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Lost Turismond Part 2B

This is the second part of the Turismond Dwarven City portion of the adventure. The level write up just got too big for one post so I split it into two posts. This post details the higher levels of the dwarven city. Accessible by stairs or by flying.

Rooftop encounter in the Dwarven City


(21). Inn Roof
The stair from the Inn leads to a walkway that heads up at an angle until it is blocked by two large stone blocks. In an effort to protect their city, should they ever return, the dwarves dropped defensive blocks into the deeper parts of the city residential areas. So far all of the blocks have resisted attempts to move them.

Also on the roof of the inn near the ledge is a ochre jelly.

Ochre Jelly (1): AC 8, HD 5, HP 24, MV 10’, #AT 1, DMG 2-12, Save F3, ML 12, AL Neutral.
The ochre jelly is a giant amoeba that can only be harmed by fire or cold. Attacks with weapons or lightning split it into smaller (2HD) ochre jellies. It does damage only to exposed flesh. It destroys wood, leather and cloth in 1 round but cannot eat through metal or stone.

(22). Balcony
This balcony is on the roof of the Food Hall. A set of steps lead up to the roof of the barracks (area #23).

(23). Cool Water
The roof of the barracks has a wide, flat terrace that looks out over the darkness of the cavern. There is a viewing area balcony on the side of the terrace. In the middle of the terrace there is a stone reservoir full of water. The pool magically refills with safe, refreshing water.

Level Two and Three Map
(24). Tavern Roof
The ladder from the tavern leads up to what was probably a rooftop patio. Broken remnants of wooden table and chairs are piled up in the center of the roof. Nesting in the debris is a harpy.

Harpy (1): AC 7, HD 3, HP 18, MV 20’, FLY 50’, #AT 2 claws + song, DMG 1-4 / 1-4, Save F3, ML 7, AL Chaotic. The harpy has the body of an eagle and the head of a hideous woman. The harpy can sing once per round even while attacking. Those that hear the song of a harpy must save vs. spells or be charmed.A character who is charmed will move toward the harpy resisting attempts to stop them and will not defend themselves from the harpies attack. Harpies are resistant to magic and gain a +2 on all saves vs. magic.
In the harpies nest there is a battleaxe, a shortsword +1 and 350 sp.

(25). Statue of the Hero
There is an 8 foot tall statue of a dwarf holding a lantern and swinging a pickaxe here standing on a 4 foot tall pedestal. On the south side of the pedestal is a corroded bronze plaque. Dwarven runes on the plaque dedicate the statue to dwarven miners killed in an accident.

(26). Hall to the city
This was the main walkway into the residential area of the city of Turismond. It is blocked by two immense stones that were carefully lowered into place.

(27). Guardroom
The stone door leads into a small stone room without windows. There is a stone table, a few broken wooden chairs and two empty racks that might have held weapons.

(28). Grinding Trap
In this hall, at the point marked by the arrow, there is a pressure plate in the floor triggered by any weight over 100 pounds. A stone wall will drop down at both ends of the hallway and the north wall will slowly start moving southward. It will take the wall 20 rounds to move the entire width of the hall. Any character caught in the hallway will be crushed to death. The wall can be stopped by jamming something under the leading edge (iron spikes). Once the wall is stopped, trapped characters have 3 rounds before they suffocate. Either stone wall at the ends of the hall can be smashed apart but it will take 45 points of damage with a blunt weapon.

(29). Trap Set
This chamber houses the mechanism for the hall trap in area #28. There's an enormous pair of gears attached to an iron shaft. Brackets hold them up from the floor. Two metal bars rest against the south wall. Examination of the device can lead to players figuring out how to reset the trap and how to disarm it. There is a metal bar that resets the trap and a latch that disarms it.

(30). Giant Weasel
The stone door to this chamber is jammed open with a broken wooden crate. Inside are piles of more broken wooden crates, old clothes and other debris. Lurking in the wreckage are two hungry giant weasels.

Giant Weasel (2): AC 7, HD 3+3, HP 18, 21, MV 50’, #1 bite + special, DMG 2-8, Save F3, ML 11, AL Neutral. If a giant weasel hits, it will hold on and suck blood causing 2-8 points of damage per round. The weasels are 8 feet long. They have infravision to 30 feet and are faultless trackers. In the debris of their nest is the corpse of a giant rat and five gems worth 600 gp each.

(31). Stairwell
The stairs lead up to the upper level where the Royal apartments resided. Another stair in this room leads up to a Third level royal bedchamber. In this area there is a door to a balcony and a few broken urns that might have held potted plants at one time.

(32). Balcony
This was the Royal balcony. Used for observing the town and giving speeches. The werewolves often have two of their number posted here to watch for newcomers arriving in Turismond.

(33). Royal Apartment
The room was a royal apartment but it has been completely ransacked. There remains only broken tables and chairs. If the players have been stealthy they will meet two of the werewolves here who are on guard duty.

Werewolves (2): AC 7, HD 3, HP 19, 22, MV 40’, #AT 1 bite, DMG 1-4, Save F3, ML 9, AL Chaotic. They will remain in wolf form until killed.

(34). Trapped Hall
The werewolves have set up some traps to alert them if someone intrudes into their sleeping area. There four pedestals in pairs lining the north and south walls of this hallway. Between the stone pedestals the werewolves have strung fine wire they found in one of the room. Players not noticing the wire must Save vs. Dexterity or stumble, knocking over the pedestal and making a lot of noise.

(35). Werewolf Den
This area has been clearly inhabited recently. A broken bed rests in the center of the room. Bedsheets, clothing and rugs have been piled on the bed to make a sleeping area. Examination of the area will reveal the stink of a werewolf and a lot of werewolf fur. There are also four open crates in this room. Inside three of the crates are various mementos and keepsakes made from metal that the werewolves picked up in their search. They are worth 500 gp in total but are difficult to carry. The last crate is half full of dried rations and two waterskin (full).

Werewolf Chief (1): AC 7, HD 3, HP 30, MV 40’, #AT 1 bite+2, DMG 1-4+2, Save F3, ML 9, AL Chaotic. This is the den claimed by the leader of the werewolves. But he is not likely to be encountered here unless the players have been very stealthy. If alerted to an attack he will gather the werewolves from areas #33 and #37 to protect him.

(36). Werewolf Den
This area has been inhabited recently. A pile of torn up clothing and sheets is piled in the center of the room. Two large tapestries have been draped over several intact chairs to form a sort of tent. Under the tent are gnawed bones and bits of meat.

(37). Werewolf Den
Another werewolf den. This one has four pallets of discarded clothing and bedsheets in separate piles. Sleeping on one pallet is a large wolf.

Werewolf (1): AC 7, HD 3, HP 18, MV 40’, #AT 1 bite, DMG 1-4, Save F3, ML 9, AL Chaotic. This werewolf is a coward and willing to parly. Otherwise he will attempt to hide under the sheets and avoid the characters. If forces to accompany adventurers he will betray them and flee and the first opportunity.

(38). Royal Chamber
This was the Royal bedchamber. Little remains to suggest that. Wooden bars attached to the walls suggest that they once held tapestries. The remains of a bed lie on the floor. One immense stone cabinet is pushed against the west wall. All of its drawers have been pulled open. There are two large window openings in the west wall and an open doorway to a balcony.

The cabinet is full of rotted cloth that might once have been ornate clothing. In a lower drawer are two intact pairs of boots. The boots are too thin for adventuring, they will wear out in days. But forgotten in the two of one boot is an iron key to the Lift controls in area #1.

(39). The bridge
There is a long, arched bridge stretching across the courtyard of the city. It is inaccessilbe unless the players go the the trouble of climbing up with a grappling hook or using magic. There area is abandoned and empty. The Harpy occasionally roosts on the bridge.

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