Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Old 1980's Map

I just stumbled over my original game world map that I called the Borderlands of Kern. This is from 1982. At the time the only gaming products I owned were the Moldvay Basic boxed set (including the Caves of Chaos), Module B3 and the AD&D PHB and DMG.  You can see I borrowed heavily from these products.

The map was the game world of my first campaign for only a few months. The players explored the Palace of the Silver Princess (B3 on the map), and the J2 The Colossal Caves. I did not have hex paper so I had to create it.

Eventually I dropped the places the players had already visited into a much better world map based roughly on the map from a science/fantasy novel called Guardian.

Old 1980's Game World Map

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