Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Cormorant Orbital Shuttle

Since I have created several Free Traders that do not have atmospheric capability I need to create a simple shuttle that can carry the standard sized freight container (M) to the surface of a planet from low orbit.

Cormorant Shuttle loading on Bomar

The Bullfrog shuttle I created a month ago has a cargo space that is too small to carrier the 30 foot long standard shipping container. It is also more of an interplanetary shuttle.  I went into blender and build the smallest shape I could manage around the container and came up with the Cormorant shuttle.

This shuttle is only capable of short hops from ground to orbit and back and needs to refuel after each hop. But it is small and reasonably inexpensive to operate. All planets with star ports in Wolf Sector have Cormorants or similar type orbital shuttles in operation carrying containers back and forth from the surface. Smart merchants make certain that the are delivering from orbit to orbit and not to planet side or they find themselves haggling over the price to deliver their good to the markets on a planet.

Cormorant in orbit

The Cormorant is basically a big cargo bay with twin orbital engines attached and a wing to aid in landing control. It is generally crewed by two pilots but solo operation is possible. There is room in the control cabin for five (2 crew and 3 passengers). The shuttles pull double duty ferrying travellers to the planet surface.

Aft of the cargo bay are two large, pressurized fuel bunkers. There is access from the cabin to the cargo bay but little call for entering the bay during flight. The Cormorant has no hard points and is slow and defenseless in combat.

Cormorant Simple Plan

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