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Barrow of the Forgotten Legion Finale

The Big Finale

So I decided to wrap up the rest of the Barrow of the Forgotten Legion in one long post.  Here it is below.  The link to the previously published Map is here.

(16). Passage to the Great Cavern
This is a simple passage that eventually enters the Great Cavern (33).  It is notable for the fact that flickering lights from the Great Cavern can be seen and chanting can be heard. The players should have plenty of warning that they are approaching an occupied area.

(17). Ogre Skeletons
A narrow passage with a low roof leads to this cave. The cave floor is piled with large, humanoid bones. These are bones of ogres killed in the battle mentioned in the background.

(18). Spider Lair
This small cave has a low ceiling (5 foot high).  The cave entrance is wrapped in sticky webbing. Inside the cave are more webs and a large egg sack tied into the webbing. The dozens of spiders in the egg sack are the young of the Giant Black Widow spiders. At this point in their development they are harmless.

(19). Spider Attack
Remnants of giant spider webs coat the walls in this cave and the ceiling. Hiding amongst the webbing in the ceiling are 2 giant black widow spiders. Directly beneath them is a pouch lying on the cave floor. In the pouch are 2 potions of healing and a small purse containing 36 silver coins.

Giant Black Widow Spiders (2): AC 6, HD 3, MV 20’ in web 40’, #AT 1 bite, Dmg 2-12 + poison, SA F2, ML 8, AL Neutral. The black widow spiders are 6 feet long. The bite of the black widow spider is poisonous (save vs poison or die in 1 turn). If the spiders fail their morale check they will retreat to area 18.

(20). The Natural Tomb
The map needs to be examined carefully to understand the layout of this cavern. A natural “bridge” arch crosses the cavern from north to south allowing passage to areas 22 and 23. The bridge is 10 feet high and not reached easily from within this cavern. There is also a raised plateau to the west.

The lower floor of this cavern is piled with humanoid skeletons. The humanoids are a lot larger than average humans (they were ogres). Someone has gone to the enormous effort of stacking foot bones at the bottom, femurs in piles, ribs in other piles and skulls on top of the piles. The effect is quite creepy. The skeletons bones have been completely removed from their bodies and cleaned so there are no rags, remnants of skin or hair.

(21). Tomb of Tempest
A low entry-way (3 feet tall and wide) leads into a small cave with a more normal cave roof height of 9 feet. In this small chamber is a single stone tomb. The tomb is a stone box with a removeable lid. Inside the tomb is a human-sized skeleton dressed in a robe that now appears to be brown. In one hand of the skeleton is a silver necklace with a pendant worth 400 gold. Written on the back of the necklace is the word “Tempest”.

(22). Drowned Tomb
The passage to this cave narrows down to 2 feet in width in two places. After the second tight squeeze, rough hewn steps lead down to a clear pool of very cold water. The water is 5 feet deep. At the bottom is a stone tomb that has collapsed on one side. The lid of the tomb is lying a few feet to one side. In the open tomb is a human-sized skeleton wearing rags. The skeleton clutches a 3 foot long metal rod. The rod is non-magical, but it may fool players as it has not rusted as much as would have been expected.

(23). On the west side of this small cave there is a crumbling wooden coffin resting on a low, stone platform. The coffin can be opened easily, in fact the wood is so dry it crumbles apart. Inside the coffin is a zombie wearing tattered chainmail and holding a rusty sword.

Zombie (1): AC 7, HD 2, MV 40’, #AT 1 sword, Dmg 1-8, SA F1, ML 12, AL Chaotic. This zombies has improved AC due to the tattered chainmail but it is still normally slow and easy to hit. Zombies are not affected by sleep or charm spells. Zombies always lose initiative.

(24). Trapped Floor
This cave appears empty and is different in that the floor is covered in light, brown sand. Players entering the chamber immediately notice that the sand feels deep. In the center of the cave there is a 5 foot in diameter pit filled with sand. Players walking over the pit will immediately begin to sink into the pit. They will find that it is impossible to move their legs once they are trapped. Outside aid is necessary to get out of the pit. It takes 5 rounds for a player to be sucked under and begin suffocating.  The pit is 8 feet deep.

(25). Trapped Cavern
This large cavern is at the top of three rising tunnels. In the area shown on the map the floor of the cavern is fake. It is dirt and debris over a wooden trapdoor. Players walking onto the area have a 2 on 1d6 chance of triggering the trap. The floor will swing open dropping players ten feet onto large wooden spikes. Have players who fall into the trap make a Dexterity save at -2. Those passing the save manage to grab hold of the pit edge. The other players fall onto the spikes taking 2d4 damage.

(26). Necropolis
This large cavern has two passageways cutting through it. Above the passages are raised ledges 8 feet above the cavern floor. Piled on these ledges are dozens of humanoid skeletons. The skeletons are considerably larger than human-sized (they were ogres). The skeletons have been arranged neatly and cleaned of rags, skin and hair.

(27). Many legged bugs
There is a pile of stone debris against the west wall of this cave. In amongst the debris are six, one foot long Giant centipedes. Should any player disturb the debris the centipedes will attack. The centipedes will continue to attack as long as their morale holds and there are players in the cave.

Giant Centipedes (6): AC 9, HD ½, HP 2 each, MV 20’, #AT 1 bite, Dmg Poison, SA (NM), ML 7, AL Neutral. The bite of a centipede does no damage but the victim must save vs poison or become violently ill for 10 days. Players who do not save move at ½ speed and cannot perform any other action.

(28). Human Guards
A group of four human cultists are stationed in this cave on watch. They are protecting the cultists tasked with performing a ritual in area 33. The four guards are reasonably alert. They have a lantern to provide light.

Human Guards (4): AC 6, HD 2, HP 6, 8, 7, 10, MV 40’, #AT 1 spear, Dmg 1-6, SA F2, ML 10, AL Chaotic. The cultists are wearing chainmal and are armed with spears. They do not have any valuables. One of the guards has a pendant of Horkus.

(29). Weakened Floor
At this point in the passage leading to area 30 the floor of the cavern has been weakened by the tunnel that passes underneath it to area 33. For every player standing on the marked square at the same time increases the chance that the floor will collapse. There is a 1 on 1d6 chance with one player, 1-2 on 1d6 chance with two players, up to six players making the collapse automatic. The fall causes 1-3 damage. It also makes a lot of noise and will bring guards from area 28 and area 11. It will also put the cultists in area 33 on alert.

(30). Campsite
This large cave has been turned into a sleeping chamber for a large group of humans. There are two dozen piles of blankets on the cave floor arranged for sleeping. Dozens of bags and sacks lie about on the blankets. Seven open wooden crates are piles along the east wall. The crates are full of food and waterskins. In the center of the cavern are the remnants of a fire. Off in one corner there is a small chamber with a more elaborate sleeping area. A straw mattress covered in sheets and a wooden footlocker lie on the floor.

Amongst the blankets and sacks are clothes and dried rations. The footlocker is locked with an iron padlock. The padlock has a poison needle trap (save vs poison or die). In the footlocker are two bags of gold coins for a total of 500. Also, there is a golden ring worth 400 gold.

(31). Hidden Shrine of Law
This long passage drops down under the passage to area 30 and then rises back up to a dead end. The dead end of the passage is an area that is strangely still and quiet. A small 3 foot tall stone statue of a birdman (a representation of the god Nis) stands on a small pedestal. The statue weighs 2000 coins so it is not easy to move. Players attempting to move the statue will gain a feeling of uneasiness like someone is watching them.

Players resting within 10 feet of the statue regain hit points at the rate of 1 hp per 4 hours.  There is no limit to the amount of healing, players could come back repeatedly. The statue also removes curses on any character resting for 4 hours within the area of influence. Evil creatures will feel uncomfortable near the statue.

(32). Chamber of the Mascot
As players come down this passage they will see an enormous bestial humanoid creature resting on a pile of furs. The creature will stir if any players come within thirty feet. It comes alert even if the players are using stealth or are invisible. It can smell them. The creature is an ogre. The cultists used the ogre for information on the barrow which is folklore to the ogrekin. The ogre is chained by its ankle by an iron chain attached to the wall. Unknown to the cultists the orgre has been working on pulling the chain anchor out of the wall. It is now quite lose. Should the players attack the ogre it will pull the chain from the wall before attacking.

Ogre (1): AC 5, HD 4+1, HP 23, MV 30’, #AT 1 fist, Dmg 1-6, SA F4, ML 11, AL Chaotic. The ogre is unarmed but will fight desperately to survive.

The Cultists prepare to begin their ritual just as our heroes arrive

(33). Great Cavern
This is a huge cavern about 100 feet in diameter. The ceiling is high, fully 50 feet overhead. In the center of the cavern is an enormous 3-tiered step pyramid on a stone platform. The pyramid is 45 feet square and 15 feet high with steps leading up on each side. Dozens of lit candles cover the pyramid. Atop the pyramid is an open area and a 12 foot tall statue of an ogre holding a stone offering plate out in front of it. Around the pyramid is a shallow pool of water. The only dry way to approach the pyramid is from the west or a wooden plank over the water to the south. A pile of unused stone blocks lies to the east of the pyramid.

In the chamber is the main group of cleric of the cult of Horkus. They are attempting to use the evil of the pyramid to aid in bringing one of their ancient leader back from the dead. They have located the remains of this man in this barrow, placed them in a wooden crate and carried them to the top of the pyramid. The leader of the cultist has just arrived to begin the ceremony. The other cultists have prepared the pyramid for the ceremony and captured local villagers to be sacrifices.

Cultists Acolytes (8): AC 5, HD 1, HP 3, 2, 4, 2, 3, 5, 6, 6, MV 20’, #AT 1 mace, Dmg 1-6, SA C1, ML 7/11, AL Chaotic. The acolytes are wearing brown, worn fabric robes over chainmail armour.  They are each armed with a mace. They cannot cast spells.

Cultist Adepts (4): AC 5, HD 2, HP 11, 8, 9, MV 20’, #AT 1 mace or spell, Dmg 1-6, SA C2, ML 8/11, AL Chaotic. The adepts are dressed the same as the acolytes and are indistinguishable from them. But they have more hit points, attack as a 2 HD creature and can cast spells. The spells known are Light, Cause Fear and Cause Light Wounds (one spell to each cleric).

Cultist Priest (1): AC 3, HD 3, HP 20, MV 20’, #AT 1 mace+2 or spell, Dmg 1-6+2, SA C3, ML 10, AL Chaotic. His spells are Cause Fear and Cause Light Wounds.

The Priest leading the cultists is very fat but still moves fairly well. He is armed with a magical mace+1 and wears a suit of chainmail +1. As long as the Priest is alive and within sight of the rest of the cultists they gain the improved morale. If he flees or is killed the morale of the remaining cultist will drop. He gains an extra +1 to AC due to Dexterity and an additional +1 to hit and damage due to strength.

Around the priest’s neck is a silver chain holding a pendant dedicated to Horkus depicting a clawed hand crushing a human skull. The Pendant is magical for chaotic creatures, granting a +1 to AC. The priest is wearing a large suit of plate mail under his robes.

The huge statue atop the pyramid is that of a ogre. It looks very much like the statue in area 4 and is also a statue of the ogre god Tiruk. The eyes of the statue are rubies worth 100 gold. In the wooden crate atop the pyramid is a skeleton that has been recently wrapped in fine cloth. In one hand a metal rod has been placed. The rod is made of silver and is worth 400 gold. Players should get an XP reward (200 each) for destroying the remains of this evil cultist from the past.

Thus ends the adventure to the the Barrow of the Forgotten Legion.

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