Monday, 3 July 2017

Lowpoint Starport Location One

I posted a map of Lowpoint Starport back in February this year. I have been thinking of doing a full 3D model of the plan in Blender for some time. This weekend I created the working surface, and placed all of the buildings as simple shapes.

Lowpoint is the primary starport on the planet Tusa. The system is located on the route from the Unity of Suns systems and the Chukulak systems so the starport is a busy one. A great place for a Stars without Number campaign to begin.

I did detail one building. It is actually not on the original map because I had the scale off and when I sized it it no longer fit. So I added a new, smaller building.

I was staying at a local dive, Montegue Hotel.

The Montegue Hotel looks suitably noir. I am not entirely happy with how everything turned out but I can always make adjustments as I add more buildings.  I added some scene dressing, primarily some flying cars. It was a quick model but functional enough.

Now I just need to write an adventure with this building as the primary location.

1. You are staying at the Hotel and in a case of mistaken identity one of your crew is kidnapped. The kidnappers demand to know where something is hidden.
2. A possible patron asks you to meet him in room 406 of the Hotel. When you arrive the door to the apartment is open, the partron is no where to be found. But there is a dead body on the floor and you can here sirens approaching.
3. A wealthy merchant asks you to separate his daughter from a scoundrel. You locate the man and trail him to the Hotel. He spots you and draws a weapon. All is not as it seems.

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