Monday, 9 January 2017

Hexagonal Mapping Book

I was thinking about some of my early world building projects.  My second or third world I developed I called The World of Selenica.  It was for a D&D campaign that ended up running for 15 years beginning back in 1982. It developed out of the map of Karameikos in the Expert Rule book and expanded 5-fold. The world shape actually came from a science fantasy novel called “Guardian” which I might talk about in another post.

World of Selenica Hardcopy

The only way to make good maps in the early 80’s for me was with the “Hexagonal Mapping Booklet” put out by TSR.  I ended up using up all of the pages in the booklet. Early maps were just ink on the hexes but later I used colour pencils to improve the look.

A few years ago I took the original maps and re-created them with Hexographer just for the fun of it.

World of Selenica in Hexographer

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