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Rescue of the villagers of Stillwater

Save the Prisoners

The Map is here.

(12). Catacombs
This cave is piled with stacks of skeletons and debris. The skeletons are humanoid but larger than human-sized. They are in fact ogre skeletons. Som rags and broken weapons are littered amongst the dozens of skeletons.

(13). Mud filled Cave
This cave has a floor level below the surrounding tunnels. Water has collected here to a depth of 4 inches. The floor of the cave is 4 inches of mud below the water. Players walking through the cave have a 2 on 1d6 chance of getting stuck. Stuck victims need to Roll a STR check to be freed or be pulled out by another player.

In the northern end of the cave buried under a layer of mud is a metal tube with three scrolls rolled up inside it, Infravision, Fly, and Polymorph Self. If a player searches the area they will notice the scroll tube when they step on it.

(14). Secret Guardroom
The Horkus cultist built a small guardroom here hidden behind a secret door. The door is well concealed but can be found on a normal secret doors check. A narrow crack is visible. A section of the all swings out.  In the small guardroom are stationed four human guards. One guard stands watch at the crack and will spot any players entering the corridor beyond.

In the room are 4 crates of food, and 6 empty crates. Some of the crates have been arranged as chairs around a crate that the guards use to play dice. There is a barrel of water in the corner.

Human Guards (4): AC 5, HD 2, HP 13, 13, 10, 8, #AT 1 spear+1, Dmg 1d6+1, MV 30’, SA F2, AL Chaotic. They are wearing chainmail and are armed with spears. The +1 is due to strength. Each guard has a few silver coins (total of 34). One guard has a key to the locked door.

Our Heroes try to rescue the villagers but they suddenly have company.

(15). Prisoners from Stillwater
At the end of this tunnel there is a stone block wall with an iron door in it. The door is locked. It opens out into the tunnel. There is a barred window in the door revealing the room. Outside the door there is a crate of food with a metal plate and water pitcher atop it. In the room are eight captives from Stillwater. The cultists plan to sacrifice them in a few days to power their magic. If Players take too long to free the captives the cultist will go ahead with their plan.

Holes - a dirty hermit in ragged clothing. He looks to be about 50 years old. Holes has been leading the captives including the decision to tie up Burgos.

Burgos - a 44 year farmer. Burgos is tied up with rags torn from Holes tunic. He tried keeping the meager food the captives receive to himself.

Menga - a 22 year old apprentice carpenter.

Talon - an 18 year old fishermen. He put up a fight when captured and is badly injured. Broken arm and internal injuries.

Sheeve - an 18 year old son of the miller.

Elwyn Dage - is the 14 year old son of a farmer.

Carlow - the 13 year old son of the barmaid at the Toppled Tankard. He yearns to be an adventurer and may cause problems for the real adventurers if rescued.

Guthrie - the 10 years old younger brother of Menga.

Getting the captives to safety is not easy. Some of the captives are quite young. Lawful players will want to lead them to safety personally to ensure they are safe.

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