Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Once More into the Void Session 9

Everybody on deck for session nine of our D&D 5th edition adventure, Once more into the Void. When last we left, we had been attacked by goblins as we left our Inn. Early morning in the center of the town of Winterton.

Session 9

With the fight over the dwarven cleric Talrek healed Otrivush Oto and with no one else asking for help used his finally heal on himself. Their was a brief discussion about going after the one goblin that got away but looking at the deep snow in all direction we wisely decided to take our captives to the Mayor’s manor.

Arriving at the gates to the Mayor’s manor with a goblin in tow and a struggling, bleeding necromancer wrapped in bedsheets the gate guards looked at us in askance but eventually let us enter.

Lord Khelin the mayor of Winterton met with us in his main feast hall. We told him we found Kendra, who he did know, and showed him the magic brand on her back. He claimed not to recognize it. The mayor also proclaims that they have never had goblin problems in the past- which seems unlikely.  Still, suspicious of the mayor, Oto instructs his familiar Artimouse to snoop around the manor. The mouse does not find anything suspicious.

The Mayor gives the group a box with 150 gold coins in it and asks that we continue investigating the cause behind the unquiet dead. This is 50 gold more than the original deal but some of the adventurers (looking at you Tyrell) seem less than impressed.

Just as we are leaving the compound, a guard rushes up and tells the group that the captured goblin has divulges that they have a lair near the “crumbling tower” overlooking the town. This is the same tower that we checked out once before.  However, with no good clues we decide to head to the tower.

Nearing the ravine below the crumbling tower we spot our own footprints from a day earlier. Eventually Thyrell spots some light prints from a small booted foot headed in the direction of the ravine.

Otrivush Oto, Thyrell Beamcatcher and Talrek

We had struggled into the ravine a short distance a day earlier and the snow still looks very deep. There is a debate about returning to the town to get snowshoes but we decide to push on aided only by some walking sticks cut from the surrounding trees.

A good distance into the ravine we spot something red, partially covered by the snow. The ravine walls at this point are over sixty feet high. Thyrell warns of a possible ambush so Otrivush asks Artimouse to check out the red item. It turns out to be red fabric frozen solid under the snow. Mukah strides forward and chips the fabric out of the ice with a crowbar revealing a red hat. Right at the moment that Mukah holds up the hat, we hear yelling and two goblins attack Mukah with flung spears from inside a partially hidden crevice in the rock wall of the ravine. One spear strikes Mukah and he tumbles down the ravine side in the deep snow. Mukah drags himself out of the snow yelling some curse words alerting the rest of the party to the attack. Once the full group moves up we realize the goblins are in a crevice leading to a tunnel. Talrek crushes one goblin in the head with his war hammer and the remaining goblin runs off into the darkness.

Mukah takes the lead into the tunnel. There is a trickle of water along the floor the leads around a corner to a large pool of water formed between some debris and a dead end. Far up the wall is a entrance to another tunnel but it is really only accessible by climbing up a ledge and skirting the pool. Suspicious, Mukah ties a rope around a rock and casts it into the pool checking for depth. Just as he calls out that the pool is six feet deep something grabs onto the rope from the pool and tugs. Mukah pools with all his might and two rotting, human corpses erupt from the pool, fly through the air and land on Mukah. One of them claws Mukah badly.

Alcor Fenn races forward and spears one zombie killing it. The second zombie is struck by hammers, arrows, swords and is finished off by Oto with an Acid Splash spell. With the zombies out of the way we now see small handholds carved into the wall leading up to the tunnel. Talrek looks around in the pool and finds a scroll tube. Inside the apparently watertight tube is a scroll with the spell Feather Fall written on it.

Up next, Advance? Or go back and heal and recover spells?

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