Sunday, 11 June 2017

Modular Ship Interior 1

I spent some more time this morning working on the modular spaceship. This time I detailed all of the interior walls on the habitation level deck. Results are below. I still need to learn a lot about lighting. There is not a lot about lighting online so it was a lot of trial and error. Once you enclose an area it becomes very grainy. I suspect the multiple light sources probably do not help. Turning down the number of bounces in the light path seemed to improve things.

Secondary Hallway - still dark and grainy

The habitation deck already has an inner hall so I duplicated it and moved it to another layer. My first idea was to put a plane under it and extrude the walls up into the area. This worked but was very messy at the spots where walls intersected.

Extruding from a Plane

Then I got the bright idea to lay out the design in an image and load it as a background image. This worked and was a lot easier to calculate where walls should be located.


The end result was then intersected with the duplicate hull to cut it to the proper shape. It worked but some wall tops and bottoms went missing (not that they are really needed. The issue I had then was fitting the walls to the ship because I made the mistake of moving the duplicate hall on the second layer.

Last Step before trimming off the extra

The next step would be to detail the cargo deck level and put in furniture. I am not as enthused about this so it might wait awhile. The good thing is that you can duplicate furniture multiple times. Once one cabin is done the furniture can be moved to the next.

The view from outside through the cockpit

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