again this time on the zombies attacking Talrek. Mukah goes into a rage and attacks but he misses and falls prone (rolled a 1).

In the third and final round of combat, Alcor strikes and destroys a zombie, Mukah is hit three times while trying to get up, and Oto casts burning hands destroying the last two zombies.

After the combat, the heroes took stock and decided to take a short rest. Most of the group recover their hit points but both magic users are out of spells. There is another rumbling and Mukah and Oto are struck by rubble falling from the ceiling. Moving forward, Mukah almost immediately stepped into another trap. Oto tells everyone that the traps are single charge and are safe to step across once triggered. They continue north and there is another rumble and more falling debris. The heroes spot another set of double doors at the bottom of stairs that are leading down. There is a light shining from under the doors.

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