Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Space Tugboat

A quick post today of something I have been scribbling away at in Blender for a couple of days. First I refined the design of cargo containers. Now they have nice advertisements on the side and look a lot cleaner I think (below).

The three standard Container Sizes (and a man for scale)

Next I need an orbital tug spaceship to maneuver these containers into and out of non-atmospheric traders.  What I came up with is not very original (below). I like the control cab I created which took most of the work.  I might use it to create something more interesting. This design does not feel entirely practical. Maybe I can come up with some kind of robot arms that still like practical.

Simple Space Tug Design

I also discovered another, much simpler way of creating a star field which I used in this last image. Much simpler, just using nodes against the background material.

Tug maneuvering a container past some debris

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