Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Once more into the Void Session 13

Yesterday our Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition group played again. I had not played in more than a month due to vacation but I only missed one session.  This week the big event was a fight with a pair of Owlbears. But my character, Otrivush, missed the fight so I decided to create a picture of Otrivush’s big moment this week, plus creating an Owlbear would take a few days.

When last I posted we had cleared most of the goblin caves beneath the old stone tower and negotiated with the goblin captain. The goblin gave us information in return for allowing him to get away. He indicated we could help ourselves to the treasure in the next chamber.

I missed the next session but I have been told that the treasure was in the lair of a water weird and that there was an epic fight to destroy the elemental. Mukah and Thyrell almost drowned in the fight. But in the end a magic sword was claimed. The adventurers went back to Winterton to confer with the mayor. The mayor asked that we find out who this leader of the forces attacking the town was. We had a name, “Calreal” which the mayor recognized as a man who visited the town 10 years earlier and asked a lot of questions about the history of the town and the ruins predating the town like the old stone tower and the graveyard.

Once more into the Void, Session 13

The adventure this week begins with Otrivush and Talrek resting at the Inn to regain spells while the rest of the party are guarding Kendra at the Mayor’s mansion. Once Otrivush and Talrek are up and about they get Kendra’s ring identified at the Trader’s Emporium. It is a Minor Ring of Invisibility. Talrek and Otrivush join the rest of the group at the Mayor’s mansion. Talrek decides to try Calm Emotion on Kendra but there is little discernible effect. Kendra is still catatonic and frightened by Talrek. Meanwhile, in the area of effect of the spell, Mukah and Otrivush feel strangely calm and relaxed. As everyone leaves the room, Alcor Fenn gives talking to Kendra a try and gets through to her for a moment. Asked about the location of Calreal, she points out the window toward the mountains rising to the west of town.

Looking out the window the group is reminded that it is winter, the snow is deep and travelling in the mountains is almost impossible. The group starts to prepare for a trip in the snow, buying cold weather gear and snowshoes.

Recalling a text on winter survival he once read, Otrivush holds up the group for two days while he has local artisans create a pair of crude skis and ski poles. Considering that Otrivush is the only member of the group not able to see well in low light, Talrek offers to cast Continual Flame on Otrivush’s lantern. Unfortunately, the spell requires ruby powder. Ruby powder is found at the apothecary but it costs the group most of the remaining gold they have. Talrek casts the spell and Otrivush gains a magical lantern.

Otrivush Oto, wizard, sage and skier

After three days of planning the group finally sets out to the west following the river upstream. The first day of travel goes quickly and without incident, Otrivush begins to get the hang of skiing and the rest of the group slogs along in snowshoes. Thyrell’s extensive knowledge of the woodlands proves invaluable in picking the best route.  The first night in the woods in uneventful except for the bloodcurdling cry of some strange creature in the distance heard by Thyrell on his watch.

Early in the next day the river they are following forks into two streams. The group decides to follow the more westerly fork. The forest thickens and the going gets easier. But Otrivush has to trade his skis for snowshoes.

That night, while Mukah is on watch a Baby Owlbear sneaks up on him. Mukah hears it at the last moment, turns and screams a challenge. The owlbear attacks him but misses. Just then  another owlbear screeches at him from behind and attacks. This one is a full-sized owlbear. Both have snuck up on Mukah while he was on watch. The rest of the group are awakened by the screeching except Otrivush who continues to sleep peacefully.

A wild battle ensues with the two Owlbears. Thyrell hits the mamma owlbear with an arrow and Alcor spears it. Mukah is bitten by the baby owlbear. He turns and stabs the mamma owlbear with his magic longsword. Talrek gets up from his bedding and hits the owlbear with a divine blast of energy. The owlbear screeches and both owlbears turn to flee. Mukah and Alcor attack and hit the owlbear as it flees leaving a trail of blood.

At about this moment Otrivush wakes up and asks about the commotion. “Mukah you realize you are bleeding?”

Everyone but Thyrell go back to sleep. When Alcor gets up to releave Thyrell of his watch he finds the elf sound asleep. The remaining watches are uneventful. An owlbear cry from far away is heard. Talrek heals most of Mukah’s wounds.

On the next day's travel the group encounter a small lake. They also notice tracks from a fair amount of traffic through the area. There is too much traffic to discern what kind of tracks they are. Strangely, amongst the tracks are little broken statues. The statues are of small woodland creatures, rabbits and squirrels and the like. The statues are all broken up. Following the tracks for a short distance brings the group to a cave opening in the side of a hill.

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