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Lost Turismond Part 6: The Isle of Im

Lost Turismond Part Six: The Isle of Im

As a final addition to Lost Turismond I have detailed the Isle of Im. Players will have accomplished their mission if they rescue Thokgamo from the Stone City.  But they might decide they want to seek out the forbidden Isle of Im. There is a lot of opportunity here for disaster.

The Gamemaster can introduce a voyage to the Isle of Im in three ways:

(1). The players get overwhelmed by the Guk of the Stone City. Adventurers start dropping and there is a total party kill. The players wake up shackled to a post on the deck of the wooden ship of the Guk. They are well out at sea. The Guk deposit them on the island, toss their equipment too them and tell them to return with the Four Gems of Jagga.  The ship then moves offshore.

(2). The players are curious about the Isle of Im and the “Awakening Ceremony”. They take the ship along with a crew of volunteer Pagar tribesmen to roar the ship.

(3). The players hear that there is fabulous wealth to be found on the Isle of Im.

The Jade sea is not much of a sea and is not very deep. The trip to the isle takes only 12 hours if the players are taking the ship of the Guk. Make one check for an encounter on the voyage.

Voyage across the Jade Sea

Wandering Sea Creature Encounters (1 on 1d6)

1-2 Insect Swarm
3-4 Leech, Giant
5 Plesiosaur
6 Fish, Sturgeon

Plesiosaur (1): AC 6, HD 8, HP 55, MV 150’, #AT 1 bite, Dmg 3d6, SA F5, ML 9, AL Neutral. This plesiosaur is not a fully mature creature. It will rise up off the bow of the ship and move to attack. Once it pulls one person off the ship it will descend into the depths to eat its victim.

The Isle of Im

The island is only 2 miles in diameter. It is a large rock rising 200 feet out of the sea. Near the water’s edge there is a sandy beach where the ship can be beached. Visible from the shoreline is a crumbling temple. The island has an aura of menace. It is covered in fog and there is no vegetation or creatures visible. Once on the beach it is possible to see that the island is littered with the bleached skeletons of the previous visitors.

The magic of the island causes all who are killed to join the island's defenders. As players head toward the temple they will be attacked by more and more undead defenders. Some of the undead are human skeletons and some appear to be Guk skeletons.

Roll on the Undead table once every hex that is entered by the players.

Undead Table

(1-2) Human Skeletons (2d6): AC 7, HD 1, HP 6, #AT 1 spear, Dmg 1d6, SA F1, ML 12, AL Chaotic. These appear to be the skeletons of human tribesmen.
(3-4) Guk Skeletons (2d4): AC 6, HD 1+1, HP 8, #AT 1 club, Dmg 1d6+1, SA F1, ML 12, AL Chaotic. These are skeletons of Guk warriors.
(5) Ghouls (1-2): AC 6, HD 2, HP 6-12, MV 90’, #AT 2 claws / 1 bite, Dmg 1-3, SA F2, ML 9, AL Chaotic. Any attack by a ghoul causes a save vs. Paralysis on a successful hit.
(6) Wight (1): AC 5, HD 3, HP 20, #AT 1 touch, Dmg Energy drain, SA F3, ML 12, AL Chaotic. The spirit of a Guk High Priest returned as a wight. It can only be hit by silvered or magical weapons. Each time it hits a victim 1 level of experience is drained without save.

There is a rough path leading to the Temple. It is not necessary to follow the path. There are no fewer or more undead on any route to the temple. Once Players reach the hex that holds the Temple they no longer face the attacks of the undead.

Ruined Tower
There is the ruined shell of a tower at this location. By the look of the piles of bones encircling the tower, someone made a last stand at this location. Inside the empty shell of the tower is a skeleton dressed in gold finery of a Guk High Priest. Held in one hand is a Staff of Striking. The High Priest who died here was the most powerful Guk high priest in history. He put together a group of powerful priests and commanded the undead of the island. But he lost control after encountering the guardian of the temple. He was chased here and died, overwhelmed by undead.

The Temple
The temple is a 200 foot long, 60 feet wide rectangular structure with columns lining its sides. Much of the roof has collapsed. There is a single large, unblocked entrance on the south side. Inside the Temple there  is a number of life-like statues crowded about a central 10 foot tall four-armed statue of a demon. In each upturned hand of the statue there is a large red gem. The statues depict dwarves in full armour and lightly armoured human warriors. All are life-like and have disturbing looks of fear or pain on their faces.

Hidden amongst the statues is a basilisk.

Basilisk (1): AC 4, HD 6+1, HP 40, MV 60’, #AT 1 bite + gaze, Dmg 1-10 + petrification, SA F6, ML 12, AL Neutral. The basilisk is a magical, snake like creature with four legs. It is not very intelligent. It is tied to the temple and will not leave the building. It requires no food or drink and is not intelligent. Any living creature meeting its gaze or being touched by the basilisk must save vs. Turn to Stone or be petrified (along with all that they are holding or wearing). Characters attempting to fight the basilisk without meeting its gaze must fight at -4 to hit while the basilisk attacks at +2. The basilisk is at risk of turning itself to stone if it gazes in a mirror (1-2 on 1d6).
If the basilisk is defeated and players approach the statue of the demon they can remove the gems. As each gem is removed the light from the “sun” diminishes by ¼. Once all gems are removed the demon Jagga is freed and the Great Cavern is plunged into perpetual darkness.

It is up to the Gamemaster to decide what Jagga decides to do. It could descend to the Temple and reward all of the players for freeing it before leaving to create more destruction in the world above. Statistics for Jagga are not provided. It is powerful enough to overwhelm any mid-level party without difficulty.

If the players remove a few gems and change their minds they can put them back. If players reach the temple and leave without releasing Jagga they will not be attacked by undead as they return to the ship.

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