Thursday, 22 June 2017

Into the Void Session 7

Another session from a Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition campaign I am playing in over skype. This session was mainly combat. We picked up mid-combat from where we left off last time.

Session 7: Duel with the Necromancer

To recap we were confronted by skeletons again in the cemetery on the hill outside Winterton. As we beat back the skeletons a necromancer attacked.

As the session opens the necromancer cast a curse on Mukah (half-orc barbarian). Mukah began to feel his muscles tightening into paralysis. With several skeletons approaching and the necromancer seemingly unhittable (except by Oto’s magic) Thyrell took careful aim and missed the necromancer putting an arrow directly into the centre of a tree. Otrivush Oto (human wizard) was completely out of spells but he still had his cantrips so he cast Acid Splash striking the Necromancer in the shoulder for a surprising amount of damage. The necromancer laughed insanely at the damage but did pause to heal herself.

Otrivush Oto casts Acid Splash while Talrek holds off skeletons

As more skeletons pushed themselves out of graves and moved to attack the heroes Mukah suddenly was freed from his paralysis and crushed one of the skeletons with his sword. Oto hurled another Acid Splash and hit the necromancer woman again in the same shoulder she had just headed. Celebrating, Oto yelled “Ah Hah!” The necromancer turned to face the new threat and Oto suddenly ducked back into the shadow on the church out of sight.

Talrek (dwarven cleric) burst through the ring of skeletons and closed on the necromancer striking her twice with his warhammer. Clearly staggered from the hits the necromancer none the less hits Talrek with her mace and another blast of necromatic energy causing the brave dwarf to stagger back in his steps. The necromancer reaches into her pocket pulls out something and disappears. Talrek angerly scans the area and sees footprints in the snow slowly edging away from the cemetery.

Meanwhile, three skeletons remain, one engaged with Thyrell, one with Mukah and one with Alcor Fenn (Tiefling monk). Alcor crushes the skeleton facing him, Oto throws Acid Splash at the skeleton attacking Thyrell and moves up to fight to allow Thyrell to join Talrek.

Before Thyrell can disengage from the fight, Talrek swings widely in the empty air and strikes something hard, hearing bones breaking. The necromancer appears suddenly from thin air, lying crumpled in the snow. As she gasps her last breath the remaining skeletons dissolve into black powder and blow away. Talrek prays over the necromancer’s body (spare the dying) and brings her back from death. A search of the necromancer reveals a silver ring that Talrek pockets. Taking her armour and mace they tie up the necromancer and gag her.

Returning to the village in the early morning hours the adventurers head to their rooms and put a watch on the unconscious necromancer.

Dawn breaks.

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