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The Barrow of the Forgotten Legion Part 1


The Barrow of the Forgotten Legion is a single level classic dungeon crawl for B/X Characters of levels 1-3. A party of 4-6 players should be sufficient.

The adventure takes place in the Village of Stillwater on the frontiers of the human realms. It is up to the Game Master to decide why they have come to Stillwater. The inhabitants of Stillwater have asked passing merchants, tinkers and travellers know that they are looking for adventurers and are willing to pay for the help. Players have likely heard talk that Stillwater needs help in the talk of taverns in villages in the region.

For the past six months villagers from Stillwater have been going missing. Always villagers that were alone, at first only at night but recently two villagers disappeared during the day. To date a total of 8 villagers have gone missing. A reward of 120 gold pieces has been offered by Waldemar the Innkeeper (and default leader of the village). Waldemar offered the award last month when the son of one of his workers went missing.

Players arriving in Stillwater, who clearly look like adventurers, will be directed to the Toppled Tankard Inn by hopeful villagers. The village and the Inn were previously detailed.


Several hundred years ago, before human settlement on the frontier, the valley around Stillwater lake was the site of a battle between elven and human warriors and an army of ogres lead by evil clerics. The forces of good won the day and the remaining forces of evil fled to the west. The number of dead from the evil army was enormous so they were piled high in a natural cave network near Stillwater Lake. Forming a natural barrow.

When the first Inn was built along the road passing near Stillwater Lake the local inhabitants knew about the barrow. There were rumours of riches buried with the dead but any who entered the barrow did not return. The barrow developed an evil reputation. It has been years since anyone entered the barrow. Local farmers always hurry past the ominous looking rise of earth.

Recently, a small group of evil clerics entered the barrow with the thought of raising the old cult leaders from the dead. TO accomplish this task they need sacrifices. Local villagers were chosen to fill this role.

The Dungeon Key (10 feet per square)

(1). Entrance to the Barrow
The barrow has two entrances in the east side of the mound. The entrances are at the end of two cuts into the side of the barrow. Each entrance is a large iron door. The doors are strangely free of rust. The doors have no discernible hinges, or handles. Dirt and grass have covered the lower 4-5 inches of each door. The doors are not locked, but the years of neglect make them hard to open. They swing inward and to the north. A combined Strength of 30 is required to open door 1B and 20 to open door 1A.

The evil cultists have added traps to both doors. One foot inside each door there is a trip wire at a height of 4 inches spanning the tunnel. If the trip wire is struck a crossbow bolt will fire from a crossbow mounted on a crate 30 feet to the west. The crossbow attacks as a 4HD monster. Damage is normal (1d6). Each crossbow fires only once. Players examining the trap will realize it was set up recently.

(2). The Secret Entrance
This natural cave has a dark pit occupying its west side. The pit is ten feet deep. The edges are quite steep except for a natural slide leading down at the south end. There is a narrow tunnel leading ten feet up to the entrance to area 4 to the west. It is not easily visible from the ledge above the pit. The tunnel ends in a stone block wall preventing further passage. In this stone wall there is a secret door to room 4.

To the north is a small cave partially filled with water (area 10).

(3). Garbage Pit
The tunnel here opens into a very large cave. The ceiling of this cave is 30 feet overhead at its highest point. Water drips from the ceiling into a large pit that covers most of the cave floor. The pit floor is five feet below the ledges. There is no easy way down. In the pit there are piles of garbage, rotten food, broken crates and gnawed bones. Several tunnels lead from this trash dump. Hiding in amongst the debris are five giant rats. The rat lair is at area 5.

Giant Rats (5): AC 7, HD 1-4 hp, MV 40’, #AT 1 bite, Dmg 1-3 + disease, SA F1, ML 8, AL Neutral. Giant rats are 3 feet long. These rats are well fed on the debris the cultists throw into this cave. They will not chase adventurers beyond the pit but they assume anything in the pit is food. Anyone bitten by a rat has a 1 in 20 chance of being infected (save vs poison to avoid). If the saving throw is failed the victim with either die in 1d6 days of be sick in bed for 1 month. On a result of 1 on a 1d4 the disease is deadly.

(4). The Ogre God
Beyond the secret door from area 2 there is a spherical chamber with worked, stone block walls. The ceiling curves upward to a peak 15 feet above the floor. The chamber has a large circular pedestal in the center of the room. Standing on the pedestal is an 8 foot tall statue of an Ogre. This is a representation of the Ogre god Tiruk. The statue is kneeling on one knee with its right hand extended palm up and its left hand pointing. Twin red gems glitter in the stone statues eyes (250 gp each). A human skeleton lies on the floor behind the pedestal. The skeleton has been picked clean offering now clues to its cause of death.

If the gems in the eyes of the statue are touched, the statue will pivot and randomly toss lightning bolts from its pointing finger. All players have a 1 in 1d6 chance of being struck. Allow the players to roll. Any player climbing on the statue will not be targeted but has a 1 in 1d6 chance of being flung from the statue as it pivots for 1d3 damage. The statue tosses one lightning bolt each time the eyes are touched. The Lightning does 2d6 points of damage. If the eyes are removed the statue is deactivated. The lightning bolt is very loud and has a 1-3 on 1d6 chance of bringing nearby creatures to investigate.

There are two passages to the southwest but they are only 2 feet wide as they enter the chamber. Human sized players will not be able to squeeze through while wearing armour.

"Ted are you sure the statue is not trapped?"  "Pretty sure..."

(5). The Rat Lair
The giant rats from area 4 make their den in this small, low ceiled cave (4 feet high). The cave is full of garbage arranged in a sort of den. The rats have also collected a number of shiny objects. These shiny objects include 45 gold coins, 120 silver coins and a dagger +1.

{Part two will be detailed soon}

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