Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Into the Void Session 8

We are on a roll playing our D&D 5th edition adventure, Once More into the Void. Playing again this week.  This time we open with the gang at the Grey Goose Inn. We had just spent most of the night fighting skeletons and a necromancer in the cemetery. We captured the necromancer and returned to town.

Session 8: Try Again.

The adventurers spend an uneventful evening jammed into a single room with 4 beds. They have the necromancer also in the room but tied up. Oto is less than thrilled with the accommodation, his friends are less than thrilled with Oto’s snoring.

Talrek has last watch and he takes the opportunity to wake up the necromancer who responds in fear, cowering in a corner. She starts mumbling incoherently. He is unable to convince her to speak. Everyone else gets up and has similar trouble. There is a knock at the door and Brother Hans comes by the Inn room to ask how the adventurers are coming along with the investigation (Brother Hans is a cleric we rescued from an undead attack shortly after arriving in Winterton).

The adventurers let Hans into the Inn Room and he immediately recognizes that the necromancer is actually Kendra, the last cleric of the town. She went missing a year ago in the company of a ranger named Staren. An examination of Kendra reveals that she is branded with a symbol the adventurers had encountered once before. The same symbol was on the packaging that we asked to safeguard and lost. None of the adventurers or Hans recognize the symbol.

Their is a brief argument over what to do with Kendra. Eventually, the decision is made to turn her over to the Mayor. Dragging her off to the Mayor’s manor is deemed to suspicious if she is struggling so Oto casts sleep on her but it does not work.  In fact only Hans falls asleep (everyone else had quickly vacated the room).  SInce no one is around, Oto tries clubbing Kendra on the head to knock her out but she keeps dodging and he keeps missing. Finally as the other adventurers enter to see what all the noise is about it is decided Mukah will carry her after she is tied up in a blanket.

The adventurers head downstairs and leave the Inn by the side door (to the outhouse). The second Talrek (who is leading) steps outside he is struck by two arrows. A goblin leaps out from behind a bush and stabs Mukah with a rusty sword. Alcor Fenn tries to attack but misses. Oto back into the Inn so the door is not blocked and he has time to cast mage armor. Talrek moves up and smashes the goblin with his warhammer, while yelling threats in goblin. He hears one of the goblins yell out, “if we don’t attack we all die”. Thyrell runs across the inn floor and out the front door.

As Oto prepares to move to the front windows to get a look, the windows at the back of the inn are smashed in and two goblins break in and run toward him. One of these goblins stabs a barmaid. More goblins appear and two of them attack the prone necromancer that Mukah has tossed on the ground while defending himself. Two more goblins break the glass in the front window right near Oto and fire arrows at him. As things start to look desperate Alcor Fenn spears the first goblin encountered and kills it. Oto casts sleep and puts the two goblins in the middle of the bar to sleep. Then he hides behind a table.

Goblin Ambush outside the Inn

Talrek kills one of the goblins with his hammer, pivots and attacks another striking it as well. Now Thyrell exits the front door of the Inn and with a clear shot at the backs of the goblins he fires arrows at the goblin looking in the front window. The terrified barmaid smacks the sleeping goblin waking it up but Oto moves near the bar to get some cover and blasts the goblin Magic Missile killing it. Talrek continues to cut a swath through the goblins who think better of the situation and turn and run for it into the early morning darkness.

One final goblin remains at the window unaware his friends have taken off. Alcor Fenn stabs at the last goblin and misses with his spear but he kicks him in the head and right into the broken window killing it.

With the combat over the adventurers tie up the remaining goblin who was put to sleep by Oto. The adventurers set out for the Manor with two prisoners.

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