Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Session 6: Into the Void.

My D&D 5th edition group that tries to meet (over skype) every few weeks has given me permission to recount our Tales of Valour so I will be posting them here when I can.

We just completed session 6.  For the first 2 sessions I was the GameMaster while our regular GM prepared things.  I detailed that here several months ago.  I am going to start at the most recent session although I may go back to old sessions at some point.

This is a D&D 5th edition adventure. The characters are all level 2. I do not know if the GM created an original adventure or if this is a published one. So no spoilers in the comments if you recognize it.

The party consists of Mukah of Icewind Dale (Half-Orc Barbarian), Thyrell Beam Catcher (Drow Ranger), Otrivush Oto (Human Wizard), Talrek Ironblood (Dwarf Cleric) and the NPC Alcor Fenn (Tiefling Monk).

We have ended up on an uncharted island in the winter at the town of Winterton. The town is under attack by undead every night and have hired us to defend them.

Session 6: Rays and Rage
After a night of fighting skeletons at the graveyard we decided to head back to town and our rooms at the Blue Goose Inn.  There was some debate about how to find the necromancer who was raising the undead but we had few ideas so everyone turned in.  Alcor, Talrek, Muka and Thyrell take watches, Oto sleeps soundly.
In the middle of the night, during his watch, Talrek got up and performed a ritual prayer of Detect Magic. He then circled the Inn and headed through the village.  But he does not detect any magic. Plan spoiled.
The rest of the adventurers wake up at noon the next day.
SInce there is a suspicious (we think) abandoned tower up above the town we conclude it would be a good place to investigate. Unfortunately it is a long, difficult slog to get the tower through waist deep snow. There are no tracks leading to the tower. The tower is old, abandoned and likely as old as the graveyard. Likely much older than the village. We do not find anything interesting.
Heading back for the comfort of the Inn we get the idea to cast Detect Magic at the Mayor’s manor.  Talrek walks up to the gate and declares to the guard that he wants to bless the manor to protect it from undead. The guard is unconvinced and tells him to go away.  So we head to the Inn for dinner.
We no better ideas we again head to the cemetery as night falls. Thyrell takes up a position on the roof of a mausoleum, the rest patrol the paths cleared of snow throw the cemetery.
Around midnight Alcor claims to hear a voice on the wind. He says it sounds like muttering. No one else hears anything but we decide he is not hearing things. Just then three skeletons appear from around the old church and attack us. Mukah yells to get Thyrell’s attention. As he finishes yelling and moves to defend himself Mukah feels his muscles clamping up like he is paralyzed by some evil magic. Fortunately he is able to shake it off before he is attacked by skeletons. Mukah chops the arm off one skeleton, Talrek smashes in the skull of another skeleton destroying it. Oto fires magic missile at the last skeleton and slows it. Then Alcor runs up and quickly kicks the skeleton fighting Mukah into little pieces. FInally, Talrek flames up the last skeleton with Sacred Flame putting an end to the opening fight.  Everyone takes a quick breather and we are just about to congratulate ourselves when...
Talrek is struck by the necromancer's magic

Out of the darkness comes a blast of violet light that strikes Talrek. Talrek is gravely injured by what he realizes is a necromantic bolt.  Mukah runs outside the wall around the cemetery and he spots six skeletons and a woman dressed in chain mail holding a mace. Seeing Talrek attacked Oto moves to the edge of the church and looks around the corner.  He sees the skeletons and the woman. Oto casts Sleep on the woman but she is not affected. His ego is crushed. A zombie begins to push its way up from a grave near Alcor Renn.
Talrek runs out into the open and calls upon his god to rebuke the undead. The zombie and one of the skeletons turn and run away. Talrek then hastily takes cover again.

Thyrell performs an amazing acrobatic feat as he back-flips off the mausoleum and lands on his toes 8 feet below. He sets off in a dash toward the sound of fighting at the other end of the cemetery.
Meanwhile, outside the wall Mukah finds himself under attack by two skeletons. The woman in chain mail reveals herself to be a necromancer as she blasts Mukah with a necromantic bolt. Mukah sees a third skeleton running toward him but it keeps running right by him and off into the darkness.

Unable to scramble out of the way in time Oto is slashed in the head by a skeleton and starts bleeding profusely. Mukah hits one of the skeletons with his longsword. Thyrell finally arrives, panting with exertion and joins the fight. Thyrell fires an arrow at the skeleton attacking Oto. Oto casts Burning Hands and burns two skeletons. One of the skeletons falls to the ground unmoving.
Alcor runs up and strikes the skeleton burned by Oto and destroys it. Mukah decides to break into a Rage and attacks the two skeletons near him. Oto peers around the corner of the church again and seeing the necromancer has her eyes on Mukah and not Oto he strikes her with Magic Missile.

It was late so we stopped in the midst of the combat rounds.

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