Sunday, 14 May 2017

Capella Class Free Trader

I started working on a guy in a spacesuit in Blender. Dropped it and sketched out another Free Trader. This time I learned how to generate a star field in blender and planets. So the entire render it done in blender with no post render magic in Paint.

Once I had the ship done the man in a space suit was suddenly easy so I threw him in the render as well.


Another small freighter that is quite common in Wolf Sector. The Capella class MK1 & MK2 are very popular small traders. Though not capable of atmospheric entry they can carry a full pressurized standard M container. The container has to be maneuvered onto the hull of the ship and clamped down. The first MK1 ships were sold in 3175. The MK2 introduced Spike-2 drives and is a more recent release becoming first available in 3196. The ships are built on Kaitos by Zakhariadis Shipyards.

Captain Tombari Nuane inspects his cargo on the "Ace of Spades".

The Capella class does have the option of 2 hard-points but they can only mount a very small point defense laser. The ships are armored by not to the extent that they are a match for pirates. What the Capella class has going for it is price and reliability (though the MK2 is not so economical).

Many Capella class traders supplement their income by carrying passenger as well as freight. The ship is capable of sustaining five on two jump trips.

Capella Class Deck Plan and Top View

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