Monday, 29 May 2017

The Flickering Torch

It has been a while since I posted something for a fantasy RPG setting.  Well, I have busy with Blender working on human characters. The end result helps illustrate this dungeon map.

I might write up a dungeon key for this map but for now it is a simple dungeon map suitable for any OSR Rule system.

The Flickering Torch

The Pyramid of Mukamutara has lain empty near the village of Civet for centuries. The pyramid was the tomb of an ancient king forgotten in history. The tomb was robbed shortly after Mukamutara was laid to rest. Over the years almost every item in the tomb was removed. All that remained was an immense statue of a forgotten god in one of the chambers and the broken remains of a stone sarcophagus.

The local shepherds know the stories and many explored the empty chambers when they were young. Recently, the shepherd Raziya noticed a flickering light coming from the entrance. Raziya had explored the chambers many times in his life and he assumed some village youths were having fun. He decided to have some fun and surprise them. Raziya climbed up into the tomb and passed down the passage to the chamber of the statue. Peering around the corner he saw a circle of men in red robes chanting before the statue. He also spotted a opening in the floor before the statue that had never been discovered in the past. He cautiously slipped back out of the tomb and ran back to the village to tell the elders.

The elders of the village of Civet are looking for some brave adventurers to investigate.

Raziya investigates the flickering light

The Dungeon

The pyramid is fairly small. Mukamutara was a king in the distant and ruled over a small, forgotten kingdom. He forced his people into the worship of a death god called Runihura.  His rule was ended when he was killed by his cousin. The worship of Runihura was ended when the king was sealed in his tomb.

Recently, a small cult has formed to worship Runihura again. Lead by a charismatic priest who goes by the name Sethos. He led his followers to the pyramid to worship in front of the statue of Runihura. In a dream he was directed to find the secret entrance to the undiscovered catacombs beneath what was a false tomb.

In the catacomb levels are undead guardians kept behind guards and what remains of the king’s wealth in gold.

Dungeon Key

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