Monday, 17 July 2017

Lost Turismond Complete

One final post about the B/X D&D adventure Lost Turismond that I posted.  Below is a complete list of all of the published parts.

The posting history of the adventure means that there is some overlap and it is not as balanced as I would like.  I may edit it into a single document at some point in the future.

The adventure is a retelling or rewriting of an adventure I wrote back in 1982 for B/X Dungeon & Dragons. I have adjusted all of the maps and details but the essential plot is not greatly different. The original version was more sandbox and less scripted in the Great Cavern portion mainly because my players caught up to me. I was barely keeping ahead. The party was used to clearly defined goals and the open ended close to the adventure did not go over very well.

After helping out the villagers they lost interest and never ventured to the Stone City. Instead they left to chase to rumours that Quasqueton had been found deep Dymark forest.

The original Lost Turismond written in 1982

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