Friday, 27 January 2017

Adventure Logs

Dungeon Masters Adventure Log

Record keeping in my early D&D adventures was kept on a scrap of paper. Later these became graph sheets laid as suggested by the “Dungeon Masters Adventure Log”. I had the TSR “Dungeon Masters Adventure Log” and I was always meticulous in my note taking but I only ever used one page of the Adventure Log.  It was two nice to mess up and it did not really cover everything I wanted anyway.

So I kept writing on graph paper in a binder and later on sheets in a coil ring book. I still have all of these sheets and it is interesting to look at.

As soon as computers and printing became more accessible I started creating custom adventure log templates that I could print and use.  The ultimate expression of this was my Runequest on Harn logbook that was printed at Kinko’s and coil bound (see photo).

RuneQuest on Harn Log Book 1995

From there I had a brief period where I was running my adventures and tracking in a logbook in HTML. I was not clever enough to allow a lot of note taking in the HTML forms so it was more a record of the characters.  But it was useful in that I could have the adventure notes, maps, character sheets and encounters all in one program.

HTML Logbook 2000

Now I usually just open an excel spreadsheet and scribble notes during play.  I expect there must be an application for Android that does a better job than this.  Below I have included some blank adventure log pages that I created for playing 2nd Edition AD&D.

AD&D Logbook Page 1

AD&D Logbook Page 2

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