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Fantasy Age Setting

I have the Fastasy Age (FAGE) rules put out by Green Ronin.  They are class/level based rules not dissimilar to D&D but simpler. The magic system in Fantasy Age is a little simple for my likes but it is compensated for with the inclusion of gunpowder.  I created a few sample characters to get a feel for the system and I plan to write at least one adventure using the rules. To that end, I decided to create a setting.

I scribbled out a few maps on paper and a few on my tablet before I got the idea to create it in Blender. I think it came out fairly well.

I decided a human-centric world with common gunpowder weapons might be interesting. Since Fantasy Age has the standard fantasy races (and options for many mixed heritage races) I decided to keep all of the races but come up with a reason for them to be uncommon.


The principal continent at the center of civilization is Tymera. Tymera has gone through a succession of Ages before reaching the current Age of Man.

Scholars say that the world (Duniya) was created through the combined efforts of five powerful gods; Talindra, Srus, Hubrun Darkshaper, Mugeg Nox, and Cadon. The Five, as they are known, were bored existing alone in the void and decided to create Duniya. Once it was complete they agreed that each would get an age to use the new world.

The Age of Serpents
While they argued over who should go first, Srus stole away and seeded Duniya with all manner of serpent creatures. When the other gods discovered what Srus has done they were angered. They began trying to spoil Srus’s efforts adding monsters. To regain control Srus created the Serpentfolk who began a civilization. Srus was pleased as the Serpentfolk began to worship him.

The Age of Monsters
Eventually, the other four gods came to Srus and told him that it was time to share Duniya with another god. Srus refused, proclaiming that his Serpentfolk now controlled the world. But while they argued Mugeg Nox seeded the world with his own creation the orcs. The orcs fought the Serpentfolk for centuries but could not defeat them. Mugeg Nox added more and more creations goblin-kind, ogres, and giants in an effort to defeat the Serpentfolk without success. Finally, Talindra came to his aid and cooled the continent of Tymera driving the Serpentfolk underground. Now the Orcs ruled the continent.

Unhappy with the cold, violent world that Mugeg Nox ruled over, Hubrun Darkshaper carefully crafted his creation the dwarves at the roots of the mountains. He gifted the dwarves with the knowledge of iron. When the dwarves emerged on the surface they drove the orcs and goblinoids to the far reaches of Duniya.

The Iron Age
The dwarves ruled over a rebirth of civilization on the continent of Tymera. Hubrun Darkshaper was open enough to allow the creations of the other gods to reside on the continent at the same time. The orcs in the far north, the Serpentfolk slumbering in the depths and new races. Talindra brought the elves to the forests of Tymera and Cadon introduced humans to the wilds.

The Golden Age
The elves and dwarves coexisted for a time both felt they were the rightful rulers of the world. The humans were considered a lesser, short-lived race fit only as servants. After a millennium of coexistence, some dispute arose between the elves and dwarves leading to war. The elves won out and the majority of the dwarves moved retreated behind their walls in the mountains. Those dwarves agreeing to accept the rule of the elves were called gnomes by the dwarves that remained free underground.

Both the dwarves and elves underestimated the humans because of their short lifespan. But Cadon was clever he gave the humans an insatiable need to make their mark. They learned iron making and steel forging from the dwarves, warcraft from the orcs and magic from the elves. They starting numerous wars between the human tribes and also with the Elves and Dwarves. Every time the Elves put down the humans. Talindra proclaimed that her creation was the greatest and the final age of the world.

The Age of Man
Then the gnomes discovered gunpowder. With their love of coin, they had no qualms selling gunpowder and weapons to the humans. Armed with muskets and pistols the humans finally had the strength to challenge the elves. Meanwhile, the elves discovered that the proliferation of iron in the world was weakening their magic. One-by-one the magic cities of the elves failed and fell into ruin until only the protected isle of Skystead remained.

Now is the rule of man. The continent is divided into seven constantly warring human kingdoms. The threat of barbarian tribes to the north and orc raiders keeps the human kingdoms from falling into all-out war. They hold a yearly conclave to keep the lines of communication open and sign treaties for trade and cooperation.

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