Sunday, 30 April 2017

Molly_G in progress

I spent a lot of hours today working on a new spaceship for Stars without Number. This spaceship, the Molly Gabriel, is one that has been put together out of spare parts. The owner managed to get his hands on a pair of tornado spike drive engines. But all he had in his position was an orbital shuttle.  So the rest of the ship was cobbled together in spacedock from spare parts readily at hand.

The MollyG work in progress

The central core of the ship is access to the engine controls and fuel bunkers. It is surrounded by a lattice of metal that holds everything together. Along the sides of the lattice are hooks that hold up to 8 M-sized pressurized containers. There is a spot to park the shuttle on top of the lattice so the owner has the option of visiting planets without having to dock with a space station and hitch a ride with a local shuttle. The shuttle is not big enough to carry cargo so the ship needs to be offloaded in orbit.

I still have a lot of work to do on this spaceship. I might add a weapon hard-point to the underside. Only the shuttle and the cargo containers have been textured. I will post the statistics once I have everything complete.

I imagine this as the kind of ship a scrappy independent would be using. Just the type to agree to move travelers to that next adventure location.

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