Saturday, 10 June 2017

Modular Ship design

As a project I started created a merchant trader spaceship with the intent from the start of detailing the interior of the ship. The draft name of the design is Modular Trader. I started with the concept of a thinned out U-shape design and then copied the hull and scaled it down and placed the 2 objects together.

Modular Hull Design

I added some landing gear I recently developed as a separate project. The man in the shot is “64”. It is a basic human object that is not rigged. I use him to keep in mind the human scale when I am working on a project. He is 64 because he is 6’ 4” tall.

Crewman 64 beside one of the Landing Gear

The lower hull was hollowed out up to just past the cockpit. With the engines attached to the side of the hull it left enormous space for cargo. In all 8 M-Containers (30’ x 10’ x 10’) fit comfortably in the cargo hold.

All these containers fit in the Cargo Hold

There is still a lot of work to be done. I need to plan out the interior in advance so I can be sure there is room for access to the cargo hold, an escape hatch and there should be someway to easily exit the ship to the ground.  The ship is 5 feet from the ground at its lowest point so a ladder at least is needed. The way it is designed now, cargo needs to be lifted into the cargo hold. I was thinking of some sort of lift gate on the cargo door.

Cargo Hold is full now how to get up there?

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