Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Molly Gabriel Independent Trader

I did some more work on the simple, spare parts hauler trade ship I mentioned in the last post.  I have learned how to apply multiple materials to objects so I decided to scrap most of the textures and go with just materials. It is a lot quicker and I do not mind the final result.

I put together a quick deckplan of the ship and the shuttle. It is a very simple design but is capable of hauling a large amount of cargo in removeable pressurized XM Class storage containers (30 x 14 x 20 feet). The Molly Gabriel is actually the hull while the shuttle is referred to as the MollyG or MG Shuttle.

Molly Gabriel Hauler
The hauler was put together from spare parts with some newish Tornado spike-1 drive engines by the Captain/Owner Carter Russell in 3188.  Russell traded for the engines, he had come into possession of some impressive Terran Mandate military hardware on Midwrath. The hauler can lock onto as many as 8 containers. The hauler is of course not capable of entering an atmosphere and is also not capable of docking at a station - these tasks are handled by the shuttle. Inside the hull of the hauler is a Captain’s cabin and the engine room. Much of the remaining space is taken up by fuel storage.

MG Shuttle
The shuttle is a refurbished Terran Mandate orbital shuttle that Captain Russell discovered on Midwrath 3. The engines are new but the rest of the ship is quite old including the ship’s AI. The shuttle is capable of controlling the Hauler even remotely. The shuttle can seat up to five. Captain Russell runs the ship solo but he has been known to take the occasional passenger. The accommodations for passengers are very spartan - no cabins, no beds, just a gravity chair that can recline. There is no kitchen, just packaged food.

Captain Russell is a pure independent trader who could be dropped in anywhere in a Stars without Number campaign. As someone who is the only option for a lift to a planet the players need to get to or as an adventure hook.

Independent Trader Deck plan

Molly G. in orbit with four cargo containers

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