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Alien Race 2: Illarian

Another alien species in Wolf Sector are the Illarians. I create a quick thumbnail sketch of the Illarians back in March. Today I put a little more thought into them and created a mesh in blender for the concept.

The Illarian

The Illarians

The Illarian’s are a race of near-sighted, furry bipeds. Their homeworld is Mizar the fourth planet circling the dim red sun Edolanus.

Appearance and Biology

Illarian’s average about 1.1 meter in height. They are bipedal. Their hands have an opposable thumb and four other fingers that have sharp nails. Illarian’s are covered bluish fur that is mottled with greens, reds and purples. The patterns are unique to each Illarian. They secrete an oil that makes the fur matted and oily to the touch. Illarian’s have eyes but they are covered with hair. They can see black and white, light and darkness and into infrared spectrum in short distances. Illarian computer screens have high contrast white characters on a blank background. Illarian speech is high is comprised of high pitched hoots and whistles often beyond the range of human hearing. They can learn Terran speech.


Illarian’s were a cave dwelling species in their distant past eventually moving to the surface by the time they began mastering simple tools and creating buildings. Human space travellers landed on Mizar and encountered Illarians in 2290.

At first Mizar was placed under quarantine by the Terran Mandate as the Illarians were in an early iron age. But humans were stunned by the intelligence of the Illarians they studied. Illarians quickly grasped advanced mathematics and Illarian scholars were able to conceptualize spike drive travel. By 2440 the quarantine was lifted and trade with Mizar was opened.

The Scream did not adversely affect the Illarians. Their planet is self-sufficient and few Illarians travel off planet. But they did welcome the return of trade to Wolf Sector.

Illarian Warrior with traditional javelin

Most Illarians show little interest in leaving their homeworld. But there are a number of Illarians who long for their warrior past who do join crews and journey amongst the planets of Wolf Sector.

Illarians as Player Characters

Illarian strength cannot exceed 14. As noted they have poor vision. They are quick and gain a +1 to DEX. Illarians have no fear of closed in spaces and can fit into surprisingly small spaces. Psychic Illarians are very rare.

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