Friday, 20 April 2018

Town of Pirn

A few blog entries ago I posted some images of a Medieval building created using textures from the Fat Dragon Games templates.

The next thing to do was to make a Medieval town scene. But I wanted to try unique building shapes so I decided to drop using the templates. Instead, I just created the buildings in Blender and applied textures later (from textures I found online created).

This took a lot more time but was a lot more satisfying because I had the ability to make any type of building. It also took a lot more time. In fact, I have been working away on it for about 2 weeks. The first week making the buildings and the second week populating the scene with figures.

The result is below.

Pirn Town Square and the Black Witch Inn

I call the end result Pirn. After the name of the town just off the Map, I made for the Stillwater setting. Pirn is envisioned as the last town at the end of the road before roads turn to trails through the wilderness.

Eventually, it would be nice to develop the entire town. As long as the number of buildings remained under 50 it probably would not take all that long. Populating it would be just about impossible. It would be a lot easier to start with something simpler like the village of Stillwater which has about 25 buildings.

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