Thursday, 19 January 2017

Lost World Remix

I have been looking at the Lost World setting I sketched out a few days ago and have been filling a little underwhelmed.  So I looked at a few real world Pacific island chains for inspiration and took another try at sketching out the setting (see below).

The Alusian Island chain
The new concept still has a big island but it is considerably smaller and now I have included a chain of smaller islands.  All of these small islands let me separate the native Alusian villages on the island of Aanaptu from the explorers at Safe Harbour far to the north of the island chain. It also means that if I want a unique setting I can pick one of the small islands and place whatever I want or create another small island further to the south.

I have also settled on the idea that these islands were the center of a Serpent Man civilization. The ruins are stone ruins of a Serpent Man civilization. Of course the Serpent men will be hiding deep beneath the ruins and might come out at night in the deep jungles. The big island will likely not have any humans at all because of the dangers in the night.  Nearby Landfall is a human village that works as a jumping off point for exploring the big island.

I think this Lost World idea is better than my previous one and I already have adventure ideas for it.

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