Saturday, 21 January 2017


ARRIVAL. The Great Serpent statue.

So why do the players come to Alusia.  I plan to put players on the inbound boat just as the make out the mountains of Alusia Island rising from the fog. I need to come up with some evocative names for the two main peaks on the peninsula that is first visible to sailors coming from the Seven cities.
Aside from the Gamemaster forcing them to come to the adventure location there are a lot of reasons the players could have decided to come to Alusia.
  1. The lure of rough diamonds or gold.
  2. Forbidden knowledge and magic of the serpent folk.
  3. Wanted and this is about as far off the map as you can get.
  4. Convicts sent to toil in a diamond mine on North Island.
  5. Shipwrecked on one of the wild islands like Alusia, Fire or Dasnoir.
  6. Following a treasure map showing the location of a hidden city of gold.
  7. Soldier on a ship that hauls gold and gems between Alusia and Valarre.
  8. Searching for a missing family member who came to the islands.
The players could share a reason for coming or each could have his/her own reason. As they are passengers on the same ship for a week they become friends and decide to travel together.

Shortly after the main island become visible they will see an enormous stone statue close to the shoreline. Sailors can tell the players that it is a rock outcrop carved like the body of a man with a enormous block of stone perched atop it carved as a serpent head. It is a mystery how the enormous stone was raised on top of the outcrop.
Location of the Great Lizard Statue

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