Sunday, 15 January 2017

The Seven Cities

I developed a more detailed map (twice the scale) of Alusia of just the seven cities.  The cities do not need a lot of detail.  The idea is that players are on a ship bound for adventure on the islands of Alusia. But since the players originate in the cities I should have some baseline information. It needs to be loose enough that it can change if a player wants a specific land of origin.

The Seven Cities


The main civilized area is Velsoria. It is dominated by the vertile valley of the Anuit river and the city-state of Enhun. The three cities of Velsoria all have culturally similar inhabitants and all speak the Velsorian tongue that is a default trade language of the setting. These are bronze age city states similar to Mesopotamia. Enhun is the most powerful and poor Derhasi pays tribute to Enhun after being conquered a few generations ago. Trefana has maintained its independence balancing Enhun against the Enemros people of Enemro and Candus.


The two cities of Venonotta and Kaltricia were possibly settlements from Velsoria centuries ago (at least that is what scholars from Enhun asert). Now the people of Enemro have become quite distinct from their cousins in Velsoria. Both cities are sitting aside trade routes to the East and North making them reasonably wealthy.  They also are surrounded by fertile land and have no need for Velsorian imports. Kaltricia is on an island with an active volcano range and has deep jungles.


The two cities of Ahmet are complete contrasts. Valarre is on an island that is rich and fertile with deep forests and good agricultural land. The people are a mix of Velsorian settlers and Ahmet natives. The city state has managed to maintain its independence because the city is defended by natural cliffs making it hard to assault. Meanwhile, Shedyet is the last remnant of a powerful nation that fell from grace centuries ago. The gods frowned upon Ahmet and the lands turned to desert. Shedyet still does a brisk trade with primitive tribes deep in the interior. The trade is significant enough to make Shedyet a wealthy power but corruption wittles it away. Shedyet is also a stop for adventurers who come to chase dreams of treasure in the Lands of the Dead. The old nations of Ahmet buried their Kings with great treasures in a sacred Land of the Dead.  The dead are restless so none but the most skilled adventurers return from this land with riches.

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