Friday, 20 January 2017

Village of Luskwald

Village of Luskwald
Friday is game night so just a quick post today.  Here (left) is a map I made of the Village of Luskwald.  I placed it in my Greyhawk campaign back in the late nineties. The village is a redrawing of a village from an adventure for levels 1-3 in Dungeon Magazine #54.  The adventure, “Redcap’s Rampage” by Christopher Perkins struck me as interesting and I had decided to re-write it and run it in an AD&D campaign set in Greyhawk. The campaign petered out one adventure before this one was to happen so all I very created was the village map and some notes on how I wanted to rewrite the adventure.

Basically it was a village adventure with a redcap looking for his lost cap killing people in the village. The players investigate and the cap can be found in some creepy nearby ruins of a keep. A lot of time is spent detailing the redcaps actions and the people in the village so I was interested in running it.  Sort of a more violent “Village of Hommlet”.

Dungeon magazine was a great source for adventures or at least ideas that could be borrowed for your own adventures and campaigns. I received it in the mail from issue 1 up to near issue 100. So I have a large library of usable material.

Dungeon #54 Jul/Aug 1995

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