Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Runequest Classic

Runequest Classic Edition
I have not managed to write anything new about the Alusia setting I am working on so I thought I would write about the proposed Rules for the setting.  I have been thinking of using the Runequest Classic edition rules I recently received via kickstarter.  I started reading the rules and was surprised at how different they are from the other versions of Runequest I have.  So now I am thinking it might be better to use the OpenQuest 2nd edition rules.  I will finish reading the rules and then decide.  The idea is to run some original adventures with Roll20.  To this point I have always been a player in online games and never the Game Master.

The version of Runequest I first used was the Avalon Hill version which I believe is considered the Third edition of the rules.  It has the familiar skill-based character creation and profession and cultural packages.  Runequest classic has skills but they are simpler and are closer to abilities. Runequest classic is also closely linked to the default setting of Glorantha.

I have never been a fan of Glorantha. When I ran a Runequest campaign for a few years it was Runequest on Harn.  I might post one of the original adventures I wrote.  I just greatly scaled back the magic to get Runequest to work within the Harn setting.

I also have Stormbringer, Runequest 6, Mongoose Runequest 2, Legend, OpenQuest, Renaissance, Basic Roleplaying and the Revolution rules.  All are derivatives of Runequest.  The only one I have used at all is the Legend rules from Mongoose.  I am intrigued by the Renaissance rules by Cakebread & Walton.  It is an interesting streamlined Runequest variant with a different magic system.  The main magic open to players is Alchemy, instead of spells they have potions.. I thought about running a Renaissance campaign but not in the actual Renaissance instead using a post-apocalyptic setting where the level of technology has dropped to that of flintlock rifles and pistols.

To this point all I have sketched out is a quick map that I copied from the area of Andulsia in Spain with the water levels of the seas slightly higher to change the familiar coastline.

ANDALAS sketch

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