Saturday, 6 May 2017

General Purpose Robot

Called Bots, expert systems or robots, robotic labor is quite common in Wolf Sector. ARM Systems, NAR, Predom Association, and Karamanlis Group are the major manufacturers of Labor, Security and Infantry robots. Among these companies the leader in general purpose robots (GPR) is NAR (New Age Robots).  Based on Bomar NAR began developing expert systems during the years that Bomar was cut off from other systems. The population was too low to support human workers so a solution was found in simple agriculture robots. The fact that humans could not breathe Bomar’s thin atmosphere was also a factor in the rapid development of a robot workforce.

Today, Bomar has a population of 500,000 of various species and a workforce of 2 million robots. NAR supplies the majority of these robots and also sells off-world to other Unity of Suns planets (including Kaitos).

General Purpose Robot
Armor Class: 8 Number Appearing: 1 Hit Dice: 1 (4 hp)
Saving Throw: 15+ Attack Bonus: n/a Movement: 40’
Damage: n/a Morale: 12 Cost: 8,500 credits
Skill Bonus: +1

The general purpose robot is the base model of all other types of expert systems. They can be instructed to perform simple tasks and are capable of making basic decisions. For instance if a GPR was working unloading crates from a spaceship it can reason what it can and cannot carry safely, where to set the crates down, how high they can be safely stacked and how to avoid colliding with other robots or humans in the area. The GPR will not attack a person or alien regardless of the provocation. They will leave the area or power down if threatened. They are not true individuals but each GPR does develop a personality of sorts as it learns to interact with its surroundings and employers. They are not artificial intelligence's and are considered property.

The NAR GPR Mark 2 is an older basic model of general labor robot common on Bomar in households and in the agricultural fields. It has been sold off-world for 30 years. It has been surpassed by newer models but used Mark 2’s are a common sight in online markets.

The Mark 2 has a very basic shape with interchangeable parts. It does not look particularly human as is the fashion in Wolf Sector. Human mimicry in robots is frowned upon in Wolf Sector among the human population and the AI community.

"The NAR GPR Mark 2, utility with a touch of personality!"

I created the image in Blender. Creating a simple robot shape is a lot easier than trying to create a more human character. It is a Mark 2 as this is my second attempt. Hopefully, I will get better and create Mark 3 and 4 robots that are cleaner looking.

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