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Tomb of the Giant

Part two of my slowly developing write up of the Barrow of the Forgotten Legion.

The map is here.

(6). Urns of the dead
This small cave off of the main passage is filled with 12 clay urns. The urns look crudely made from local materials. They are 3 feet tall. Inside each urn are a collection of humanoid bones. The bones appear to be goblinoid in nature.

(7). Tomb of the Giant
This cave has a large stone bier in the center of the chamber. The stone bier is fairly plain with a single band around the middle with some detail. On top of the bier is a large skeleton of a humanoid creature over nine feet tall. Along the north and west walls stand three eight foot tall statues of a humanoid creature. The statues appear to be copies of one another crudely carved from the local stone. They depict a humanoid shape with its arms folded at the chest. The giant skeleton is pinned to the bier by a rusted sword plunged through its ribs into the stone. The sword is very rusty and can be broken off quite easily.

If the giant statue is disturbed in any way (touching, moving the sword) the three Living Stone Statues will attack. They were set here as guardians of the skeleton of an evil giant that the forces of good feared would be reanimated somehow.

Living Stone Statue (3): AC 4, HD 2, HP 12, 14, 9, MV 30’, Dmg 1-6, SA F2, ML 11, AL Neutral. These are not the more powerful Living Rock Statues. These are a more primitive magic. The statues can swing to hit with one stone fist at a time. They are immune to sleep spells. Should players activate the statues but then leave the cave the statues will not follow.

The Giant's Tomb

(8). Mysterious Corpse
This is a small cave looking down into area 3. The cave has some large spider webs hanging from the ceiling. The webs appear to be old and are in tatters. Lying on the floor in the center of the cave is a corpse of a human male wearing a brown robe belted at the waist. If players examine the corpse they can determine that the man died recently (days). He has begun decomposition but is still intact. No cause of death is apparent. He does not have any possessions or was looted.

(9). Spiders
Two giant black widow spiders are waiting in this cave clinging to webs along the ceiling. The cave is one of the larger ones in the caverns. It is 50 feet by 40 feet and the ceiling is 15 feet high. The ceiling and higher walls are covered with hanging spiderwebs. The spiders will drop down on any players that come into their area. Commotion in the webs will also bring the 2 spiders in area 19 in four rounds.

Giant Spiders (2): AC 6, HD 3, MV 20’ in web 40’, #AT 1 bite, Dmg 2-12 + poison, SA F2, ML 8, AL Neutral. The black widow spiders are 6 feet long. The bite of a black widow spider is poisonous (save vs poison or die in 1 turn). If the spiders fail their morale check they will retreat to their lair at area 18.

(10). Sunken Tomb
The cave here has flooded with brackish water. The water rose to a low point in the cave ceiling. It is possible to swim under the area where the water reaches the ceiling. Drowning rules apply should players attempt this in armour. At the deepest point of the cave (center of the area where the ceiling meets the water) the water is 8 feet deep. In this area there are two stone coffins side by side. With a successful strength roll the lid of a coffin can be shoved to one side. Each coffin contains humanoid bones. In one coffin there is also a useable War Hammer +1. In the other coffin there is a necklace of small, red gems (800 gold).

11. The Trap
This cave is partially below area 25. The portion of the cave below area 25 is the bottom of a pit trap. Approaching from this level players can see that the tunnel ends in a area where the floor is covered with two foot tall, sharpened wooden spikes. There is no debris or corpses here to suggest that the trap has ever been sprung.

Four human guards are stationed in the center of this area. They have arranged four small crates in a circle so they can sit and throw dice on the sandy, cave floor. If players have not made a lot of noise it will be possible to sneak up on the guards.

Human Guards (4): AC 7, HD 2, HP 9, 8, 14, 12, MV 40’, #AT 1 spear+1, Dmg 1d6+1, SA F2, ML 9, AL Chaotic. They are wearing leather armour and have spears within easy reach. They gain a +1 to hit and damage due to their strength. Each guard has a pouch with some copper and silver pieces. The total is 56 gold and 120 silver. There are also some crude wooden dice lying on the floor. The guards are part of the cult of the evil god Horkus. Each has a pendant that depicts a clawed fist crushing a skull.

{Part 3 to follow shortly}

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